Top Career Trends in India in 2022-23

Top Career Trends in India in 2022-23

Top Career Trends in India in 2022-23: The year 2022-23 will always be remembered with respect to the Indian job market – there were considerable layoffs, IT and ITES – the fastest growing sectors – faced a slowdown, demonetization affected real estate, eCommerce, weddings, SMEs and other businesses running on cash payments. As per a report in Indian Express, “in 2019, salaries were projected to rise by 10.8 percent, but in reality, rose just by 10 percent. This was for the second time, since 2019, that the actual increase was lower than the projected. If that pattern continues in 2022, Indian employees could see a single-digit salary increase for the first time since 2011.”


Below are the top trends for your career in 2022-23:

  1. Evolving Startup Jobs – The massive hiring by deep-pocketed, multi-billion dollar valued e-commerce startups has stalled. As e-commerce companies take a step back and prioritize consolidation and profitability, expect them to trim jobs.
  2. Automation will change every job – Though large-scale loss in jobs due to automation is unlikely, it is safe to say that most jobs will change in some way. According to Glassdoor, the jobs that will be most affected by automation are routine jobs that need to be done the same way and that don’t require much flexibility or much creative judgment.
  3. How do you ‘fit in’ – Gone are the days when companies could lure you in with just a fat pay package and perks. Employers realize that if you are not happy or engaged with the work, it does not bode well for them. Hence, they are actively looking to employ people that fit in culturally, which will enable you to be happier and more productive.
  4. Realizing the limits of the ‘gig’ economy – Though platforms like Uber, Ola, Airbnb, UrbanClap are highly visible, we have to understand that they form only a small part of the economy. Using ‘gig’ or contract workers has its advantages versus traditional employment but now, the fastest-growing jobs are where human creativity, flexibility and judgment are required.

The job market is transforming rapidly, becoming more flexible, transparent and focused on skills than ever before. While such a scenario sparks apprehension amongst job seekers, it also presents tremendous opportunities.


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For existing students:

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