Top Medical Colleges in Arunachal Pradesh

Top Medical Colleges in Arunachal Pradesh : The medical profession is the oldest and the most reputed profession available in the world today. The main aim of studying medicine is to truly understand the working of the human body as well as all other living organisms.
There are a lot of studies and efforts required for students who are willing to undergo and select medicine as their career. All Indian states provide top-level medical studies.

Top Institutions like AIIMS and Jawaharlal Nehru medical institute are available in Delhi. Every year, more than 1 million students appear in National level exams to get an opportunity of graduating from a prestigious institution. Arunachal Pradesh is also among those States which offer high-level medical studies.

What to Do After Choosing a Medical Field

Once you have decided to go the route of being physician/doctor, once it says D. O. or M. D. after your name that is you, and so if you get a phone call and it’s from your patient even if you are not working that week you have to take that seriously.

You get to be yourself. You really see the patient coming from the emergency room, you work them up, you talk to them, you get their diagnosis and then you are the one taking the operating room to do the procedure and then you watch them going through healing process and you discharge them home.

The career in medical field is one of the oldest and respected profession. It allows you to impact the human life in the way it’s truly magically and a satisfactory job.

Now, if we can talk about the top 10 medical colleges in Arunachal Pradesh here is the list below:

S.NOName of Colleges
1Tomo Riba Institute of Health and Medical Sciences, Nahrlagun
2North Eastern Indira Gandhi RegionalInstitute of Heath and Medical Scineces
3North Eastern Homeopathic Medical Collegeand Hospital, Itanagar
4Sara Institute of Paramedical Sciences
5Arunodhya College of Medical Sciences

1. Tomo Riba Institute Health and Medical Sciences, Naharlagun

This medical college was established in the year 2018 and is known as one of the best medical colleges in the northeastern region.

It is a public/government medical college with a total of 112 faculty. Tomo Riba Medical college is a C0-Ed college under which 100 students enrol themselves every year.

This medical college offers an MBBS course that is 5. 5 years duration course which includes a 1-year internship program under which students can gain experience and confidence to deal with upcoming challenges in the medical line along with this there is an availability of 50 seats in the MBBS course. To be admitted to this medical college candidates need to appear in the NEET exam.

An average fee of 2. 71Lakhs INR is required to get admission to the MBBS course. Since this is one of the top medical colleges in Arunachal Pradesh this medical college offers 100% to the students.

The college provides students with24*7 medical facilities that include first-aid, a library with a good collection of books, journals, etc, a departmental-based laboratory system, the availability of a canteen that serves good food to the students, separate boys and girls hostel rooms.

2. North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health and Medical Sciences, Shillong

This medical college was established in the year 2008. It is C0-Ed medical college and is ranked 55th all among India.

The college offers graduate and post graduate courses namely Bsc Nursing, MBBS, MD Anaesthesiology, MD Forensic Medicine, MD Microbiology.

50 seats are available for Bsc Nursing and MBBS, 4 seats for MD Anaesthesiology, 3 seats for MD Forensic Medicine and MD Microbiology.

For getting admission in MBBS course aspirant has to clear All India Entrance Exam (NEET) and for the MD and MS course candidate has to qualify NEET-PG.

Hence, we know it is a privately owned medical college an average of 33. 11 Lakhs INR is required to be admitted in MBBS course. College is equipped with modern and latest technology.

Separate boys and girls hostel, sports facilities for increasing the physical stamina and concentration power of the student, medical facilities for staff as well students.

3. North East Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Itanagar

This medical college was established in the year 2001 and is situated in Itanagar the capital of Arunachal Pradesh. The college is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University, Itanagar and is approved by Medical Council of Homoeopathic in Indian Medicines.

This college provide students with well trained faculty members with modern technology. North East Homoeopathic Medical College offers various graduate and postgraduate degrees namely OBD Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery(BHMS) which is 5 years and 6 months duration course.

To get admitted in undergraduate course candidate need to qualify NEET-UG entrance exam, whereas for postgraduate courses AIA PGET entrance exam.

As we know North East Homoeopathic Medical college is a privately owned medical college, the annual fee structure for BHMS course is 2. 5Lakhs INR for a year. College also provides students with availability of canteen that serves good food, a central library where you can get any subject oriented books , clinical case study, research paper etc. Seperate boys and girls hostels, 24*7 availability of medical services to both staff as well as students, well equipped modern laboratories.

4. Sara Institute of Paramedical Sciences

This college is situated in Itanagar, Arunachal pradesh. It is an institute which offers many courses in the field of medicines and allied sciences. This college is recognized by Martin luther Christan University, Shillong and is approved by UGC of shillong.

There are multiple faculties in Sara Institute of Paramedical Sciences like faculty of medicine, Microbiology, pathology, nuclear magnetic resonance, orthopaedics, pharmacology, radiodiagnosis , physiatry , anatomy and many more.

The head of this institute is an x army doctor who is having vast experience as well as confidence in tackling almost every medical situation. All other professional available at this college are experienced as well.

This medical college offers a diploma for candidates who have completed there 12th standard in the field of medical science. The first year fee of this diploma is around 85, 000INR per year. The course duration of this is almost 2 years and 6 months. It is an on campus course and only teched as a full time course.

This diploma is taught in 2 medical steam. Thoes stream are- Medical Lab Technology, Medical imaging technology. This college offers many medical facilities. Well equipped laboratories, classes included with latest technology and sports centre and medical facilities are top level facilities provided by this medical institute.

This institute also consist of a library that compromises of books, research paper and all the important thesis covering important medical terms are available.

There are multiple cafeterias available at this medical college. They all offer healthy and pocket friendly food within the campus banking facilities are also available in the campus itself.

5. Arunachal College of Medical Sciences, Namsai

This medical college was established in the year 2012. It is privately owned medical college which is aCO-Ed and is accredited by NAAC-C. This college is also approved by University Grants Commision (UGC). Campus size for this medical college is almost 35 acres.

The total faculty of this medical college is 31. All these 31 faculty members are experienced and have vast knowledge in almost in every medical field. The total number of students that can enrol them self in this medical institute are almost touching 400.

There are multiple courses namely Bsc Medical Laboratory Technology , BPT, Bsc Nursing, Bsc Pathology, Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology, Bsc Medical Radio and Imaging Technology, MPT, Msc Medical Laboratory Technology, GNM and many more.

As we known this is private owned college the fee structure vary depending on the course candidate try to opt for. 2.45 Lakhs INR is an average fee to get admitted in course namely Bsc Medical Laboratory Technology and Bsc Medical Rado and Imaging Technology. 3.20 Lakhs INR for Bsc nursing course and 3.22 Lakhs for BPT course. 1.80 Lakhs INR for Msc in Medical Laboratory Technology and Msc Medical Radio IMaging Technology.

College also provides candidates with parking and public transportation, separate boys and girls hostels, well equipped seminar halls, excellent facilities of sports, library consisting of more than 2 lakh books specifically of the particular courses, cafeteria with healthy and pocket friendly food, gym facilities for all the students.

Fee Structure

Now, we have taken care/and got an overview of medical colleges in Arunachal Pradesh. Let us now focus on the fee structure of various medical courses offered by these medical colleges.

There are private as well as government-owned medical colleges available in Arunachal Pradesh hence, the fee structure of all medical courses will vary from college to college. Below is the fee structure explained of all major medical colleges in Arunachal Pradesh.

S. NO Name of Colleges Fee Structure
1 Tomo Riba Institute of Health and Medical Sciences, Naharlagun 1.25 Lakhs INR-2.71LakhsINR Per Annum
2 North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health and Medical Sciences, Shillong 1.7Lakhs INR-2.5 Lakhs INR PerAnnum
3 North East Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Itanagar 3.71LakhsINR-6.2 Lakhs INR Per Annum
4 Sara Institute of Paramedical Sciences 85,000INR Per Annum
5 Arundodhya Institute of Medical Sciences 2.71 Lakhs INR-5.5Lakhs INR Per Annum

The fee mentioned above is the average fee of all the medical courses that are available in above mentioned medical colleges. The fee of one medical course can vary in two medical colleges. The same applies to when colleges are government and private ones.


Medical studies are always interesting to study for the students who have an interest and want to gain deep knowledge on various medical terms so that they can move forward in their careers.

There are 100 medical colleges available in every Indian state that are working to achieve a single goal and that goal is to make medical studies interesting, easy and affordable for all humanity. Medical colleges in Arunachal Pradesh are working on also working on this goal.

Top colleges like Arunodaya Institute of Medical Sciences, Tomo Riba Institute of Medical Sciences, North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health and medical sciences, North East Homoeopathic Medical colleges and Institute, Sara Institute of Medical Sciences offer courses in various medical fields that cover the studying of human beings as well as all living organism in the world.

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