How Much Philippines MBBS Fees Cost?

Philippines is the most outstanding choice for Indian students to pursue a medical degree abroad. After all, many reasons are responsible for considering this country for the medicine study. What is the cost of Philippines MBBS Fees? Are you also finding the answer to same question? Here we will talk about all significant facts related to the Philippines Study MBBS Fees or Costing that you must know before choosing this country for medicine study abroad. 

Average Total Fee in the Philippines for MBBS

The average fee for all colleges in this country is between 20 Lakh to 35 Lakh. There are so many factors that affect the total fee for MBBS, including tuition fee, course fee, hostel fee, and living costing. However, the student can also apply for the Scholarship for MBBS in the Philippines.

MBBS in Philippines Key Highlights to Know

Living Cost in the Philippines for MBBS Students

It depends on your choice, but the average living cost in the Philippines for the students is around INR 15,000 to INR 20,000.

Minimum MBBS Course Fee in the Philippines

There are two parameters for the students to know more about the Philippines MBBS Fees, including minimum and maximum. When we talk about the minimum course fee for Study MBBS in the Philippines, then we can say that it is around 2.5 Lakh.

Maximum MBBS Course Fee in the Philippines

The maximum course fee is different and the maximum course fee per year in Philippines for MBBS is around 6 lakh per year.

Why Philippines is Best for MBBS?

  1. With the lowest Philippines MBBS Fees, students can find an affordable fee structure for the MBBS study in this country.
  2. Compared to India, students can complete higher education in medicine degrees in less budget.
  3. The Philippines is also a safe country for the Indian students
  4. Hostel fee and cost of living is also the same as our country
  5. High-quality education and skilled faculty make sure everything related to the course and program is cleared for the students.

Wrap Up

MBBS Fees in the Philippines are different from college to college. It depends on which college you will choose for the MBBS Application in the Philippines. 

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