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Founded in 2010, Azim Premji University is a private higher education institution located in the the urban setting of the metropolis of Bangalore (population range of over 5,000,000 inhabitants), Karnataka. Officially accredited/recognized by the University Grants Commission, India, Azim Premji University (APU) is a coeducational higher education institution. Azim Premji University (APU) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees in several areas of study. APU also provides several academic and non-academic facilities and services to students including a library, as well as administrative services.


Azim Premji University was established in Karnataka by the Azim Premji University Act 2010 as a not-for-profit University and is recognized by The University Grants Commission (UGC) under Section 2F.

The beginnings of the University are in the learning and experience of a decade of work in elementary education by the Azim Premji Foundation. The University was founded as one of the key responses to the constraints and challenges that the Foundation encountered both within and in the environment, and as part of a larger strategy to contribute to the Education and Development sectors in the country.

Two key principles guide the process of the University’s evolution.

Firstly, the University has a clearly stated social purpose. As an institution, it exists to make significant contributions through education towards the building of a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society. This is an explicit commitment to the idea that education contributes to social change. At the same time, this commitment to a specific value orientation is not to be interpreted as a narrowly utilitarian view of the University. Education’s impact on society is through the changes in values and action that thinking, autonomous individuals are capable of.

Secondly, the University is part of the Foundation and integral to its vision. The synergy from the close working of the students and faculty with the Foundation’s field units will inform and enrich the programmes at the University and the field alike. The members of the Foundation as a whole have the challenging task of defining an organizational culture and processes of interaction that realise the full potential of this linkage.

It should be clear from the above that Azim Premji University is unusual in the way it is conceived and organized. We profess liberal and ‘humanistic’ values but at the same time define our intent unambiguously in the context of India’s social and political development. We consider independence and excellence in research to be critical, but do not see the possibility of sharply separating knowledge from its purposes and consequences. We are not narrowly utilitarian in our orientation, but at the same time are deeply mindful of the consequences of our work.


Learning for Life

What is a University education for? Is it only intended to create expertise to find a good job? At Azim Premji University we think that education should give you this, and also much more. Education should help you become a critical and independent thinker capable of navigating the complex professional, personal and social challenges that lie ahead.


Three-year, full-time, residential Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degrees are offered in the following specializations:

  • Physics or Biology
  • Economics
  • Humanities

Students choose a Minor from several options including Data Sciences, Development and Sustainability, Education, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Economics and Humanities. Students can also opt for an Honours degree through advanced research projects. Selection of minor and selection for the honours stream is based on availability of courses and our evaluation of the student’s interests and academic needs. The list of Minors available for each cohort will be announced at the end of the second semester.

What we offer

  • A flexible structure that allows you to explore and follow their interests
  • Deep disciplinary understanding through theory and practical experiences
  • Critical thinking and analytical capabilities through our Common Curriculum
  • An understanding of India – its opportunities and challenges
  • Living in a learning community of faculty and mentors committed to student well-being

A World of Opportunities

Our programme will open doors to multiple opportunities in both higher education and employment. Whether in business, the social sector or even entrepreneurship, our graduates will benefit from an education that nurtures fundamental capabilities along with deep disciplinary knowledge. We also foresee some of our students continuing to pursue higher studies either at Azim Premji University or elsewhere.


The Azim Premji University’s postgraduate degree programmes aim to develop competent and committed
professionals for the education, development and related sectors in India.

Our postgraduate programme currently covers three distinct themes Education, Development, and Public Policy & Governance – for which Masters degrees are being offered. The sub-themes listed under each theme are indicative and not restrictive. Specializations offered under each degree programme are also listed below:

    • Education – The Master of Arts (M.A.) Education Programme at Azim Premji University is a broad-based Programme of Study that includes theory, practice, research, policy and planning in education. It aims to prepare people with good understanding of education, capabilities for action and deep social commitment. The sub-themes covered in the programme are pedagogy, assessment, educational technology, educational leadership and management, inclusive education, curriculum studies, teachers and teacher educators.
  • Development – The Master of Arts (M.A.) Development Programme at Azim Premji University aims to prepare individuals capable of informed and thoughtful development action, aware of the complexity, depth and scope of the discourse of development, its ethical imperatives and its implications for policy and action. They will be in a position to meaningfully contribute to meeting India’s growing need for individuals who can engage with development challenges. The sub-themes covered in the programme are political economy; welfare economics; sociology, history and politics of India; population studies and labour studies; livelihood; legal studies and governance; health systems, rural and urban studies, habitats, ecosystems and communities; traditional communities and the pressures of industrialisation; ameliorative and other approaches to crises.


Address Pixel Park, B Block, Electronics City, Hosur Road (Beside NICE Road)
560 035 Karnataka
Population range over 5,000,000
phone +91 (80) 6614 4900
fax +91 (80) 6614 4903
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