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Maharshi Panini Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya Ujjain

The knowledge contained in Sanskrit & its vast literature has a deeper & broader relevance in the present global context than just the study of a classical language & its grammar & rhetorics. The World today is standing at the crossroads of political & economical ideologies & is in a state of confusion to find out the right path. In such a situation, it shall be reassuring not only for our country but for the entire world to look towards the traditional wisdom of our sages.

Besides, the present generations are in a dilemma regarding the social value system. It has no basic set of principals as are available in the form of nigama & agama in India so as to choose their right path. All this traditional wisdom is contained in Sanskrit and hence it is all the more necessary in the present world context to study Sanskrit and its vast literature to provide to the world some sets of principles and value which ensure survival and happiness to human beings and their sustainable growth. The other day, president sarkozy of France had expressed that they are at present condemned to live in an economic and political order whose value become obsolete. This points to the relevance of the time tested Indian values in all walks of life.

To save the world from linguistic anarchy and to arrest the de-culturing process of our youth die to various negative factors, study of is necessary. With this view in mind, the government of Madhya Pradesh has established Maharshi Panini Sanskrit Evam Vedic Vishwavidyalaya from 15 August 2008 under the Maharshi Panini Sanskrit vishwavidyalaya Adhiniyam 2006 (No.15 of 2008 ).

It was formally established by the governor and chancellor of the university and the chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh at Ujjain on 17 August 2008.

Mission Statement

That Maharshi Panini Sanskrit Evam Vedic Vishwavidyalaya shall work for preserving, protecting & propagating the divine language Sanskrit & allied language &their literature, the entire vast ocean of ancient learning available in them which includes Vedic literature, vedangas & entire body of literature developed on them, ancient sciences like ayurveda, astronomy, geometry, mathematics, alchemy, metallurgy, meteorology, aviation science, military science, equestrian science, ancient zoology, botany & environment science, scuipture, architecture, vastu etc. arts both visual & performing, music, statecraft & arthashastra, dharmashastra & ancient legal & administrative syatem, traditional history, civilization studies & all branches of philosophy –vedic & non vedic, Indian & western to widen the horizon of learning in the world &to pave the way for finding answers to some of the perplexing questions that present day globalized society is facing both socially & academically so that clearer horizon are visible for a better, more cohesive & thus happier world.

For this objective the university will provide both affiliating as well as in-house teaching & research services maintaining world class standards of quality.

Prof. Mithla Prasad Tripathi

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  • Acharya

  • Shastri

  • B.A.

  • M.A.

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