What is B Category in NEET?

NEET is a difficult exam in India and but still every year so many students pass this exam. Due to constant hard work and proven strategy students get success to crack NEET examination. However, there are so many concepts and things about this exam. Many students are facing contradictions and difficulty in determining various things. What is the category system in NEET 2022? The category system is not a new thing but it came from traditional sources. 

Where B Category Used Most of the Time?

This terminology or methodology related to the “B” Category phrase is mainly used in Andhra Pradesh state. That means the trend and query of the “B” category came from this state originally. How does it affect the admission process for MBBS in India

This category is mainly related to the quota-based seats in private colleges. B Category is directly related to the private MBBS colleges in India or medical schools which are run by private bodies and institutions right now. 

National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test UG Shift Timing

Particulars Date and Time
NEET 2022 Exam Duration
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm (3 hours)
NEET UG Gate Closing Time
1:30 pm
Seating Arrangement Timing
1:15 pm
Announcement by Invigilator About Admit Card and Exam Rules
1:30 pm to 1:45 pm
NEET Booklet Distribution Timing
1:45 pm
Writing Start Time on Test Booklet
1:50 pm
NEET Examination Commencement
2:00 pm
NEET UG 2022 Exam End Timing
5:00 pm

National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test UG Shift Timing

Fee Structure in B Category of NEET

As a result, the B category is related to the private colleges and that’s why the fee structure will also be high. That means, students who get admission under the B category for MBBS or BDS Courses, will require to pay extra course fees and hostel fees. 

On the other hand, the C category is also the part of NEET MBBS admission procedure. C Category indicates the 40% Seats in private colleges for the NRI Quota students. NRI Quota Private College seats are also filled by the private college management. Which category has the highest fee in NEET? Currently, as per the trends, C Category has the highest fee structure for medical courses. 

Wrap Up

Students or NEET Aspirants who are preparing for this examination must know about the different aspects. The category is the major thing and it affects the fee structure of the students. Private medical colleges are working under the private institution and management system but still, 15% of AIQ seats of these colleges are also filled by the government body and which is Medical Counselling Committee.


Where Categories A and B for MBBS Seats are working?

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

What is the provision of Category A, BC, and C in MBBS Seat allocation?

According to the government rule or order 136, MBBS and BDS seats in private medical and dental colleges are mainly divided into three categories such as A-50%, B-10%, and C-40%. 

Which university fills A Category Seats in NEET?

Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences

What is B Category Seat in NEE Actually?

B Category seats are also known as the management quota seats in India and these seats are filled by the private college's management as per the rules of the government. 

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