What is NTA Score in JEE Mains and How You Can Calculate It?

JEE is the most crucial exam for the engineering aspirants and there are different phases in this exam for the admission goals. National Testing Agency is the primary body that conducts JEE mains exam every year. The role of the NTA score is so much important for the JEE Mains but many students even don’t know about the NTA Score in this exam and they are looking for the information of NTA Score definition and how it calculates process.  

NTA Score-Primary Use in Merit List of JEE Main Exam

First of all, let’s start this article with the NTA Score definition because students who are looking to know more information on this concern should know about the things related to this exam. NTA Score is mainly used to calculate or determine the merit list of JEE Main exam. For example, if any candidate appeared in more than one or different sessions of JEE Mains, then the best NTA Scores will be considered for the calculation of the All India Ranking Merit List. 

That means merit list of JEE Mains prepared based on NTA Score. What are real marks or actual marks in the JEE Mains? Actual marks scored by a candidate in a particular session are known as the raw score. The raw score is also important to determine the final merit list and the raw scores will be converted to the NTA Score in the end.

As we know, JEE mains exam is held on multiple dates and that’s why the difficulty level of question papers in the various session is not the same. That means candidates who appear in the easy exam sessions will get the benefit of a higher rank in the final merit list.

Many students are finding the answer to What is NTA Score because they wanted to know about the complete information on this score for the JEE courses admission. 

Things to Know for Calculating JEE Mains 2022 Percentile Score

Before going on the calculation of JEE Mains NTA Score, let’s talk about the JEE Main percentile score. The percentile score is different from the NTA score in JEE Mains and this score is the score based on the relative performance of candidates who appeared for the exam. Percentile score calculated with the marks secured in the JEE Mains but marks also converted into the range from 100 to 1 for each session of candidates. One more thing that we want to clear for the students is percentile score is not equal to the percentage of marks secured in JEE Mains. 

JEE Mains Percentile Score Highlights

1). It is a normalized score for the exam and raw marks are not the part of JEE Mains percentile.

2). No doubt that percentile score differentiates the percentage of candidates who got an equal score or below to the raw marks in a specific percentile in JEE Main.

3). That means toppers of all sessions in JEE mains secure different percentile. 

4). JEE Mains percentiles will be also calculated and converted for secured marks in highest and lowest scores. 

5). Percentile score will be used to prepare for JEE Mains Merit List

6). Calculation of JEE Mains Percentile calculated up to 7 decimal places to decrease tie-breaking scenarios.

Process to Calculate NTA Score in JEE Mains

The formula for calculating NTA Score in JEE Mains is (100*90.54) x 856573/100.

However, this formula is not applicable for the used for percentile score calculations. As per the national testing agency recipe, candidates who get a score of 93.1 will get a position in the merit list of around 41,000. If you want to know your JEE Main rank position, then you need to check the level of individuals who scored higher percentile scores from your score. A candidate and multiplied with NTA percentile score.  

NTA JEE Mains Percentile vary in the range of 0 to 100. If you have a percentile score of 9070 then your estimated JEE Mains position will be = (100-NTA percentile score) X 875469/100.

                                        = (100-90.70) X 874469/100 = 81,325

If your score = 95.1, then your rank = (100 – 95.1) * 874469 = 42,849.

How to Find NTA Score?

If you want to find your NTA Score, then you need to check the JEE Mains result of the current year. You need to visit on the NTA JEE Mains Official Site and click on the “View Result or Scoreboard”. Here you need to enter your application number, security pin and date of birth and also submit other required details. Now, you can see the JEE Mains results online on the screen and print the JEE Mains scorecards.

What is Good Score in JEE Mains?

Candidates who secure percentile between 70 to 80 easily get admission in IITs and this score is known as the good score in JEE Mains. Students can also visit on the NTA Official Website to know more details about the NTA Score in JEE Mains.

Wrap Up

NTA Score is crucial for the students to calculate the All India Ranking and without this, they can’t know about the top college chances of admission. It’s all about the things that you must know when you must know about the NTA Score in JEE Mains information. 

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