Top DM Colleges in India 2022- Ranking, Fees & Examinations

Top DM Colleges in India- The medical field is an always advancing field in the country/world. For candidates who have completed their 10th class studies, there is confusion among them that which stream to choose. There are two options available they can choose from, the science stream and the medical stream. Students/candidates who go for the medical stream have to sit in the NEET, a National Level Examination so that they can get admission in MBBS/BDS or many other medical courses. After the completion of MBBS or BDS courses, the candidate can opt for specialty courses like MD or MS.  The course studies which is continued after the completion of specialty courses are known as DM or Directorate of Medicine courses.

It is a three years Super Speciality course that helps in advancing or increase in the existing skills of a candidate. Theoretical clinical or practical knowledge implementation are the basic skills that are enhanced with the help of the Directorate of Medicine degree. Candidates who have completed their MD or MS courses are eligible to sit in the examination for getting admitted to DM colleges in India. Hence, a candidate must have PG in the medical field to be eligible for DM (Directorate of Medicine) courses. 

Examinations and Fee Structure

Multiple medical examinations are held every year. NEET is the one exam that is held at a national level for graduate-level degrees. But if someone wants to get admitted to a DM course then NEET SS,  AIIMS SS, and JIPMER exam PGIMER  are the exams that are given by the candidates so that they can have a good chance of getting admitted to top DM colleges across India. 

The average course fee for DM is almost 2,000 INR to 20 Lakhs INR per annum.  Bacteriologists, Anesthesiologists, Obstetricians, chiropodists, and general practitioners are some of those career opportunities which can be taken after a DM course. Of course, there is a good chance of doubt, that the candidates are spending such an amount in getting a hold of DM degree, is there a better career job available. To answer that, the annual average package for graduates with the DM degree is around 10 lacs INR per annum in India.

Why DM

Now, the main question that arises is why to go for a DM degree. The doctor or a candidate who holds this degree just stands out from the crowd. Moreover, this degree holder has high-paid job opportunities and has a better social status and respect. There are various factors involved for a candidate to get admitted to a DM degree. Both National, as well as state-level exams, are held and the admissions are given based on the merit list which is made with the help of a cumulative score, which is scored by the candidate in both National as well as state-level exams.  Candidates belonging to a general category must have scored a minimum of 50% in those exams and 40% for a candidate who belongs to SC, ST, or OBC categories.

Fundamental Skills for a DM Degree

It is not in everyone’s capability to hold a DM degree and there are a selected number of candidates who are very skilled in diagnosis, are good as a team player, has pressure balance and good communication skills, have a good knowledge of modern treatment techniques, make a good candidate to be eligible for a DM degree. Some of the most important basic skills are as follows:

  • Communication skills:  The candidate must be fluent in English as well as should be polite to talking with the patient.  Doctors must possess politeness, and should be good listeners, who can understand the difficulty that patients might be facing.
  • Team player: Two is always better than one, and three is always better than two. Hence, it can be concluded that the doctor or a candidate who is fond of working as a team makes a good choice as a DM degree candidate. There might be times when the candidate has to work in a team to perform minimally major surgeries. Hence, this skill is really important.
  • Perseverance and calm nature:  Everything in the medical field is unpredictable. So, the candidate must be calm and always ready for overtime.
  • Knowledge:  Modern treatment techniques and machines are being introduced daily in this world. So, the DM degree holder should keep himself/herself updated about all the techniques and how to apply them/use them for treating the candidate.

Now that we have completed the overview of the DM degree, the fee structure overview, specializations that can be done in DM, and skill sets that are welcomed in a candidate. Let us now focus on the top DM colleges of India.

CMC Vellore- Christian Medical college

This medical college was established in the year 1990. This medical college is located at IDA Scudder Road, Vellore, Tamil Nadu. It is a privately owned college where undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma courses are offered. This medical college has a campus area of 200 acres. There are many courses offered by this medical college namely MBBS, MD Paediatrics, MD Anaesthesiology, MS Obstetrics and Gynaecology, MD General Medicine, MD psychiatry, MD Radio Diagnosis, MS General Surgery, MD Pathology, and many more. This college has a total faculty of 825 experienced professionals. 

A total of 100 seats are available for the MBBS course which is 5.5 years course. 20,19,17,16,12,12,10,8 seats are available for MD Paediatrics, MD Anaesthesiology, MS Obstetrics and Gynecology, MD General Medicine, MD Psychiatry, MD Radiodiagnosis, MS General Surgery, and MD Pathology respectively. All these courses have a duration of 3 years. To get admission to this medical college, candidates need to appear in NEET, NEET-PG, and NEET-SS exams. 

As we know this is a private college. An average of 1,53,000 Lakhs INR is required to take admission in the MBBS course. 4,73,000 INR is the annual fee required for MD Anaesthesiology, MD Paediatrics, and MS Orthopaedics and MS Opthalmology courses. 

This college provides students with 2 libraries namely odd Memorial Library and Gault Library. A cafeteria that serves delicious food at reasonable rates. It has a modern auditorium for academic and non-academic activities. Additionally, the campus also provides facilities like Wi-Fi, Sports, IT infrastructure, parking, laboratories, and medical facilities.

St Johns Medical College, Banglore

This medical college was established in the year 1963. This college is suited in Banglore and is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI). There are multiple undergraduate, postgraduate, super specialty, postdoctoral fellowship and certificate, and Allied Health Sciences courses available in this Medical College. MBBS, MD,  MS, Diploma, DM, M.Ch, BSc, BPT, MSc, MLT, MHA, PDCC, IDCCM, and IDDCM are the courses that are offered under all the specializations. Saint John’s Medical College Bangalore is a good Medical College that has secured 13th rank in the medical category in 2021 and had 14th position in the same category in 2020. It is a private medical college that is co-ed and has a campus size of 132 acres. 

A total faculty of 238 members who are experienced as well as well trained are available at this Medical College and the total student enrollment that can be achieved is up to a mark of 930 students every year. A total of 150 medical seats are available for MBBS in this college. If we talk about BPT, then a total of 40 seats are available. For MHA, BSc Medical Imaging Technology, and BSc Medical Lab Technology a total of 30, 20, and 20 seats are available respectively. For a person to get admitted to this college NEET, NEET-PG, and NEET SS are the medical exams that are held at the national level are available.

As we know, it is a privately owned Medical College. Hence, the MBBS fees at this college is 6.28 lacs INR per annum. For MSc courses, a total fee of 1.12 lacs INR is required. For MHA, MD, and DM courses, a total of 97000 INR,  1.48- 9.70 lacs INR, and  9.1 lacs INR  is required respectively.

Like all other medical colleges, this medical college is also equipped with all the latest technologies, and infrastructure for both the students as well as the professors. Boys hostel, girls hostel, sports auditorium, and medical hospital are the basic and top facilities provided by St John’s Medical College Bangalore. A library which is equipped with all the latest research papers and medical books is also available. Banking facilities, alumni associations, and full campus Wi-Fi are among these facilities provided within the campus.

AIIMS Delhi- All India Institute of Medical Sciences

This medical college is situated in Delhi and was established in the year 1956. It is among the top medical institutions in India and has collaborated worldwide with famous universities like Harvard University, University College London, George Institute of Global Health, IIT Delhi, Stanford University, the University of Michigan in the USA, and many more. There are many graduate, undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma certificates or degrees given at this Medical Institute. It is situated in Delhi and one can travel to this university with the help of a metro train or a bus. Transport facilities are the most easily available facilities to reach AIMS Institute.

If we talk about ranking, then AIIMS institute has secured the first position in the medical category in 2021. Also, this Institute secured a position of 8th in the research category in the year 2021. MBBS, MD, MCH, and DM are the top courses provided by this Institute. If one wants to take admitted to this Institute then the candidate has to appear for the NEET-UG test. If the candidate passes the test and clears the NEET cut-off, then the candidate is allowed to participate in the counseling process. After the completion of the counseling process, the eligible candidates are requested to submit all the required documents so that their admission process can be carried forward.  

This Institute also provides financial support for financially weak families.  Many scholarships are available which can make the fee structure affordable for the students. It is a co-ed government medical institute with a total faculty of 775 experienced as well as well-trained medical professionals. A total of 2841 candidates can enroll themselves every year in multiple medical courses at AIIMS college.

A total of 107 medical seats are available for MBBS. 96 seats are available for BSC nursing in honors. For MD Anesthesiology 40 seats are available. Finally for DM Infectious Diseases and DM Neurology a total of 39, 38 seats are available respectively.

As we know it is a government-owned medical institution. So, the fee structure required for the completion of medical courses is relatively less when compared to private institutions in India. For the MBBS course, a total fee of 7.3K INR is required for 5.5 years. In the case of BSc courses, a total fee of 1K- 2.5K INR is required. For both MSc and MS courses, a total fee of 2.48K – 2.65K, and 3.21K INR are required respectively.

AIIMS New Delhi provides all the basic facilities which are required or are necessary for students to enhance their skills in every field possible. Library, computer centers, hostels, and many more facilities are available at the topmost level at AIIMS Institute. AIMS Institute also offers a hostel for the accommodation of students. Separate hostel facilities for both boys and girls are available.


Delhi is the heart of India. All the facilities including medical colleges like AIIMS are available at the topmost level in Delhi. Almost every Medical College, let it be government or private is fully equipped and students get to know about everything about their course in detail. The demands of medical professionals are increasing day by day. India provides students with colleges like AIIMS, CMC Vellore Christian Medical CollegeMaulana Azad Medical College New Delhi,  Grant Medical College Mumbai,  SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre Chennai, and many more.

To conclude, we all can agree that the scope of medical studies is increasing as we speak. The opening of new medical colleges across the world proves the same point. Hence, we can agree that the medical profession is going to be in demand in the upcoming years as well. To cope with the rising demands, new candidates will seek admission to these prestigious medical colleges, which are among the top medical colleges not only in India but also in the world. 

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