Neet 2021 Counseling  Mop-up Round Expected Cutoff

Hello, Friend In today’s article, we will talk about common doubts. What will be the Neet 2021 Counseling  Mop-up Round Expected Cutoff

1- Up-Gradation
2- Fresh seat
3- Those who have not got a seat

Up-Gradation –

What to do for the children who have got college up-gradation in the 2nd round?
Those who have been upgraded must be thinking that it is necessary to take admission, but if you have an up-gradation of round 1, then it is not mandatory for you to take that admission. But if you do not take admission then your security money will be forfeited or will not be refunded. But if you take admission on the up-gradation seat then your security money will be refunded but, you will be out of counseling of further state quota/mop-up rounds or will not be able to participate. As soon as you take admission in the 2nd round, you will be out of AIQ also out of the mop-up round, and also out of state quota counseling.

Fresh seat –

Those who have got a fresh seat, want to take admission, if they want to take admission, then it is their choice. Condition is the same if you take admission then you will be out of state quota/mop-up round. And if the admission does not take the allotted seat then the security money will not be refunded. Sometimes students do not take admission in the fresh seat then they can go for the mop-up round but they have to fresh register again have to do fresh registration again and have to pay the security amount. Talking about the security amount, then the amount of General Quota will be a loss of 11000.

The students who have not got a seat have two options.

  • He should participate in his Strata quota. State Quota round-2 counseling has started
  • There is 2nd option, you can wait for the mop-up round.

Note – You will have a good time by which you can know whether you will be allotted a seat in the state quota or not.

NEET 2021 AIQ Cutoff MBBS

Round  year Gen Rank  EWS Rank  OBC Rank
2nd Round Neet 2020 15038 15004 15024
2nd Round Neet 2021 17613 18572 17878

NEET 2021 AIQ Cutoff (SC-ST)

Round  year SC Rank  ST Rank 
2nd Round Neet 2020 81121 96759
2nd Round Neet 2021 93407 107511

Note- The seat after the last year’s 2nd round used to be a reversal, but this year the same seat will come in the mop-up round.

This year’s cutoff for the general category is 17617 it is down from last year it is because MCC changed some rules. As per the rules of MCC, this year’s State Quota counseling will start when AIQ’s 2nd-round counseling starts. It happened that more children participated in AIQ because there is a chance that they can lose their seats. What will happen at the most, only the security money (11000) will go. But they can see whether they will be allotted college or not.

Mop-Up  Round Expected

What will be the cutoff in the mop-up round and where will the seat come from? eg -AIIMS
There were around 300 seats in last year’s mop-up round of AIIMS, and some seats went to the state which used to do seat reversal after the 2nd round. How many seats came here after last year’s revelation, – 2000 seats (AIQ). So this year we can expect around 300 seats in the mop-up round in AIIMS. Now let’s talk about AIQ, its exception is that it can come between 2200-2300 seats. So it should be noted that in the mop-up round, the total seat can be seen around 2500 seats.

Category Expected Cutoff
General can come around (19000-19500)
OBC can come around (19000-19500 )
EWS can come around (20,000)
SC can come around (100000)
ST can come around (120000- 116000)

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