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IEC University Kalujhanda courses, ranking and placement


IEC University aims to deliver multi-disciplinary world class education through effective and efficient processes so as to make it accessible to all sections of society.

Sprawling over 14.5 acres and situated on the foothills of beautiful Shivalik Mountains, the University campus is an escape from the madding crowd. Lined with lush green trees, beautifully landscaped gardens and magnificently designed buildings with state-of-the-art facilities, IEC experience is truly international.

The heart of the IEC campus is its Academic block which houses two floored Digital library, acoustically designed auditorium, 80 lecture theatres, well equipped labs, Engineering workshops, Seminar Halls and a Computer Center with 24X7 internet connectivity.
The University also has excellent support facilities like canteen, gymnasium, health care center, sports complex, transportation facility, Banks, ATMs, Post office & Courier services, Residential facilities for staff, Hostels, Students Activity Center (SAC) and Hobby clubs.

Vision & Mission


To impart knowledge through innovative research–driven academic programs, and building leaders in technology,medicine best university in solan , management, science and other areas of scholarship who will best serve the nation and the world in the evolution of a civil society based on human values.


  • To deliver education consistent with the needs of business and society
  • To continuously innovate education processes comparable with the best in the class
  • To design curricula to ensure that the creativity and innovative capacity of students are continuously enhanced
  • To attract, develop and retain highly competent faculty members
  • To create and promote a congenial ambience conducive to learning
  • Continuously monitor the quality of output through structured feedback
  • To integrate spiritual and moral values with education
  • To trim the young generation with global approach and ignite the latent


The objectives of the University include :

  • To provide instructions, teaching and training in higher education
  • To establish facilities for education and training
  • To carry out teaching and research
  • To create centres of excellence for research and development
  • To establish campus in the State
  • To establish examination centres
  • To institute degrees, diplomas, certificates & other academic distinctions
  • To set up off campus centres, subject to applicable rules or regulations
  • To develop and maintain twinning arrangement with centers of excellence
  • To provide for dual degrees, diplomas or certificates vis-à-vis other Universities




Infrastructure & Facilities

Extensive Digital Library:

Over 30,000 books, 100 journals and magazines on different subjects. Beautifully designed and with a seating capacity to accommodate 200 students has cubicles for faculty and research students Has subsription to national & internationale-journals like IEEE/IEE, springer, ACM, ASCE Emrald Management Xtra through membership of INDEST Consortia of Indian Institute of Technology,Dehli. An active member of Developing Liabrary Network (DELNET) for resource sharing. top placement in himachal universityPhotocopying, scanning & printing services within the liabrary building.


Computing Facilities:

250 Pentium IV workstations runnning on Windows 2003, Windows XP Pro, Linux and SCO Unix. All classrooms and offices equipped with 24*7 Internet connectivity with a 150 Mbps leased line Classroom and conference room fitted with LCD projection facilities and LAN. Computer lab with 600 system for common purpose. All departments using CAD and CAM. Separate computer lab for each school and department with specialised software.



  • Multi- cuisine canteen
  • Spread over an area of 10,000 square feet
  • Can accommodate 400 students
  • Modern cooking appliances


Hostel & Transportation:

  • Off campus hostel for both boys & girls
  • Pick & drop facility
  • Fleet of 20 buses


Wi fi Enabled Campus & Modern Classroom:

Ours is a w ifi enabled campus enabling uninterrupted access to high speed internet 24*7.

  • Modern classrooms.
  • Outfitted with the latest technology
  • Spacious classrooms
  • Equipped with all the necessary presentation facilities and also have video conferencing facility.
  • All classroom and offices are equipped with 24*7 Internet connectivity with a 150 Mbps leased line.
  • Every classroom and conference room is fitted with LCD projection facilities and LAN . Lectures are typically augmentes by multimedia.


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