What is NTA Score ?

Today’s topic is the NTA score. Students who are preparing for the national level entrance test by the national testing agency are curious to know more about this topic because they wanted to know about the NTA Score definition, features, and many more other things. A common score for different papers or multi-session exams by the national testing agency is known as NTA Score. It is a common question of so many students what is NTA score”. A score of NTA depends on the general execution of students of the individuals who are interested in the test in one meeting. 

About National Testing Agency

National Testing Agency is one of the leading organizations of our education system and especially for the healthcare and engineering sector because admission in the healthcare and engineering courses both depends on the score of NTA. NTA is the single body that conducts various national-level examinations in the country. The role of National Testing Agency for the development of our country is so much important because the major courses admission in private and government institutions goes from the path of NTA. NTA Score is also an important topic for the students that they need to know.  

A Standardized Score for Different Exams

As we already told, a standardized score of different NTA exams is known as the NTA Score. This score is only referring to the NTA exam or exam which conducted by NTA or not any other agencies. This score is in the percentile for a student who appeared for the national testing agency exams. The score is the percentage of students and the level 1 calculations need to check the performance of students across multi-level exams. 

Even, some students don’t know about the process to calculate their NTA Score and that’s why they are looking for more information about “how to calculate NTA Score”. Stay tuned with this article till the end and know more on this topic. 

NTA Score-Define Your Positional Rank

Here students should know about the fact that NTA scores define them. Positional rank or percentile score for JEE Main exam. That means the role of the NTA Score is so much vital for the JEE main exam and this score calculation is also based on the performance of candidates who appeared in this examination. 

Process to Calculate NTA Score

1). First of all, students need to know about the raw marks obtained from the different session tests. Once they collect the raw marks, then they can easily fetch the normalized score and this score is working against the multi-session scores to get an NTA Score.

2). Marks obtained by the students were also transferred into a 100 to 0 scale for the different sessions. With this, a student can reach the position of scale where calculation of percentile is very simple. 

3). For example, If 100 students appear in the JEE main then on the time of result a candidate secures a percentile score of 79. That means, 78 candidates secure below your marks. 

Let’s say that 100 candidates appeared for the JEE Main exam, including you. On results day, it’s revealed that your percentile score is 79. It means that 78 candidates scored below you.

Difference Between NTA Score and Percentile

Are NTA Score and percentile both are same? Not at all! Both are different because, with the NTA Score, a student can calculate the percentage in the examination in the total candidate’s ratio. On the other hand, NTA Calculations are based on the level 1 performances for all students who appear in the examination. 

The raw score is not an NTA score but it is a score that you have in the NTA examination. The maximum score of the NTA examination is set to 300. The raw score may be different and depends on the range of your raw score. 

When we talk about the NTA Percentile, then we can say that it is the percentage of candidates and this score is either equal to or lesser than the raw score that you obtained.

Points to be Noted About NTA Score for JEE Mains

1). A major point that students must know about the NTA Score is, calculating to determine the merit list of JEE Main Exam. That means, this score is valid for all those students who appeared in more than one session of JEE Mains. This score is also important to calculate the All India Ranking in JEE examination.

2). On the other hand, the overall merit JEE Examination was also prepared with the help of the NTA Score. 

3). Raw score in JEE Mains is the actual marks secured by a candidate in a particular examination. The raw score is important for the ending process to define the JEE Merit list and it will be converted to NTA Score. 

4). As we know, JEE Mains was held on different dates and that’s why the difficulty level of the question paper is also very tough. Paper difficulty level on the different dates also decides the marks and ranking of the students. 

Final Words to Know

Here students must know about the fact that percentile scores for the total raw score for multiple exam sessions will be merged known as the NTA Score, which means NTA Score is the combination of the different scores of the students and helped to design the final merit list. 

If any student percentile for multi-level exams is not the same for a particular category, then the lowest percentile will be considered for the JEE Mains Final Merit list. 

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