Is NCERT Enough for NEET?

Are you thinking to pursue the major medical entrance test in India? We are talking about NEET because it is a single-window-based exam and students need to clear this exam if they want to work as a medical professional. First of all, there are so many different study resources for the students to crack this exam. One resource, that we want to mention here is NCERT. Is NCERT enough for NEET? Are you also in an illusion for this question? It is the right place for you to know more about this.

Class 11th and Class 12th NCERT-Create Your Base for NEET

  • A ground-level preparation is a must for the students and it all starts with the practice from NCERT.
  • You can’t ignore the importance of NCERT for this exam because it is the essential book that students need to study.
  • Creating a base for the NEET exam is not possible for the students when they are not getting the help of NCERT. 
  • You must complete class 11th and class 12th NCERT of physics, chemistry, and biology. 
  • Once you complete all these books of class 11th and class 12th then you can go for further preparation.
  • NCERT Books help create the base for the students to Crack NEET Exam in First Attempt. 

Reference Books Are Also Vital

No doubt, reference books are also important for the students. Once you finished your NCERT, then you can go for the option of reference books. For example, DC Pandey for Physics is one of the most important books for Physics preparations. It is reference books that have objective-type questions. 

NCERT Covers 70% Syllabus of NEET But Not 100%

Many students are thinking that NCERT is enough to cover the complete syllabus of NEET. Thus, we want to justify one thing here for the students because they don’t know about the answer of “Is NCERT enough for NEET”, that NCERT covers almost 70% Syllabus. To understand the type of questions and depth knowledge of the exam, you need to get the help of the reference books. Without using the reference books and the previous year’s mock tests, you can’t score well and perform well in the examination.


Finally, we can say that only NCERT is not enough for NEET but NCERT is enough for the basic knowledge and going on the advanced level of preparation. It helps you to understand the type of question, NEET exam pattern, and previous year trends as well. Therefore, make sure that you are using the right way for the study goals because with this you can score well in the exam and clear your NEET exam easily.

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