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Sidho Kanho Birsha University (SKBU), Purulia is a state university established in 2010 in Purulia. The University is named after three illustrious tribal leaders who mastered courage to put up valiant resistance against British imperialist oppression. Sidho Kanho Birsha University aspires to be a premier center for advanced knowledge and top quality research.

Their vision is to encourage and provide instructions, teachings, trainings and researches in various branches of learning and courses of study and to promote advancement and dissemination of knowledge and learning in Humanities, Science, Commerce and Engineering.

Sidho Kanho Birsha University is a state university established in 2010 in Purulia, West Bengal, India.[2] Tapati Mukherjee was appointed as the first vice-chancellor. The focus is to promote and protect indigenous culture and language — especially the Santali language.[3]

Sidho Kanho Birsha University began as an academic institution of higher learning when it was created as a state university in 2010. Since then it has been a chronicle of consistent effort and ascendant drive to keep alive the dynamics of academic flourish. The university is in the throes of novelty of vision and constitutive endeavours to script a new dimension in the annals of higher education.

Its post-graduate departments started functioning from the 2011-12 session with 12 academic departments (Bengali, English, Sanskrit, Santali, History, Political Science, Philosophy, Education, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Commerce). Over the years in an expansive and forward looking drive, they grew to 17 departments with the introduction the Economics, Sociology, Tribal Studies, Geography & Zoology department, many of which are in the frontier areas of Science and Social Sciences.

The university initiated the Department of Tribal Studies to fulfill its mandate of having a vibrant social history and indigenous culture. They are soon going to open the Department of Performing Arts to provide a greater dimension in growth and further development. The university has highly qualified faculty members, motivated students, and adequate supporting and administrative officers and staff to absorb the forces of modernization and globalization in higher education.

Sidho Kanho Birsha University (SKBU), Purulia aspires to be a premier center for advanced knowledge and top quality research. It strives to emulate global standards in the domain of higher education and intellectual know-how. Owing to technological access and communication facilities, it is always possible to keep in touch with the rest of the global academia. Therefore, SKBU as an institution of advanced learning and research is firmly planted in the advancement of local knowledge and aspiring to elevate its academic credentials in the global education map.

It is in a remote and backward region, but SKBU has succeeded in instilling a rippling effect of hope and acceleration in its surroundings. It has acquired the faith of the people, and it has generated the momentum of advancement and thirst for higher education. This university has ushered in hope and optimism; it has restored faith among the youth about their future.


The university was founded on 6 July 2010 by the Sidho Kanho Brisha University Act, 2010, passed by the West Bengal Legislature. Jagannath Kishore College, Purulia donated 13 acres[citation needed] of land to the university.

The university is named for the three illustrious tribal leaders who put up valiant resistance against British imperialist oppression: Sidhu Murmu, Kanhu Murmu and Birsha Munda.[4]

Affiliated colleges

Twenty-five colleges are affiliated to the university. There are 19 degree colleges, four B.Ed colleges and one private college. The colleges affiliated under Sidho Kanho Birsha University are[5]

Name Address
J. K. College Purulia
N.S.A. Mahavidyalaya Suisa
Ramananda Centenary College Laulara
Manbhum Mahavidyalaya Manbazar
Ananda Marga College Anandanagar (Pundag)
Chitta Mahato Memorial College Jargo
Achhruram Memorial College Jhalda
Mahatma Gandhi College Lalpur
Balarampur College Balarampur
Barabazar Bikram Tudu Memorial College Barabazar
Panchakot Mahavidyalaya, Panchakot, Purulia
Nistarini College Purulia
Arsha College Arsha, Purulia
Raghunathpur College Raghunathpur, Purulia
Kotshila Mahavidyalaya Kotshila
Bikramjit Goswami Memorial College Joypur
Santaldih College Santaldih
Bundwan Mahahavidyalaya Bundwan
Kashipur Michael Madhusudhan Mahavidyalaya Kashipur
Sponsored Teacher’s Training College Purulia
Manbhum Institute of Education & Social Science Tata Road, P.O. Dulmi Nadiha, Purulia
Deben Mahato Teacher’s Training College Paharighora, Santaldhi, Purulia
Bidyasagar Foundation School of Education and Training Tamna, Simuli, Purulia
Bengal Institute of Science & Technology Tata Road, Dulmi-Nadiha, Purulia
Haladhar Mahato Teachers’ Training Institute Dighi, Manbazar-II, 723131

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Name : Sidho Kanho Birsha University
Location : Purulia Zilla Parisad Old Administrative Building
Jubilee Compound
City : Purulia
State : West Bengal
Country : India
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