What is B Pharma and Total Years of Course?

B Pharma is the popular course in the pharmacy line right now. If you are also new to this course and looking to know more information about the B Pharma concept then read this article. What is B Pharma? So many students are looking to know more about this question. Are you also one of them? Let’s get started with a brief conversation on this course right now without any delay.

B Pharma-A Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy

Like other pharmacy courses, B Pharma is a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy. B Pharma is also known as Bachelor of Pharmacy. The role of pharmacy for the cure of diseases and treatment is so much vital. After all, testing and researching both are included in the pharmacy sector. Full-Form of B.Pharma is Bachelor of Pharmacy. 

Medicine is the major branch of science. Thus, diagnosis and cause of diseases are not possible without treatment and medicines. Hence, pharmacists are playing important role in the medical industry. They are working as the main pillar of the healthcare industry. B Pharma course is focusing on the research of medical drugs including their development, manufacturing, and supply in the market. 

What a B. Pharma Graduated Actually Do?

A person who is doing B. Pharma right now practices for the things related to medical research, the development of pain drugs. Even, B Pharma students are also working on the medical complications by editing the drugs. They are involved in the quality control and check according to the regulation of the pharmacy council. What is B Pharma? It is the question of so many students who want to become a career in the Pharmacy Line. There are peculiar sectors of pharmacy including hospital, industrial pharmacy, and clinical pharmacy. 

About-B Pharma Course

We already talk about the B Pharma Full Form and it is a Bachelor of Pharmacy. However, in the about section, it is crucial to mention the full form of the course. The duration of the B Pharma Course is 4 years and it is an undergraduate degree course. A candidate or student who is doing B. Pharma will deal with the methods and processes of drug preparation and medicine dispensing. Generally, the B Pharma Fee range is between INR 50,000 to 3,00,000. 

Eligibility for B. Pharma Course

On the other hand, checking the eligibility factor is also an important thing to know for the students. Students who had already cleared the Class 12th board exam with science subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics with 50% marks are eligibility get admission in the B Pharmacy Course. 

B Pharma Entrance Exams to Know

As a matter of fact, admission in B. Pharma depends on the marks of entrance and on the basis of merit. Major entrance exams for B Pharma courses are UPSEE, GPAT, NEET, BITSAT, MHT – CET. Various state and central government authorities are conducting this exam in India every year and more than 2 lakhs students get admission in this course on the diploma and agree on a level every year. 

Eligibility for B. Pharma Course

We all know about the role of Pharmacists in our society and the health care industry. However, understanding the B Pharmacy syllabus is also an important thing for the students. The syllabus of this course consist of biochemical science that impacts or affects the healthcare industry

Mandatory Skill Set for B. Pharma Course

  • Communication skills and Interpersonal skills
  • Medicinal and scientific research skills
  • Curiosity and Persuasive skills
  • Business skills like marketing, organizing
  • Science wizard and technical skills
  • Sharp memory and wicked knowledge
  • Therapeutic and counselling skills
  • Medical writing and ethics
  • Determinant and consistency skills
  • Adaptation ability to dynamic situations

The Bottom Line

Students who are thinking of doing B. Pharma course must know about the fact that they can work in both government and private sector. Job opportunities are also versatile for the pharma graduates in India with a higher pay scale.

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