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ecognized destination for knowledge seekers from different walks of life. This is what led to the foundation of a milestone at the karmabhoomi of the versatile and sagacious Lord Krishna. GLA has been actively involved with social causes since its very inception and has drawn appreciation from one and all for its work in various facets of societal paradigms.

List of Institutes

  • Institute of Engineering and Technology
  • Institute of Business Management
  • Institute of Pharmaceutical Research
  • Institute of Applied Sciences & Humanities
  • Faculty of Education (B. Ed)
  • University of Polytechnic


B Tech
B Tech (Lateral Entry)
B Pharm
B Pharm (Lateral Entry)
D Pharm
BBA(Family Business)
B Sc (Hons.)
B Com (Hons.)
B Ed.
Diploma in Engineering
M Tech
M Pharm
MCA (Lateral Entry)
Ph.D. (Full Time)
Ph.D. (Part Time)

Fee Structure (2017)

           Name of Courses            Duration      1st Year   2nd Year 3rd Year     4th Year
B. Tech. 4 Years 1,45,000/- 1,48,000/- 1,51,000/- 1,54,000/-
B. Tech. (Lateral Entry) 3 Years 1,48,000/- 1,51,000/- 1,54,000/-
B. Pharm 4 Years 1,25,000/- 1,28,000/- 1,31,000/- 1,34,000/-
B. Pharm (Lateral Entry) 3 Years 1,28,000/- 1,31,000/- 1,34,000/-
D. Pharm 2 Years 70,000/- 71,000/-
BBA 3 Years 77,000/- 79,000/- 81,000/-
BBA(H) 3 Years 1,08,000/- 1,10,000/- 1,12,000/-
BBA (Family Business) 3 Years 1,08,000/- 1,10,000/- 1,12,000/-
BCA 3 Years 77,000/- 79,000/- 81,000/-
B.Sc. (Hons.) Biotech 3 Years 77,000/- 79,000/- 81,000/-
B.Com. (Hons.) 3 Years 77,000/- 79,000/- 81,000/-
B.Ed. 2 Years 53,000/- 53,000/-
Diploma Engineering 3 Years 61,000/- 62,000/- 63,000/-
M. Tech. 2 Years 1,45,000/- 1,48,000/-
M. Pharm 2 Years 1,45,000/- 1,48,000/-
MBA 2 Years 1,45,000/- 1,48,000/-
MCA 3 Years 1,45,000/- 1,48,000/- 1,51,000/-
MCA (Lateral Entry) 2 Years 1,48,000/- 1,51,000/-
M.Sc. (Bio-Technology/ Microbiology & Immunology) 2 Years 1,09,000/- 1,12,000/-
PhD (Full Time) 2 Years 67,000/- 68,000/-
PhD (Part Time) 3 Years 47,000/- 48,000/- 49,000/-
Caution Money (refundable on the successful completion of course)Rs. 5,000/- for Diploma Engineering/ D. Pharm/ B. ed and Rs. 10,000/- for all other courses is to paid additional in the first year of the course.
* Rs. 1000 /- extra will be charged in 1st year as Alumni Association fee.
* Option to deposit fee in two parts with Rs. 1500 /- extra per semester.
Fees of above mentioned courses is subject to change

Campus Life

Spread across 80 acres of land, the university is home to more than 6,000 students enrolled in a variety of professional courses. Well designed and maintained buildings, contemporary laboratories, spacious residential complexes and recreational fascilities makes the campus one of the best in the regions and gives its students an edge over their counterparts coming from other universities.

The diverse student population makes it hard to describe the typical student and even harder to describe the quintessential GLA student experience. Students come from all over the country; cities, suburbs, small towns and farms; from public, private and parochial schools; from every ethnic and religious background; and from across the economic spectrum. GLA is committed to making educational opportunity accessible to all by granting scholarships and financial aid to its students. Extra-curriculars, co-curricular and athletic opportunities in addition to academics, GLA students are active around and beyond campus.

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