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The University 
Bodoland University was established by Bodoland University Act 2009, passed in the Assam legislative Assembly. The present Bodoland University is an up-gradation of the Kokrajhar campus of Gauhati University to a full fledged state University as per the provision of the Act.


The setting-up of the new university comes as a fulfillment of the dreams of the people of entire lower Assam, irrespective of caste, creed or economic status. The new university would cater to the educational need of the people, not only of the Bodoland area but also the adjoining states and nations like Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh.

University Vision
Bodoland University aspires to be a leading public university that can indoctrinate moral values,scientific temper, socio-cultural, economic and political leadership qualities into its students in order to meet the regional,national and global challenges.



Computer Sc. & Tech.
Mathematical Sciences
Business Administration
Political Science
Bamboo Technology



Centre for women Studies (CWS), Bodoland University (BU) established in the year 2013. It supports on all round development of women specially control over resources. The main concern of CWS,BU is to build a centre of information and knowledge of women of Bodoland Territorial Area Development Council (BTAD), Assam as well as North Eastern Region. Evolving a Gender Perspective in developing and regularly revising the Curriculum material, Research Studies, Field action, Documentation and Extension Activities, The CWS, BU seeks to uncover discrimination against women through the questioning of existing discipline wise concepts, tools and techniques that justify the denial of equity for women lifting them from the darkness of marginalization and invisibility.


(a) To actively coordinate courses on gender and women in different departments and promote assimilation and dissemination of         knowledge on gender issues.

(b) To provide a forum to debate issues on gender, diversity and equity and to work in coordination with women’s organizations and          voluntary groups to advocate for better gender balance.

(C) To initiate Capacity Building Programmes and thus facilitate participation of women in higher education management.

(d) To impart gender sensitization and generate awareness on gender issues both through academic and extension programmes.


At present, the Centre operates with a Director and a Coordinator. It has an Advisory Board, Standing Committee and a Statutory Committee comprising of members from different fields and different academic disciplines. The tenure of members of these committees will be three years.

Director: Dr. Mridula Devi, PhD (Economics).
Coordinator: Dr. Zothanchhingi Khiangte, PhD(English)



Central Library
Computer Center
Hostel for Boys & Girls
University Bus Service

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Centre for Bodo Studies

The “CENTRE FOR BODO STUDIES (CBS)” was established in 2014 on the basis of Memorandum of Settlement of Bodo Accord, 2003 (The MoS leading to the formation of the Bodoland Territorial Council under the sixth Scheduled of the Indian Constitution, Annexure-IV under Appendix C, Sl. No. 1) by a group of scholars and thinkers interested in developing new approaches to study on Bodo Ethnic Group of North East India lining with National Philosophy and abroad under Bodoland University which was established by Bodoland University Act. 2009. Now it becomes part of University as “Constituent Institution” in the Faculty of Social Science with its own identity as “Centre” (not department) governed by its Regulations/Bye-Laws as stated in the statute no. 4 of the University. The interest has been energized by our sense to undertake, aid, promote on problems and processes of social transformation of Bodo ethnic group of Assam and other States of North Eastern Region through coordinate research, learning, teaching, sharing and deriving a common and distinctive culture, racial, religion, language, ethnic dance, ethnic sculpture and painting, linguistic tradition etc. referring to the origin, classification, characteristics etc. of such groups and engaging seriously with the problems and crisis of the recent time of value for national integration.


CENTRE FOR BODO STUDIES (CBS) is an interdisciplinary concept of its own objectives and knowledge generating and propagating centre, and will come out as a pioneering force in the development of academic potential among its ethnic group throughout India and abroad. It has own facilities of learning, teaching and research and, has provision of expansion with other likeminded institutions of India and abroad.

At present, the Centre has different sections; Culture Section, Language Section, Ethnicity Section, Antiquity and Archive section. Each section has in-charge from its Teachers. There will be a Research Section comprising of all research activities in all sections which will be maintained by Research Officer.


The initial social responsibilities of CBS will be in the area of providing vocational training to weaker sections of society of Assam in Ethnic dance, Ethnic music, Classical Music, Classical Dance, Sculptures, Art & Paintings; and opening of Language/Dialect speaking courses of Bodo, Dimasa, Karbi, Deori, Rabha, Mishing, Tiwa, Lalung, Santal, Koch Rajbongshi etc. including English Speaking Course/other Foreign Language Speaking Courses.


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