Galgotias University Greater Noida Fees Structure, Courses 2019- 2020

Galgotias University Fees Structure
Galgotias University Fees Structure

Galgotias University Fees Structure 2019: Galgotias University was established in the year 2011. “GU” located in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The university running with more than 100 courses in UG, PG & Doctorate. Galgotias University is having 3500 staffs with 15000 students.

Galgotias University is one of the leading University in Delhi NCR. The University offers all Type of Technical, Medical, UG( Under Graduate), PG (Post Graduate) and Many More, but this is known for Technical course Because of this University is Technical University.

in this article, we will give you the details of “Galgotias University fees structure, examination fees, hostel fees, transportation fees for all courses offered.


B.Tech ECE   M.Tech.    P.Hd.  B.Tech Chemical  B.Tech Food Tech.  M.Tech B.Tech CSE   M.Tech.    P.Hd.  Diploma in Engineering  B.Arch.  DBA BBA + MBA MBA  P.Hd.  B.Com BBA MBA  M.Com.  B.A. M.A.   P.Hd.  BLBLIS MLMLIS  D.Pharma BPT   B.Pharma B.Optometry   BMLT MPT  P.Hd  B.Sc. Nursing   B.Sc  M.Sc   P.Hd.  B.Sc. HM   BJMC MJMC   P.Hd.  LLB LLM   P.Hd.  B.Ed.   M.Ed.    B.Sc Agriculture      Hostel Fees


Galgotias University Fee Structure for MBA

“Galgotias University Fees for B.Ed”

Galgotias University Fees for Bsc forensic Science, and many more given below.


The University is approved by University Grants Commission and offered the well-qualified faculty for each subject and they provide the research type education. 


Quick Facts about the Galgotias University, [GU], Uttar Pradesh

Popular NameGU- Galgotias University
LocationGreater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Established in2011
Type of UniversityPrivate
AccreditationsNAAC, NIRF
Memorandum of UnderstandingIBM, HCL, TCS, Infosys, Samsung India Electronics Ltd, ICICI Trinity, etc
Campus Area41 Acres
Founder ChairmanMr. Suneel Galgotia
CEOMr. Dhruv Galgotia

Contact for Admissions: 9540098653


Ranking and Awards


ProgramsDurationTuition Fees (per annum)

School of Computing Science & Engineering

ProgramsDurationTuition Fees
B.Tech CSE4 years1,49,000
B.Tech CSE with specialization in Computer Network & Cyber Security4 years1,70,000
B.Tech CSE with specialization in the Internet of Things (IOT) & Intelligent System4 years1,70,000
B.Tech CSE with specialization in Data Analytics4 years1,70,000
B.Tech in CSE with Specialization in Cloud Computing & Virtualization4 years1,70,000
B.Tech in CSE with Specialization in Open Source Software & Open Standards4 years1,70,000
B.Tech in CSE with Specialization in Business Analytics4 years1,70,000
B.Tech in CSE with Specialization in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning4 years1,70,000
B.Tech in CSE with Specialization in Graphics & Gaming4 years1,70,000
B.Sc (Hons) Computer Science3 years45, 000
M.Sc Computer Science2 years50,000
BCA3 years77,000
BCA Industry Oriented program (With inbuilt Training to get Certification from Microsoft, Oracle, SAP & Cisco)**3 years95,000
BCA in Multimedia & Animation3 years95,000
Integrated BCA + MCA5 years77,000
M.Tech in Computer Science with specialization in Information Security2 years77,000
M.Tech CSE2 years77,000
M.Tech Software Engineering2 years77,000
MCA3 years92,000
Ph.D. CSECwork1+250,000
Ph.D. Computer ApplicationCwork1+250,000


School of Civil Engineering

ProgramsDurationTuition Fees 
B.Tech Civil Engineering4 years1,49,000 
M.Tech Structural Engineering2 years77,000 
M.Tech Energy & Environmental Engineering2 years77,000 
Ph.D. Civil EngineeringCwork1+250,000 


School of Mechanical Engineering

ProgramsDurationTuition Fees 
B.Tech Automobile Engineering4 years1,49,000 
B.Tech Mechanical Engineering4 years1,49,000 
M.Tech CAD-CAM2 years77,000 
M.Tech Automobile Engineering2 years77,000 
M.Tech Mechatronics2 years77,000 
Ph.D. Mechanical EngineeringCwork1+250,000 


School of Electrical, Electronics & Communication Engineering

ProgramsDurationTuition Fees 
B.Tech in ECE with specialization in Embedded System4 years1,49,000 
B.Tech in ECE with specialization in VLSI4 years1,49,000 
B.Tech in ECE with specialization in the Internet of Things (IOT)4 years1,49,000 
B.Tech EEE4 years1,49,000 
B.Tech ECE4 years1,49,000 
B.Tech EE4 years1,49,000 
M.Tech Power Electronics & Drives2 years77,000 
M.Tech Power System Engineering2 years77,000 
M.Tech Communication Engineering2 years77,000 
M.Tech VLSI Design2 years77,000 
Ph.D. in Electrical EngineeringCwork1+250,000 
Ph.D. in Communication EngineeringCwork1+250,000 


School of Chemical Engineering

ProgramsDurationTuition Fees 
B.Tech in Chemical Engineering4 years1,49,000 
B.Tech in Food Technology4 years1,49,000 
M.Tech in Chemical Engineering2 years77,000 



Diploma in Engineering

ProgramsDurationTuition Fees 
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering3 years35,000 
Diploma in Automobile Engineering3 years35,000 
Diploma in Production Engineering3 years35,000 
Diploma in Civil Engineering3 years35,000 
Diploma in Construction  Management  & Engineering3 years35,000 
Diploma in Computer Science &  Engineering3 years35,000 
Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering3 years35,000 
Diploma in Electrical Engineering3 years35,000 
Diploma in Chemical Engineering3 years35,000 
Diploma in Food Technology2 years35,000 
Diploma in Instrumentation2 years35,000 




Galgotias University Fees for Barch

School of Architecture

ProgramsDurationTuition Fees 
B.Arch5 years1,75,000 



“Galgotias University Fees for MBA, BBA & DBA”

School of Business

ProgramsDurationTuition Fees 
Diploma in Business Administration (DBA)3 years35000 INR (SAARC Students)
2500 USD (NON-SAARC Students)
BBA3 years77,000 
BBA Marketing & Automobile Management3 years90,000 
BBA in Public Policy3 years1,05,000 
BBA Logistics & Supply Chain Management3 years90,000 
Integrated MBA (BBA+MBA)5 years77,000 
MBA with dual specialization in: International Business / Finance / Marketing / Human Resource Management / Management / Information Technology / Retail Management / Supply Chain Management / Operations Management / Media Management / Family Business/ Business Analytics / Hospital & Health Care Management2 years1,49,000 
MBA Marketing & Automobile Management2 years1,49,000 
BBA Aviation Management3 years90,000 
MBA Logistics & Supply Chain Management2 years1,49,000 
MBA in Aviation Management2 years1,49,000 
Ph.D. ManagementCwork1+250,000 
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Aviation Management3 Years1,10,000 
Ph. D. Logistics3 Years1,10,000 



School of Finance & Commerce

ProgramsDurationTuition Fees 
B.Com. (Hons)3 years95,000 
B.Com. (Hons.) International Accounting and Finance3 years107,000 
BBA Accountancy, Taxation & Auditing3 years1,05,000 
BBA Financial Investment Analysis3 years1,05,000 
MBA in Financial Management2 years90,000 
M.Com. 2 years77,000 



School of Liberal Arts 
ProgramsDurationTuition Fees 
B.A (Hons) Applied Psychology3 years50,000 
B.A (Hons) Economics3 years50,000 
B.A (Hons) Sociology3 years50,000 
B.A (Hons) Political Science3 years50,000 
B.A (Hons) English3 years50,000 
M.A Applied Psychology2 years46,000 
M.A English2 years46,000 
M.A Economics2 years46,000 
M.A Sociology2 years46,000 
M.A Political Science2 years46,000 
Ph.D. PsychologyCwork1+250,000 
Ph.D. EnglishCwork1+250,000 
Ph.D. Political ScienceCwork1+250,000 
Ph.D. in EconomicsCwork1+250,000 
Ph.D. SociologyCwork1+250,000 


School of Library & Information Science

ProgramsDurationTuition Fees 
B.Lib. Bachelor of Library & Inform. Science1 year32,000 
M.Lib. Master of Library & Inform. Science1 year32,000 



Galgotias Fees for B.pharma, D.Pharma & others

School of Medical and Allied Sciences

ProgramsDurationTuition Fees 
D.Pharm (Diploma in Pharmacy)2 years1,00,000 
Bachelor of Physiotherapy4.5 years70,000 
Bachelor of Pharmacy4 years1,40,000 
B.Sc. Medical Lab Technology3 years + 1 year (internship)50,000 
B.Sc. Healthcare & Clinical Research3 years90,000 
Bachelor of Optometry3 years + 1 year (internship)50,000 
B.Sc Cardiovascular Technology3 years + 1 year (Internship)50,000 
Master of Physiotherapy (M.P.T)2 years65,000 
Masters Of Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics)2 years65,000 
M.Sc. Clinical Research2 years2,15,000 
MBA Healthcare & Hospital Management2 years1,49,000 
Master of Public Health Policy (MPH)2 years1,15,000 
Ph.D. PharmacyCwork1+250,000 
Ph. D. Clinical Research3 Years1,10,000 
Ph. D. Healthcare & Hospital management3 years1,10,000 



School of Nursing 
ProgramsDurationTuition Fees 
B.Sc. (Nursing)4 years1,00,000 



School of Basic & Applied Sciences

ProgramsDurationTuition Fees 
B.Sc (Hons) Instrumentation3 years45,000 
B.Sc (Hons) Electronics3 years45,000 
B.Sc (Hons) Science3 years40,000 
B.Sc (Hons) Microbiology3 years50,000 
B.Sc (Hons) Biomedical Science3 years50,000 
B.Sc (Hons) Biological Science3 years50,000 
B.Sc (Hons) Bio-Chemistry3 years50,000 
B.Sc (Hons.) Physics3 years50,000 
B.Sc (Hons.) Chemistry3 years50,000 
B.Sc.(Hons) Forensic Sciences3 years50,000 
M.Sc Instrumentation2 years50,000 
M.Sc Electronics2 years50,000 
M.Sc Polymer Science2 years50,000 
M.Sc Microbiology2 years50,000 
M.Sc Biomedical Science2 years50,000 
M.Sc Biological Science2 years50,000 
M.Sc. Forensic Sciences2 years50,000 
M.Sc Mathematics2 years46,000 
M. Sc Physics2 years46,000 
M. Sc Chemistry2 years46,000 
M. Sc Bio-Chemistry2 years46,000 
Ph.D. in Forensic ScienceCwork1+250,000 
Ph.D. Bio-ChemistryCwork1+250,000 
Ph.D. PhysicsCwork1+250,000 
Ph.D. ChemistryCwork1+250,000 



School of Hospitality

ProgramsDurationTuition Fees 
B.Sc in (Hotel Management)3 years77,000 
Bachelor in Hotel Management4 years72,000 



School of Media & Communication Studies

ProgramsDurationTuition Fees 
B.A (Journalism & Mass Comm.)3 years77,000 
M.A (Journalism & Mass Comm.)2 years77,000 
Ph.D. in Journalism & Mass Comm.Cwork1+250,000 



School of Law

ProgramsDurationTuition Fees 
Bachelor of Law (LLB) (Hons.)3 years60,000 
Integrated B.A. + LLB (Hons.)5 years1,00,000 
Integrated B.B.A. + LLB (Hons.)5 years1,00,000 
Masters of Law (LL.M.)1 year65,000 
Ph.D. in Law & Legal StudiesCwork1+250,000 



School of Education

ProgramsDurationTuition Fees 
B.Ed. (2 years)2 year50,000 
M.Ed.2 year50,000 
M.A. Education2 year50,000 



School of Agriculture 
ProgramsDurationTuition Fees 
B.Sc Agriculture4 year50,000 


Exam Fee: Rs. 10,000/- per annum** Training & Certification Fee- 21000/- 



SeaterHostel Fee Type
2 Seater1,40,000AC
2 Seater1,00,000Non-AC



SeaterHostel Fee Type
3 Seater1,40,000AC
3 Seater1,15,000Non-AC
Note: Mess facility included in the fee


Transport Fee

From Campus One to Campus Two8,400/- (Per annum)

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UPSEE 2019 CutOff

Round 1

All India (0R –CR)8133 – 190621967 – 46307984 – 2024750243 – 1008369578 – 150625142 – 8044
General (0R –CR)19099 – 297964733 – 711420276 – 2886650243 – 10083615076 – 243378113 – 11958
General Girl (0R –CR)26413 – 394524893 – 644122472 – 3110450243 – 10083623599 – 804978424 – 11747
Other Backward Class (0R –CR)        30393 – 417367126 – 1023029053 – 4484150243 – 10083625027 – 3912312106 – 17950
Other Backward Class Girl (0R –CR)56580 – 955207754 – 1266548045 – 6789550243 – 1008360 – 016696 – 18957
Schedule Caste (0R –CR)34819 – 603599956 – 3569357421 – 10061050243 – 10083640146 – 7762442953 – 64274


Round 2

All India (0R –CR)8133 – 223233190 – 556915760 – 255035719 – 142508652 – 187777474 – 9544
General (0R –CR)22390 – 361455707 – 829825592 – 3757114952 – 2414918961 – 320169818 – 13015
General Girl (0R –CR)26413 – 645805702 – 871526912 – 3548215100 – 2467627995 – 980899657 – 14299
Other Backward Class (0R –CR)        36925 – 601138762 – 1113839383 – 8889424459 – 4298032350 – 8597513878 – 20458
Other Backward Class Girl (0R –CR)71029 – 7721810400 – 1449540928 – 6840745416 – 480450 – 018746 – 20906
Schedule Caste (0R –CR)50635 – 898708762 – 1113871064 – 10075039072 – 7293939064 – 10096342953 – 77621


Round 3

All India (0R –CR)8133 – 212262782 – 54627499 – 255038116 – 152358652 – 185777474 – 9544
General (0R –CR)21257 – 361453641 – 829815883 – 381798907 – 2586814298 – 320167057 – 13015
General Girl (0R –CR)26413 – 645805702 – 871527601 – 4092815407 – 2443135553 – 980899657 – 14299
Other Backward Class (0R –CR)        37016 – 601137387 – 1113838839 – 8734124331 – 3736823578 – 8597513878 – 20458
Other Backward Class Girl (0R –CR)71029 – 7287410672 – 1449555615 – 9474224698 – 390680 – 016051 – 20906
Schedule Caste (0R –CR)47874 – 8987012781 – 3872647323 – 10096324124 – 10030639064 – 10095242953 – 77621

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Facilities of Galgotias University

Auditorium     Canteen    Computer Labs   Classrooms   Gym    Hostel    Laboratory    Library   Medical  Sports


Contact Details

AddressPlot No.2, Sector 17-A, Yamuna Expressway, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh
Contact Number0120–4370000, 09540098653


Contact Us for Galgotias University Fees Structure, Admission Details, Direct Admission, and Exam Related Queries: 09540098653

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