How to Crack NEET in First Attempt Without Missing Single Opportunity?

NEET is an exam, which is popular for the medical course’s admission in India but so many students are looking to know more about the NEET exam preparation tips and hacks. Are you also thinking to prepare for this exam? If yes, then you must read this article on how to crack NEET in the first attempt”. Being a NEET aspirant, you also have this dream in your mind. 

Answer of “how to crack NEET in first attempt” is hidden in 10 major factors including time table, following schedule, understanding all topic importance, NCERT cover-up, reference, books, daily revision, mock test, coaching importance and positive attitude.

About-NEET UG Exam

First of all, NEET Full Form is the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test and it is a national level medical examination for the students. You can appear in this examination if you want to get admission to MBBS and BDS courses. Every year millions of students appear in this examination with the dream to become a doctor in India. However, only 50% of students were successful in qualify this examination. Qualifying this examination is not a guarantee of the seat reservations because the qualifying cutoff and seat allotment cutoff of the NEET examination are different. 

Things to do For Cracking NEET in First Attempt

You must some major things in your mind if you want to look for the answer to “how to crack NEET on the first attempt”. We are going to mention some of the major things for the students here in this article. Thus, we hope that these are helpful for the candidates who are doing NEET Preparation right now.

1. Study Against the Clock

Do you know about the meaning of studying against the clock? That means studying according to the appropriate timetable and schedule. NEET Aspirant who studies against the clock always gets success in this examination in the first attempt. Hence, students who are looking for the answer to “how to crack NEET in the first attempt” must keep this tip in their minds. 

Study against the clock for NEET also refers to a perfect timetable. You can’t achieve success in this toughest exam of India without a proper and effective timetable of study. 

2. Work According to Your Study Schedule

You need to work according to your study schedule. It is the second tip for the students who are preparing for this examination. Most of the students who fail to follow the NEET study time table not able to accomplish success. Thus, make sure that you are working as per the NEET study timetable. 

3. Don’t Judge Any Topic Less Important

The next thing is to don’t underestimate the power of any single topic or subject of this examination. Sometimes, students leave some topics or chapters due to the misconception of less importance. Hence, you need to complete all important chapters and topics for the preparation of the NEET UG examination.

4. NCERT is the King of Study Goals

Your NEET Preparation is always incomplete if you are not focusing on NCERT of class 11th and class 12th. Thus, make sure that you had completed the complete syllabus from NCERT of class 11th and class 12th. These books are the most important aspect for the students. Thus, you can crack this examination in your first attempt. 

5. Don’t Miss Out Reference Books Also

Reference books are also crucial for the preparation of NEET 2022Thus, if you are thinking that reference books are not appropriate for you then you are wrong. There are so many different reference books in the market. DC Pandey Physics for NEET is also a major reference book to study for NEET.

6. Revise Daily Your Topics

Revise daily topics because revision helps you a lot to clear your doubts for this examination. How to crack NEET in the first attempt? It is not possible for the candidates without doing the complete revision of the topics.

7. Is Coaching Important for NEET?

Coaching is also an important thing for the students. Is coaching important for NEET? Yes, joining a coaching center is a great idea for the students to prepare for NEET. Students can get the appropriate guidance and direction with the help of a coaching center to crack NEET in first attempt. 

8. Don’t Miss Mock Test

You must try to do the most test. Firstly, check the all major NEET Test Series or mock tests available in the market. Working on the mock test for at least 3 months is a great idea for the students 

9. Be Positive for NEET Preparation

You must be positive for NEET Preparation because if your focus is negative then you can’t do very well. Every student who is a NEET aspirant must have a positive attitude and approach during the preparation for this exam. 

10. Work on Your Week Points

Last but not least you must work on the weak points. It’s actually impressive for you to make sure the easy preparation for the NEET examination. Students who miss the week sections of the subjects and topics are not able to crack this exam on the first attempt. 

The Bottom Line

Therefore, it’s all about the things that you need to know for “how to crack NEET in first attempt”. Finally, we can say that these things are crucial for the candidates that they need to know. Without knowing these things, you can’t manage your NEET exam preparation effectively. 

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