Major Things About NEET-UG Physics Class 11 Physical World and Measurement

Major Things About NEET-UG Physics Class 11 Physical World and Measurement : Are you preparing for NEET and tensed about Physics? It is the most difficult subject for the candidates the preparation for the examination of the medical course. However, using the right approach and ideas help students for scoring more in the exam. 

A major section that consists of higher weightage of marks in the NEET Examination is “NEET-UG Physics Class 11 Physical World and Measurement”. Understanding the concept of fundamental forces and other physical parameters is not possible without the physical world and measurement. Hence, this topic is very important for the candidates to understand in a deep manner and this topic is from the class 11th syllabus. 

As a matter of fact, there is a total of 4 fundamental forces and these forces are Gravitational force, Nuclear force, Weak force, and Electromagnetic force. Another name for physical parameters is physical quantities and these parameters are mainly used in the laws of physics. Physical quantities are Fundamental quantities and Derived quantities. Let’s get started with the major questions of NEET-UG Physics Class 11 Physical World and Measurement which are important for your NEET Preparation.


MCQ Questions of NEET-UG Physics Class 11 Physical World and Measurement

1. Unification of weak nuclear force and electromagnetic force is given by:

a) J.C Bose

b) Lenoir

c) Abdus Salam

d) R.A Millikan


Answer: Abdus Salam


2. Which of the following is not a type of electromagnetic force:

a) Tension

b) Friction

c) Upthrust of liquid

d) The force between earth and the moon


Answer: force between earth and moon


3. A refrigerator is a base on the principle of:

a) Law of thermodynamics

b) Bernoulli’s principle

c) Conversion of electrical energy into heat energy

d) Laws of motion


Answer: Law of thermodynamic


4. Alber Einstein was awarded the Nobel prize for:

a) Theory of relativity

b) Conservation of linear momentum 

c) Photoelectric effect

d) All


Answer: Photoelectric effect


5. The person, who was given the Nobel prize twice is:

a) Madam Curie

b) Albert Einstein

c) Max Planck

d) Newton


Answer: Madame Curie


6. Which of the following is not a fundamental law of nature:

a) Conservation of mechanical energy 

b) Conservation of change

c) Conservation of linear momentum

d) Conservation of angular momentum


Answer: Conservation of mechanical energy


7. Which of the following is the weakest force in nature:

a) Weak nuclear force

b) Gravitational force

c) Electromagnetic force

d) Strong nuclear force


Answer: Gravitational force


8. Mediating particle in electromagnetic force is:

a) Gluon

b) Boson

c) Gravitation

d) Photon


Answer: Photon


9. Radio and television act on the principle of:

a) Propagation of electromagnetic waves

b) Propagation of X-rays

c) Solar cell

d) Optical fiber


Answer: Propagation of electromagnetic waves


10. Which of the following system of units is not based on the unit of mass, length, and time alone:

a) S.I

b) MKS

c) FPS

d) CGS


Answer: S.I

The Bottom Line

Therefore, these are the things that you need to know about NEET UG Physics Class 11 Physical World and Measurement. It is the most important section of the Physics Subject and if you want to score more in the NEET examination then you have to take care of this section preparation as well. 


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