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Ancient Odisha was a confluence of cultures of different races. In this holy land, assimilation of the cultures of the Austrics, the Drvidians and the Aryans took place. Geographically, Odisha provides a culture corridor that connects the North with the South.The sea-faring activities and maritime glory made it the most attractive destination of the eastern coast of India. Successive tides from all sides surged up, rolled in and broke over this land culminating in cultural synthesis. This passage over ages transcended the traditional vision of culture.

Culture in its essence is viewed here as ways of loving together.

Odisha has a unique distinction of acting as a confluence of diverse faiths by striking harmony amongst religious faiths from animism, fetishism, shamanism, ancestore worship to highly evolved forms of religions like Brahminism, Jainism, Buddhism, Islam, Chiristianity and Mahima Dharma.

Vaishnavism, Saivism, Saivism, Sakta , Ganapatya, Sour-all forms of Brahminic worship are conceived in the wonderful matrix of the great and grand cult of Jagannath that embraces in its grandeur quintessences of different religions signifying world-view. The Oriya literature contained this world-view in its essence;

“Let my lie rot in hell”

But be the world saved’’ –(Bhima Bhoi)

These lines of the saint poet Bhima Bhoi express sentiments of self-sacrifice and selflessness for the well-being of the world at large. Through centuries, the state retained its cultural identity within the mainstream of pan-India culture. Odisha is a land of rich and diverse artistic achievements. Its ageless art and flourishing cultural are the products of a long historical process. Spiritual, philosophical, professional and human dimensions are merged into the process to yield finest efforts of cultural life. Against this background, Odisha Justifiable pioneered the establishment of the first ever University of culture of the country.


The Utkal University of culture came into existence by virtue of an ordinance promulgated on the 9 June, 1999, which was later replaced by “Utkal University of culture Act 1999’’. It was established as a teaching-cum-affiliating university. It was set up in order to engage itself to preserve, promote, propagate and protect the richness of our cultural values by way of making substantive accomplishment through study, research, documentation and continuing education. The University was recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) on 1 December, 1999, under Section 2(f) of the U.G.C Act, 1956. It has also been accredited by the Association of India Universities (AIU) since 1 April 2000.


The University seeks to spread the benefits of culture and education The mission is to evolve policies and programmes which would enable to make the University a distinct one by fostering our composite culture through qualitative expansion of academic studies and researches. Such activities would necessarily focus on various relevant and frontier areas of culture and development. The core objective is to inculcate in the lptureminds of the future generation, a world perspective wit h a visible, Perceptible local identity through comprehensive dissemination and arousing of cultural consciousness.

Fee Structure

FEE STRUCTURE (M.A./MVA/MPA/M.Phil) Programmes

  • A. Students of Utkal University of Culture.
    Sl.No. Particulars 1st year 2nd year M.Phil
    1 Tution fees Rs.600/- Rs.600/- Rs.1000/-
    2 Admission fee Rs.1,000/- Rs.1,000/- Rs.2000/-
    3 Seminar fee Rs.500/- Rs.500/- Rs.500/-
    4 Library Development fee Rs.300/- Rs.300/- Rs.300/-
    5 Departmental development Fee Rs.500/- Rs.500/- Rs.500/-
    6 Cultural fee Rs.300/- Rs.300/- Rs.300/-
    7 Identity card fee Rs.60/- Rs. 60
    8 Syllabus fee Rs.50/- Rs. 50
    9 Calendar fee Rs.50/- Rs.50/-
    10 Magazine fee Rs.200/- Rs.200/-
    11 Caution money (refundable) Rs.500/- Rs.500/
    12 TC/CLC fee Rs.100/- Rs.100/-
    13 Studio practice/stage
    Performance (for MVA/MPA
    Students only)
    Rs.500/- Rs.500/- Rs.1000/-
    14 Personality Development/Spoken English programme Rs.200/- Rs.200/- Rs.200/-
    15 Registration/Recognition fee for student of other Universities Rs.150/- Rs.150/-
    16 Field study/study tour (Deptartment of Culture Studies, Conservation,Buddhist Studies) Rs. 1000/- Rs. 1000/-
    17 Alumni Assocation fee Rs. 100/-
  • SC/ST/Women students of Utkal University of Culture and other University shall be exempted from tuition fee.
  • Students of other universities shall pay Registration/Recognition fee of Rs.150/-.
  • Foreign students shall pay admission fee of Rs.25,000/- in addition to other fees.
  • The students of Drama/Painting/Sculpture/Applied Art & Design shall bear their own practical production expenditures.
  • Blind students who use Braille for studies/ hearing impaired and dumb students/orthopedically handicapped students with disability of more than 75% are exempted for tuition fees and other related fees.


(Excluding examination & registration fees) Part-I Part-II
1. Master of Tourism and Travel Management – Rs 30,000 Rs 30,000
2. Master of Hotel Management Rs 30,000 Rs 30,000
3. P.G.Diploma in Animation (one year)”
(Leading to Two years Masters Degree)
Rs 40,000/- (per year)
4. P.G. Diploma in Textile Design (one year)
(Leading to Two years Masters Degree)
Rs. 20,000/- (per year)

Fee Structure for Certificate Courses

  • (i) Certificate Course in Jain Religion and Philosophy Rs. 500/-
  • (ii) Certificate Course in Tamil Language Rs. 500/-
Guest House

The University has a provision to give residential facility to the special guests of the University in its new campus at Madanpur. The guest house is having 24 hour electricity and water as well as all other accommodation facilities.


The Utkal University of Culture Library was established in 1999 having more than 10,000 reference books and 1200 nos. of journals. The Library is completely housed in its own building inside the campus. The Library also caters to the needs of all types of readers by borrowing books/journals/Photo copies of non-loan able articles and journals from National and Libraries on Inter-Library loan basis. Working hours of the Library are from 9.00 A.M. to 9.00 P.M. on every working day. Besides all leading journals, newspapers, magazines etc are available in the library.

Computer Center

Since the inception, Utkal University of Culture having a well equipped Computer Centre. The Computer Centre is meeting the academic and administrative requirement having an birds eye on “Digital India” initiative.

  • Maintenance and periodic update of the University website.
  • Controlling Online Admission Application
  • Controlling Online Student Registration Application
  • Controlling Online Pre-Examination Application
  • Controlling Online Post-Examination Application
  • Publication of Results on different result portals
  • Maintenance of Student Data
  • Integrated facility for printing of different certificates of the students.
  • Preparation of monthly salary and arrear bills for all the University Employees.
  • Maintenance of University Employees data
  • Imparting training to the Teaching and Non-teaching staff of the University.
  • To provide assistance to students of different P.G. Departments and sponsored courses for using computers
  • To provide computational facilities to the faculty members and Research Scholars of the University.
  • Extending the laboratory facilities to the students of different sponsored programme.
  • Actively associated with e-Governance Project of this University.

The University, though not a completely residential one, it will provide residential facilities to the students in the hostels from the academic session 2017-18. There are 2 (two) nos. of hostels, one for boys and another for girls having 100 student capacity each. All the hostels are supervised by the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent and coordinated by THE WARDEN. There is a Board of Residence to determine the matters relating to general policy and administration of the Hostels from time to time.

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