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Founded in 1957, Avinashilingam University is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the the urban setting of the medium-sized city of Coimbatore (population range of 500,000-1,000,000 inhabitants), Tamil Nadu. Officially accredited/recognized by the University Grants Commission, India, Avinashilingam University (AU) is a small (enrollment range: 5,000-5,999 students) women only higher education institution. Avinashilingam University (AU) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor degrees, master degrees, doctorate degrees in several areas of study. AU also provides several academic and non-academic facilities and services to students including a library, sport facilities and/or activities, as well as administrative services.

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Under Graduage Courses

Programmes included under Model I

(with Language & English for 2 Years)

1.     B.A.     Economics

2.     B.A.     Tamil

3.     B.A.     Music

4.     B.A.     English

5.     B.A.     Functional  Hindi

6.     B.Sc.   Interior Design & Resource Management

7.     B.Sc.     Human Development

8.     B.Sc.     Food Service Management  and Dietetics

9.     B.Sc.     Food Science and Nutrition

10.   B.Sc.     Physics

11.   B.Sc.     Mathematics

12.   B.Sc.     Chemistry

13.   B.Sc.     Zoology

14.   B.Sc.     Botany

15.   B.Sc.     Psychology


Programmes included under Model II

( Language  2 semester & English 2 semester )

1.     B.Sc.     Textiles and Apparel Designing

2.     B.Sc.     Computer Science

3.     B.Sc.     Information Technology  (Self financed )

4.     B.Sc.     Visual Communication

5.     B.C.A.    Computer  Applications (Self financed )

6.     B.B.A.    Tourism

7.     B.Sc.    Physical Education *

* Subject to UGC’s Acknowledgement

Programmes included under Model III( B.Com. – all  branches )


1.     Commerce

2.     Commerce – Computer Applications (Self financed )

3.     Professional Accounting

Programmes included under Model IV

 ( Double Major )

1.     B.Sc.     Biochemistry  &  Biotechnology

2.     B.Sc.     Rural Development & Sociology

3.     B.Sc. Special Education & Mathematics


Programmes included under Model V

( Double Major )

1.     B.Sc.     Physician Assistant (Self financed course)

Programmes included under Model VII

1.     B.Voc. Food Processing  and Engineering

2.  B.Voc. Medical Equipment Technology

Medium of Instruction

Medium of instruction is English for all majors except Tamil. Students are permitted to answer any examination paper in Tamil with prior permission.


 Aided Course                                                            



Eligibility  Criteria

                                                                                       Should have passed Higher Secondary Examinations



Economics Any group


Tamil Any group with Tamil as Language 
 3. Music Any group


English  Any group


Functional Hindi Any group with Hindi as a Language or any group with a pass in VISHARAD examination of DBHP Sabha or its equivalent examination
B.Sc Programmes                        


Interior Design and Resource Management Any group


Human Development Any group


Food Service Management & Dietetics Any group


Food Science and Nutrition Science  group


Textiles and Apparel Designing Any group


Physics Science group with Mathematics


Mathematics Science group with Mathematics


Chemistry Science group


Zoology Science group with Mathematics /Biology/ Botany & Zoology / Zoology in combination with Home Science and Nutrition/ Zoology in combination with Computer Science / Agriculture (Vocational Course)


Botany Science group with Biology/ Botany &  Zoology / Agriculture (Vocational Course)/ Home Science with Biology


Computer Science Any group with Mathematics / Business Mathematics / Computer Science / Informatics Practices/ Mutimedia and Web technology
 17 Psychology Any group


Visual Communication Any group except vocational group
B.Com Programmes


Commerce Commerce, Accountancy, Economics with Business Mathematics / Mathematics/ Computer Science / Statistics


B.Com. Professional Accounting Commerce, Accountancy, Economics with Business Mathematics / Mathematics/  Computer Science / Statistics


B.Sc. Physical Education (Residential Programme) Any group, Preferably Science and excellence in Sports 
   22 B.B.A – Tourism Any group
Double Major Programmes
   23 B.Sc Biochemistry &Biotechnology Science group
   24 B.Sc. Rural Development and Sociology Any group


B.Sc., Special Education  &  Mathematics Science group with  Mathematics
UGC Sponsored B.Voc


Food Processing & Engineering Any group


Medical Equipment Technology Any group

Self Financed programmes



Eligibility  Criteria

1 Information Technology Any group with Mathematics / Business Mathematics / Computer Science
2 Commerce-Computer Applications Commerce, Accountancy with Business Mathematics / Mathematics/ Economics/ Computer Science / Statistics
3 B.C.A. Computer Applications Any group with  Mathematics/ Business Mathematics
4 B.Sc. Physician Assistant Science group

Postgraduate  Courses Offered

Aided Programmes

 Name of the Course

 Eligibility criteria

M.Sc Interior Design and Resource Management  Any Degree
M.Sc Food Service Management and Dietetics B.Sc. Home Science and programmes related to Nutrition and Dietetics and Food Service Management & Dietetics (Hotel Management – Eligible only for FSMD)
M.Sc Food Science and Nutrition
M.Sc Textiles and  Fashion Apparel B.Sc. Home Science/any degree related to Textiles ,Costume and Fashion
M.Sc Human Development Any degree
M.Sc Extension and Communication Any degree
M.Sc Bio -Textiles B.Sc. Home Science / Any degree related to Textiles, Costume and Fashion/ any Science degree
M.S.W. (Master of Social Work) Any degree
M.Sc Biochemistry B.Sc. Biochemistry
M.Sc Mathematics B.Sc. Mathematics / B.Sc Special Education & Mathematics / B.Sc Applied Mathematics
M.Sc Botany B.Sc. Botany major / Botany & Zoology major / Plant Science & Plant Biotechnology major                                                         
M.Sc Zoology B.Sc. Zoology  major/ Zoology & Botany major / Animal Science &   Biotechnology major / Advanced Zoology & Biotechnology major
M.Sc Computer Science B.Sc. Computer Science / Applied Sciences / Computer Technology / Computer Applications / Information Technology
M.Sc Chemistry B.Sc. chemistry and Physics as double majors or Chemistry  major with Physics as ancillary
M.Sc Bioinformatics Bachelor’s degree in any Science discipline / Medicine / Veterinary Science / Information Technology related disciplines
MCA Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Science, Commerce, Management, Social Science with Mathematics as ancillary or allied subject
M.A. Tamil Any degree with Part I – Tamil
M.A. English Any degree with Part I / II – English
M.A. Hindi & Journalism A degree with Part I – Hindi or a degree with Praveen Examination of  D.B.H.P Sabha or its equivalent examination
M.A. Music B.A Music or Any Degree with a recognized  two  years  Diploma in Music
M.A. Economics B.A Economics
MBA Any Degree
M.A. Women’s Studies and Entrepreneurship      Any Degree
Self financed programmes                                 
 M.Com B.Com. / B.B.M./ B.B.A
M.Sc. Biotechnology Bachelor’s degree in any Science discipline / Medicine / Veterinary Science / Information Technology related disciplines
M.Sc. Physics B.Sc. Physics / Physics and Chemistry as major with mathematics as ancillary
M.Sc. Counselling Psychology Any Degree
MBA  – Tourism & Travel Management      Any Degree
MBA  – IT Organisation Administration      Any Degree

Master of Business Administration

  • General Administration    IT Organisation Administration

    Name of the Course                        Eligibility Criteria

    M.B.A (General)                                   Any Degree

    M.B.A IT Administration                  Any Degree



Advance Research Lab
Instrumentation Maintenance
Facilities for Staff
Computer center
Health Center
Saradalaya Press



Address Bharathi Park Road
641 043 Tamil Nadu
Population range 500,000-1,000,000
Phone +91 (422) 244 3219
Fax +91 (422) 243 8786
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