Previous Year Neural Control and Coordination NEET Questions

NEET is not just an exam for the students but it’s a long battle. From the NEET UG exam to counselling and seat allotment, the process of MBBS admission in India is very long for the students. Hence, understanding the various facts about NEET Preparation is a crucial idea. What about the Neural Control and Coordination NEET Questions? Had you completed this question or not for the national eligibility cum entrance test? If you are still in doubt about this section, then you must read this article. Firstly, we are going to focus on Neural Control and Coordination NEET Questions previous year’s questions. Thus, we listed the top 10 questions asked in the previous year. All these questions are related to Neural Control and Coordination NEET Questions.

About NEET UG Exam in India

If you want to pursue MBBS in India then you need to clear the NEET UG exam. First of all, NEET Full Form is national eligibility cum entrance test. As a matter of fact, NEET UG is a single window exam for the students to get admission in medical course. Thus, this exam is a do and die situation for the students. In the first place, students must check the major sections of Biology for NEET exam. Not only these questions are helpful but also make your preparation strong. 

Top 10 Questions of Neural Control and Coordination NEET Questions

1) Which of the following controls reflex action?

  1. Central nervous system
  2. Parasympathetic nervous system
  3. Sympathetic nervous system
  4. Sensory nerves

2). Myelin sheath is produced by (NEET 2017)

  1. Schwann cells and oligodendrocytes
  2. osteoclasts and astrocytes
  3. oligodendrocytes and osteoclasts
  4. astrocytes and Schwann cells

3). Pick the correct statement (NEET-II 2016)

  1. Meissner’s corpuscles are thermoreceptors
  2. Receptors do not produce graded potentials
  3. Nociceptors respond to changes in pressure
  4. Photoreceptors in the human eye are depolarized during darkness and become hyperpolarized in response to the light stimulus

4). Good vision depends on an adequate intake of carotene-rich food

  1. Retinal is a light-absorbing part of all the visual photopigments
  2. Retinal is a derivative of vitamin A
  3. Vitamin A derivatives are formed from carotene
  4. Photopigments are embedded in the membrane discs of the inner segment
  1. II, III, IV
  2. II, III
  3. I, II
  4. I, III, IV

5). Destruction of the anterior horn cells of the spinal cord would result in loss of (2015)

  1. Voluntary motor impulses
  2. Sensory impulses
  3. Integrating impulses
  4. Commissural impulses

6). The ‘fovea’ in the mammalian eye is the center of the visual field, where (2015)

  1. More rods than cones are found
  2. Optic nerve leaves the eye
  3. High density of cones occur but has no rods
  4. Only rods are present

7). Injury localized to the hypothalamus would most likely disrupt (2014)

  1. Regulation of body temperature
  2. Short-term memory
  3. Executive functions, such as decision making
  4. Coordination during locomotion

8). The most abundant intracellular cation is (NEET 2013)

  1. Ca++
  2. K+
  3. Na+
  4. H+

9). In humans, Alzheimer’s disease is associated with the deficiency of (2009)

  1. Dopamine
  2. Acetylcholine
  3. Glutamic acid
  4. Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)

10). When a neuron is resting, i.e., not conducting any impulse, the axonal membrane is (2011)

  1. Impermeable to both Na+ and K+ ions
  2. Equally permeable to both Na+ and K+ ions
  3. Comparatively more permeable to Na+ ions and nearly impermeable to K+ ions
  4. Comparatively more permeable to K+ ions and nearly impermeable to Na+ ions

10). This part of the human ear plays no role in hearing as such but is otherwise very much required (2012)

  1. Organ of Corti
  2. Eustachian tube
  3. Ear ossicles
  4. Vestibular apparatus

Why Neural Control and Coordination NEET Questions is Important?

Therefore, Marks’s weightage is very high of Neural Control and Coordination NEET Questions. Finally, Students who want to score well in NEET 2022 must prepare for this section. On the other hand, there are also so many biology questions that you must know. We already list the top Neural Control and Coordination NEET Questions asked in the previous year in this above article.


Hence, it’s all about the things that you need to know about Neural Control and Coordination NEET Questions the previous year. Last but not the least, we hope this information is valuable for you. Because Understanding and making a clear vision to clear this exam is important. You must understand the importance of every section of this examination.

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