Top Medical Colleges in Lucknow

Top Medical Colleges in Lucknow – Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh. There are several medical colleges available in Lucknow. This city is popular for higher studies/education. 19 medical colleges are available in Lucknow. Among them, 3 are government colleges and 16 of them are private. King George Medical University has been ranked as the top medical college among all other medical colleges by most of the ranking agencies. It was ranked 10th position in 2020, 6th rank by India today in 2019. 

This is a state university that has the least expensive annual fees of around 55,000 INR for MBBS. Medical colleges are institutions that provide degrees in medical science. Bachelors of medicine, master of medicine, bachelors of surgery are the basic medical degrees that are granted by these institutions. The competition for admissions is high. So, various national-level tests are conducted every year to shortlist the best available candidates for the program.

A basic medical degree lasts for a minimum of five years in India. The main aim of studying medicines is to understand every aspect of the human body or any other living organism. These studies help us to understand the necessity and functionality of the immune system. New diseases are spreading every day. Hence, a person who is dedicated to doing research in the medical field can determine the cause of its spread and develop some preventive measures which can be taken till a better cure/remedy is made. That is why a medical research facility is so important these days.

To get admission into these medical colleges, NEET is the examination that is conducted for graduation courses like MBBS, BDS, and many more. For post-graduation NEET-PG and AIIMS-PG exams are conducted for admissions. Below are some of the top medical colleges in Lucknow:

Hind Institute of Medical Science – 

Hind institute of medical sciences Lucknow was established in the year 2009. The Medical Council of India (MCI) has recognized this college. A total of 35 diplomas, undergraduate and post-graduate courses are taught by this institute. This institute offers admissions in the field of medicine, allied sciences, etc. There is a total faculty of 305 available in this institute with a total of 1586 students that can enroll in different courses in this college. It is a private college the main aim of this college is to provide the best medical courses, modern infrastructure as well as facilities. This college offers a total of 100 seats for both GNM and MBBS courses. 50 seats for BSc nursing and 40 seats for both ANM and post-basic BSc nursing. The admissions for this course are given under the exams of NEET and NEET-PG.

The total fee for the MBBS course in this college is around 51 Lakhs INR. In the case of GNM, the total fee is up to 1.62 Lakhs INR. BSc nursing is 3.12 Lakhs. 72,000 and 1.50 Lakhs INR is the total fee for the courses of ANM and post-basic Bsc nursing respectively. 

Hind Institute of medical science, Lucknow offers a wide range of facilities to the students. The most important one is separate hostels for both boys and girls. This college also provides a well-equipped gym, library with the latest and wide collection of research books and papers. Good IT infrastructure, well-equipped auditorium, cafeteria, and sports centers are among the top facilities provided by the college.

Mayo Institute of Medical Science –

 Mayo institute of medical sciences was established in the year 2012-13. This college is affiliated with DR. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University. Many courses like MBBS, BSc nursing, MD, and MS programs are available. It is a Co-Ed private college with a faculty of 159. A total of 150 students can get enrolment in this college every year. To take admissions in this college one has to qualify for NEET or NEET-PG national level tests. A total of 150 MBBS seats are available for this college. For MS in general surgery, only 5 seats are available. 4 seats are available for MD Community Medicine, MD General Medicine, MD Pathology.

If we talk about the fee structure, then for MBBS a total fee of 62.0 Lakhs INR is required. Whereas in the case of MD and MS courses, the total fee required is 68.17 Lakhs INR each. Residential and recreational facilities are also available at the Mayo Institute of Medical Sciences. Basic infrastructure facilities including a lecture theater, fully equipped laboratories, and computer labs are available in this college. Bank/ATM facilities are also available within the campus itself. 

Baba Hospital and Institute of Paramedical –

This institute is situated in Lucknow. It was established in the year 1970. It is a private college that is accredited by Indian Nursing Council (INC). There are only 6 courses available in the streams of paramedical, nursing, and pharmacy. The top courses which are given in this college are D.Pharma, BSc B.Ed, BSc Immunology, BSc Hydrology, BSc Nursing, Diploma in Homeopathic Pharmacy, and many more. Along with its best teaching techniques, Baba Hospitals and Institute is also a leader in the field of research and innovation. It is a private Co-Ed medical college. For Diplomas in Homeopathic Pharmacy, there are 100 seats available. 80 seats are available in the case of BSc Nursing. 60 seats are available for each one of the ANM, D.Pharma, and GNM courses.

  • Baba Hospital and the Institute of Paramedical offer a Diploma in Homeopathic Pharmacy, where a total fee of 95,000 INR is required. For BSc nursing, 2.98 Lakhs INR is the minimum fee required. 1.10 Lakhs INR are required for admission in D.Pharma and an average of 1.40 Lakhs INR is the total fee required for both ANM and GNM courses.
  • Like all other universities, this college also provides necessities as well as facilities for the enrolled students. Library, IT infrastructure, medical hospital are the basic facilities that are provided by this medical college. In addition to this, cafeteria outlets are also available within the campus which provides hygienic as well pocket-friendly meals and beverages. Transportation services, banking facilities, etc are also among the facilities provided by the campus. 

Sardar Patel Postgraduate Institute of Dental and Medical sciences – 

This post-graduate institute was established in the year 1966. This college is also affiliated with DR. Ram Manohar Lohia Awadh University. SPPGIDMS college offers specialization in the course of BDS. MDS specialization is also available in this institute. Oral Medicine and Radiology, Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, Prosthodontics are some of the departments available in this college. It is a Co-Ed and private college which is having a faculty of 75. A total of 608 students can apply for enrolment in this college. BDS and MDS are the degrees that are offered by this medical college. 

A total of 100 seats are available for the students to enroll themself in the BDS program. MDS Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, MDS Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics, MDS Periodontics and Implantology, MDS Prosthodontics and Crown and bridge courses have 6 seats available for each of them. The admissions are given after the cut-off list has been released. That cut-off list is prepared for the national level tests like NEET and NEET-MDS.

As we know this college Sardar Patel Post Graduate Institute of dental and medical Science only offers admission related to BDS and MDS courses.1-year fees for the BDS course in this medical college is around 3.5 Lakhs INR. But if a candidate decides to get admission to the MDS course then some of 8 Lakhs INR is required.

Multiple different facilities are provided by this medical college. The canteen, auditorium, hostels, library, and alumina association are some of the basic facilities that are included.

GSRM Memorial College of Nursing – 

This college is situated in Lucknow. It was established in the year 2004 and is accredited by the National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE). It is a private college. A total number of 448 students can enroll themselves. Diploma and BSc degrees are the courses that are provided in this medical college. Besides a good teaching department that is available at this college, GSRM is also ahead with its leadership in research and innovation. There are a total of 50 seats available in the GNM course. For both BSc Nursing and ANM courses, a total of 40 seats are available.

  • For the ANM course, the total fee of 1.6 Lakhs INR is required and if a student goes for a 4-year Bsc nursing program then a total fee of 3.20 Lakhs INR is required. For the GNM course, the duration is three years. Hence, the fee required for this course is almost 1.80 Lakhs INR.
  • The library facility available at this college is vast. More than a collection of 3000 books is available that covers the requirements of students, faculty, and governing authorities. Auditorium, IT infrastructure, and alumina associations (where a college has a good networking for student activities) are also available. 

KGMU – King George’s Medical University

King George’s Medical University is a medical school, hospital, and medical university situated in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. It was founded in 1911 and was previously known as Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical University. The medical school was upgraded to a medical university on 16 September 2002 by an act passed by the Uttar Pradesh government. It is comprised of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, the Faculty of Dental Sciences, the Faculty of Paramedical Sciences, and the Institute of Nursing.

Courses offered at KGMU

KGMU offers Undergraduate courses in MBBS, BDS, B.Sc Nursing. Post Graduate course is MD/MS, MDS, M.Phil, M.Sc Nursing. Diploma and Certificate courses in Psychiatric, Dental Hygienist, and Dental Mechanics. Research programs are also offered here. Candidates need to pass the eligible selection test to get admission in different fields.  

Facilities Provided at KGMU

Students and faculty members have access to a variety of facilities at the university. KGMU facilities contribute to students’ holistic development. The university has a central library with a sizable collection of reading materials, separate boys and girls dormitories, a cafeteria, and a modern auditorium, among other facilities. Both the girls’ and boys’ dormitories are located on university grounds. KGMU Lucknow has modern classrooms for teaching. 

On-campus convenience stores are also available to students and faculty members. Apart from these, King George’s Medical University’s facilities include a robust information technology infrastructure, a medical center, a guest house, ample parking, a bank, an ATM, and transportation services. The university’s facilities ensure that students have a hassle-free experience on campus. 


Era’s Lucknow Medical College is a private medical college established in 1997 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. It was previously affiliated with Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University until 2016. The college has been affiliated with Era University since 2016. ELMC&H is a nationally recognized medical college that provides undergraduate and postgraduate medical education and advanced training to physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals. It has been consistently ranked among the Top Medical Colleges in India by various leading survey agencies. It is the first medical institution in the country to create a Department of Personalized and Molecular Medicine. It was awarded the prestigious SKOCH (silver) 2019 for successfully implementing and executing the government of India’s Ayushmann Bharat Scheme, as well as the SKOCH (gold) 2020 for its response to Covid. ELMC is one of India’s top 4.3 percent of medical colleges in terms of advanced medical research. 

Courses Offered at ERA

It offers courses in the Medical and Paramedical stream. It has MBBS, MD, MS, Diploma, and PG programs. Admission to undergraduate and postgraduate programs at Era University, Lucknow is based on merit, while admission to doctoral programs is based on the results of an entrance exam followed by an interview. Additionally, students must have their documents verified and pay the required admission fees before receiving final admissions.

Facilities Offered at ERA

The hostel facilities at Era University Lucknow are excellent for both boys and girls. The University provides students with access to departmental laboratories. It has an excellent IT infrastructure for its students. The university is equipped with an auditorium for events and seminars. The university’s canteen is open to both students and faculty members. All students have access to the University’s athletic facilities. They can use the University’s library for studies. The university has a medical center equipped with a first aid station for students and staff in need of medical attention. 


Eram Unani Medical College & Hospital Lucknow is one of Uttar Pradesh’s renowned private Unani colleges. The college, commonly referred to as Eram Unani Medical College Lucknow, was founded in 1970. This renowned private Unani college in Lucknow is affiliated with Kanpur’s Shri Shahuji Maharaj University and is approved by the Central Council of Indian Medicines. The Eram Unani Medical College Lucknow was established with the mission of fortifying the country’s most vulnerable segment, the rural population. Eram Unani Medical College and Hospital Lucknow were established to provide the best Unani care to students.


Eram Unani Medical College & Hospital Lucknow is committed to providing high-quality medical education under the supervision of highly qualified faculty and state-of-the-art facilities. The College is well-known for its undergraduate programs in Unani (BUMS). It also offers a Diploma in medical & allied sciences. It consists of branches in Unani Medicine, Physiotherapy, Pathology, Optometry, ECG, and EEG Technology.  


The college provides students with an information technology infrastructure. It has excellent hostel facilities for both boys and girls. All students have access to the college’s library. For the convenience of students, the college has a health centre equipped with a first aid station. Hospitals are equipped with the necessary infrastructure, teaching faculty, and a team of physicians and surgeons to manage the O.P.D. and I.P.D. departments. Additionally, necessary laboratories equipped with the necessary number of technicians and other personnel are available to serve the patients. Apart from a Center for Heart Diseases, the College also operates a diagnostic center and a separate Eram Unani Research Center.  

Avadh Institute of Medical Technology and Hospital

Avadh Institute of Medical Technology and Hospital is a Medical Education Center of Excellence. It is located in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, and offers a variety of medical courses In December 2004, the Avadh Institute of Medical Technologies and Hospital was formally established. Apart from a strong pedagogical foundation, Avadh Institute of Medical Technologies is a leader in research and innovation. The University places a premium on activities other than academics, as evidenced by its infrastructure, extracurricular activities, and national and international collaborations. Placement opportunities at Avadh Institute of Medical Technologies are diverse, with opportunities in both the private and public sectors, as well as entrepreneurship.

Courses offered at Avadh Institute of Medical Technology and Hospital

It offers streams in nursing, medicine, and health sciences. The following programs are available: UG Diploma, B.Sc, BMLT, and D. Pharma. You need to pass all the eligibility criteria to get admission here. 

Facilities offered at Avadh Institute of Medical Technology and Hospital

Avadh Institute of Medical Technologies and Hospital, Lucknow, provides the facilities of a library, laboratories, cafeteria, dormitory, auditorium, multi-purpose hall, and common room.

Integral Institute of Medical Sciences & Research

Integral Institute of Medical Sciences popularly recognized as IIMSR is one of the topmost medical colleges in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. This college was originated in 2013. It is affiliated with The ‎Integral University Lucknow. The college has a suitable patient rate and has good professors to teach both UG as well as PG Medical Courses.

Courses offered at IIMSR

Integral University Lucknow presents over 270 UG, PG, Ph.D., and diploma programs in courses, counting Engineering, Management, Medical, Law, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Commerce, Architecture together with Information Technology. Some of the prevalent courses proposed by Integral University, Lucknow are BTech, MTech, MBA, BBA, MBBS, and BArch. Although maximum PG courses are of two years time intervals, the period of UG courses extends between three to five years. 

Facilities offered at IIMSR

It has technology-infused and gallery-type Lecture halls in the Academic block and Admin block, Presentation halls in the admin and hospital building, Shared rooms for Boys and Girls, examination hall. It has an up-to-date medical skills lab & departmental museum. The well-furnished, updated, and latest technology-driven tools make the laboratory exclusive. Recreation and Cafeteria halls are among the best. There are separate hostel services for boys and girls. The Central Library obtains enormous amounts of books and national and international journals. The collection includes directories, textbooks, atlases, dictionaries, encyclopedias, technical reports and has a superb facility of E-Library with distinct departmental libraries as well. There are facilities for indoor and outdoor games and sports with recreation rooms and a gymnasium. 

Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences

The Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences is a self-directed medical Institute under the State Legislature Act with a schooling hospital established in 2017 by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. It is situated in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. The Medical College and Hospital is located on an expansive campus of over 50.5 acres with a brilliant and magnificent infrastructure. The college is affiliated to Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences, Uttar Pradesh with a yearly intake of 200 seats in MBBS, 31 seats in 5 regulations of postgraduate studies, and 17 seats in 7 streams of super-specialization studies. 

Courses offered at Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences 

The Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences offers quite a lot of courses which contains M.B.B.S., MD Anaesthesia, MD radiotherapy, MD Pathology, MD Microbiology, DM Cardiology, DM Neurology, MD Radiodiagnosis, M.Ch Surgical Gastroenterology, M.Ch Urology M.Ch Neuro Surgery, M.Ch Surgical Oncology,  M.Ch Cardio-Thoracic, And Vascular Surgery, etc. 

Facilities offered at Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences

The Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences provides many facilities to their students such as The Institute has a separate laboratory for each department for the students so that they can have a practical understanding of what they study. It has a health center for any type of medical or first aid help for the students and staff. An ambulance is accessible for any emergency. The institute has a separate hostel for boys and girls with other facilities such as wi-fi, water cooler, etc. Warden is also available to take care of the students. Dr. RMLIMS has an auditorium within the campus that can be used by the students for organizing events, annual functions, extracurricular activities, etc. It has a cafeteria inside the campus that provides food to the students and staff at an inexpensive price. The library has a combination of electronic as well as print formats, which consist of journals, books, databases, CDs/DVDs, reports, research books, e-journals, etc. It provides both indoor and outdoor games facilities like table tennis, badminton, football, lawn tennis, swimming pool, etc.

Prabudh Ayurvedic Medical College Hospital & Research Center (PAMCHRC)

Prabuddh Ayurvedic Medical College Hospital and Research Center, is affiliated to Lucknow University, permitted by the Central Council of Indian Medicine, Govt. of India, and documented by Ministry of Ayush, Government of India, and established in the year 2014. The college buildings are architecturally created and built as per the CCIM rule. They do their best to impart knowledge of Ayurved to the students with a scientific method. Curricular and co-curricular events are thoroughly involved in the academic calendar to promote the overall personality development of the students.

Courses Offered at PAMCHRC

They offer B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery)

Facilities Offered at PAMCHRC

Prabuddh Ayurvedic Medical College in Thari, Lucknow has a well-resourced clinic with all the advanced equipment. The college has gained its standing due to well-furnished laboratories, clinics, dissection hall, herbal garden, pharmacy, hospital facilities, and devoted faculty.  The college has a health center with a first-aid element for students. The college has sports facilities for students. The college offers an excellent infrastructure feature advantage for students. The college has a library with a number of books related to different courses. The college has an auditorium for seminars and cultural events.

Career Institute of Medical Sciences &Hospital

Career Institute of Medical Sciences Lucknow is one of the foremost medical institutes and provides superior medical education, health care facilities of truly worldwide a standard of this region which was established in 2011. The institute provides an inclusive variety of general and innovative medical facilities.

Career Medical college Lucknow provides and offers excellent medical associated healthcare learning, nursing, outstanding and concerned hospital services with high-tech facilities as well as to carry out health research for the improvement of humanity along with the holistic ethics of the institution.

Courses Offered at CIMSH

Career Medical College Lucknow offers many postgraduate courses and admissions are based upon highly competitive examinations which are done by the University. Some of the courses include MD Microbiology, MD Pharmacology, MD Bio-Chemistry, MD Physiology, MD Anatomy.

Facilities Offered at CIMSH

CIMSH has separate hostels accommodations for boys and girls with a range of rooms and a variety of services that make living on campus comfortable, affordable, and safe. It has a total of seven hostels. All the rooms in the hostel building are furnished and have satisfactory services with separate mess and dining hall are accessible. The hostel and College Campus are under CCTV observation with security employees patrolling and safeguarding to ensure the security of students. The Career Medical college campus has a Coffee shop and a canteen service available which provides hygienic multi-cuisine awesome food throughout the day.  


The scope of the medical field is increasing day by day. The world is in the need of new and fresh minds who are capable of taking quick decisions. Above are the colleges which are available in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh that is capable of providing and coping with the rising demands for medical professionals. Also, this field is never-ending because of the new hospitals and research facilities opening worldwide.

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