What are NEET PG and UG?

We all know about the meaning of the NEET Exam. Most of the readers guess this as the medical courses admission entrance test but there are two branches of this exam. The first branch is known as NEET-UG and the second branch is known as NEET PG. Are they both the same or different? What are NEET PG and UG?

These are some common questions that came into the mind of students and for which they are looking for a credible and right place to understand the meaning and differences. First of all, both exams are for the medical course’s admission entrance test but the level of the course is different. 

For example, NEE UG is for undergraduate level admissions such as MBBS and BDS. On the other hand, NEET PG is for the postgraduate level admission such as MD, MS, Super Specialty, and PG Diploma. 

Difference Between NEET PG and UG

  • Difference between NEET UG and PG  is an important aspect to know for the students. NEET UG is conducted by the national testing agency.
  • Which is the exam conducting body of NEET PG? National Board of Examination or NBE is the exam conducting body of NEET PG.
  • NEET PG course duration is 2 years but NEET UG course duration is 5.6 years
  • Degree from NEET PG is known as the Postgraduate degree program for the students.
  • Degree from the NEET-UG is known as the undergraduate degree program for the students.

Scope of NEET PG

NEET PG is the right choice for all those students who had done MBBS in India. Hence, if you are thinking to explore the more choices and options for the higher studies after the NEET UG and undergraduate degree in the medical courses then you can select the NEET PG. 

The Bottom Line

Hence, it’s all about the things that you need to know about “what is NEET PG and UG”. These are the major factors that classify the real difference between these two exams. However, the difficulty level of both exams is very hard and that’s why students need to prepare very well for these examinations. Students can also use the NEET PG Rank Predictor to predict rank in the NEET PG exam. 

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