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Uttar Pradesh MBBS

Today we will talk about the counseling process of Uttar Pradesh as well as the complete fee stutter of private colleges there. You guys were asking for the full package for a long time, but this time there is nothing to tell about the whole package. The government has taken very good decisions on the fees of private colleges, controlled a lot.

Uttar Pradesh has been in the news for a long time. Sometimes the hostel fee is 6 to 7 lakh annually and sometimes 10 to 20 lakh rupees from the college for bail. That’s why sometimes the student was taken in the name of a mess of 1-1 lakh rupees.

All these things have ended in Uttar Pradesh. Whose fee is fixed by the government? The government has given its arguments. According to the inflation in a year, the government has also increased the rate of 10 to 15% in the college. There were also many colleges that did not give balance sheets, the fees of those colleges have been kept unchanged. So overall news came through a magazine that there would be subsidized fees and from the other side, there are other colleges that have seats outside the subsidized seats, which can be 17 to 21 lakhs per annum. This news created panic among the people, although this news was not official.

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Fixed Charges-(Hostel and Mess)

After all, what is the fee that the government has issued, the best thing about the fees is that they were expensive because, in the name of hostels and messes, more money was taken in Uttar Pradesh? It has been controlled and limited. 15000 hostel fee has been fixed, which includes mess. Along with this, it has also been instructed to give 3 times food and good food. Only 2 students will stay in a room. The same college provides an AC hostel, it can charge only Rs 1750,000.

Talking about the bail amount, the government has taken a commendable step for that too. You can keep the security deposit in the form of a demand draft in your bank and submit the original copy of the certificate to the college. In such a situation, whatever interest will be accumulated in it, it will be yours.

Along with this, the government has fixed a price of 80 thousand rupees for other charges. This 80 thousand fee is for student welfare. If we believe then non AC charge is Rs 150000 and another charge is 80 thousand rupees. If you add 230000 rupees to the fees of a college, then your total package comes out. The fee which is total will be paid for 4 and 1/2 years. Annual increment is not allowed.

How many minority colleges

Talking about many colleges, most of the colleges are seen supporting this decision of UPDGME. Even if this help is in compulsion. At present, whatever decision has been taken by the government will be valid. If the college changes anything in it and the matter reaches UPDGME then strict action will be taken against the college.

The same 5 colleges which are of the minority have a higher fee structure, Era Medical College and TMU also have 8% annual increment. The packages of minority colleges have been more regulated while the packages of non-minority colleges have been more regulated. And there is also a directive that no college can ask for fees for more than one year and neither bank guarantee will have to be given but you have to give a post-dated check. It comes under the jurisdiction of the college.

Talk about the highest work package in non-minority colleges. Most of the workshop fee is Prasad Institute Medical College Lucknow and Hind Medical College Sitapur   57.15 lakh and 59 lakhs. Most of the colleges are less than 70 lakh.

Talking about minorities, their fees are high.

This time there are 29 colleges in Uttar Pradesh, 4100 seats are also there because Uttar Pradesh had the lowest cutoff in 2019. As soon as there was confusion about charging such fees, it is clear how.

      There was a sudden stir in all the nodal cantors, where the document verification was to be done. Now its effect will also be visible on the cutoff, it will be known only after the merit list is declared. Registration has ended. Which is the last date for document verification, there are 9 ways. After this, there will be choice filling. Choice Auto-Lock is not available in Uttar Pradesh.

      So here you have to lock the choice, an OTP comes on your mobile to lock it. Care must be taken not to rush into locking the choices, as once the choices are locked, you cannot change them. Choose the college wisely, if the allotment is done and you do not take admission then the security deposit of 2 locks is forfeited.

       Uttar Pradesh Round 1 fee is not released, if we talk further then MCC Round 1 counseling is over. The balance sheet looks quite simple as you are not required to report to Ultimate College every time the allotment comes in Round 1. You will have a nodal center on the allotment letter. You have to go to that nodal center. The demand draft has to be submitted by visiting that nodal center.

 ➡ You do not need to pay college fees. The government will fix an amount of 8 lakh last year. 10 lakhs may be taken this year.

You have to participate in round 2 by depositing the amount fixed by the government at the nodal center itself.

Now also know that the college is allotted in round 1, you are not certified,

what is your option

1- If you give them the end of college, So there will be a loss of a security deposit of 2 lakhs.

2- If you get any allotment of AIQ or get any allotment from any other state, by showing that allotment, you can claim your deposited amount, which was done in round 1.

3- The government has made a rule that after deducting 10% of that amount, the remaining amount will be returned to you. The security deposit with it will remain safe. But the timeline, which will be the date of choice filling of round 2, is ticked up to 2 days before that, you can cancel this seat, once this timeline passes, then in such a situation you leave the admission. In this case, both your money and the security deposit will be forfeited.

4– At the same time, you do not get assimilation in another state or there is no allotment in AIQ. Still, if you want to lose the allotted seat, then in that case 50% of the security deposit and 50% of the fee deposited at the time of allotment in Round 1 will be forfeited. The remaining 50% will be given a lot. Here your counseling will end. You will be out.

5- Will note that there is an up gradation from round 1 to round 2, but due to some reason your counseling will end in round 2. Any such student who has been allotted in Round 1 and Round 2 cannot participate in the mop-up round.

6- Those who will not get the allotment can participate in the mop UP round or else the new candidates can also register in the mop-up round.

7- Round 2 will also be open, in that also new candidates can register.

8- After participating in Round 1 and Round 2 you do not get a seat then it is mandatory to register in the Mop-up round.

9- When you did your first registration, you were beyond paying 2000 rupees, once again 1000 rupees will have to be paid in the mop-up.

10- You have to get the security deposit back, even if your admission is not done in round 1, 2, and mop sub round, then it will be returned or you get allotment somewhere, even in this situation as a demand you will get from the same nodal center Have to collect, where you deposited. This will not be a fee adjustment. Take note of this.

11- If the score is less than fill the maximum choice.

     There are also 5 new colleges here. But you lock the old one because it also has the facility of pg. All the colleges are good. Everyone can have their own preference.

 You have to prepare the choice filling list by considering all the points and then later process the choice filling.

 ➡ After the mop sub round in the counseling of Uttar Pradesh, there is also a stay mop sub round.

 ➡ Mop-up round is offline, but stay mop-up round is done at the college level.

12- Only 2 colleges are selected at the time of the mop-up round, for the same two colleges you are eligible in stay mop-up round.

The process of admission in Uttar Pradesh is conducted by UPDGME. During the entire process which is 4100 seats, its control is in the hands of UPDGME. You will get this seat only through counseling.

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