What are low fees MBBS college semi government seats? How do they have admission?

Semi Government College

Today we will talk about what is Semi Government College.?

What is its fee?

 How is admission?

What are the admission criteria and eligibility?

All of you do work hard for all the students, even then you miss the government, then you can think about Semi  Government College ahead of him, so you can tell about Semi Government College in a very easy language.
Like the name is Same Government – Semi-Government

Some college trusts are also run in many states, but they get grants from the government. And somewhere there is also a college of PPP model. Whose fees are slightly higher, but work is done from a private college.

What is the meaning of PPP – Public Private Partnership

That is, along with the private institution, it also creates a government college. And here the students are provided good studies at low fees.

You can see this for the examples of 8 Medical College of Gujarat and go to the site of NMC.

Apart from this, Agrasen Medical College of Hyderabad also has a fee (of 1 lakh 80 thousand). Their seat is allotted through state quota.

Semi-Govarmant College has a Semi Government seat, meaning some of the total seats have been controlled by Government. Admission to these seats is at low fees.

Admission is available at private medical colleges with low fees on 40 % of seats in Karnataka. The fees here are 1 lakh 4 thousand per year. This is available in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal.

Semi Government Fees

Some of these states also have Semi Government fees of 3 – 6 lakhs.

In Andhra Pradesh state, seats are available for 50% fees, you will go to the square after hearing the fees here. Their fees are only 15000 per year. Yes, 15000 fees have to be paid to get admission in a 50% seat in a private college here.

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