National Medical Commission (NMC)- Review, Role, Login, Registration,& Eligibility

National Medical Commission (NMC) is Indias most vital government body that works for the medical courses entrance examination, admission regulations, results, and many more aspects. 33 Members are part of the National Medical Commission, and these members are also medical professionals. NMC was formed in 2020, in the replacement of the Medical Council of India. This commission plays a crucial role in recognizing medical qualification, works for the accreditation to medical schools, grants registration to medical practitioners, and inspects medical practice, medical infrastructure, and medical industry development in India.

National Medical Commission
Here is the National Medical Commission Review, which you must read if you are a medical aspirant or student because you must have the information of the organization which is regulating all the tasks related to higher medical studies in India. Both PG and UG Courses Entrance Exams are conducted by the NMC in India.

Facts About NMC India 

  • The formation of NMC took place on 25 September 2020
  • The abbreviation of this authorized body is NMC
  • Medical Council of India is the Medical Council of India
  • NMC India is working as the medical regulatory agency in the country to authorize admission, entrance, results, and medical infrastructure in the country
  • National Medical Commission Headquarter Situated in New Delhi
  • Dr. Suresh Chandra Sharma is the current chairman of NMC
  • It is a commission and affiliated with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
  • NMC Website is

What is NMC Bill 2019?

  • Exploring the historical and origin data and facts about NMC is also part of the National Medical Commission Review. This review will talk about all the significant points that you must know about this commission. First of all, NMC is the prior replacement of the Medical Council of India.
  • Mainly, NITI Aayog recommended the formation of NMC to replace the Medical Council of India.
  • This recommendation needs to be approved by the central and state government, and after the majority votes, NMC Bill 2019 was passed and approved by the PM of India, Shri Narendra Modi.
  • On 8 August 2019, National Medical Commission Bill was passed in the parliament.
  • The President of India issued a letter or a bill in January 2019 regarding the formation of NMC.
  • After the bill was passed, Supreme Court allowed the state and center for the replacement medical council into NMC under the guidance of 5 exceptional doctors' teams.

NMC Have 5 Boards in One Body:

  • Under-Graduate Medical Education Board (UGMEB),
  • Post-Graduate Medical Education Board (PGMEB),
  • Medical Assessment and Rating Board and
  • Ethics and Medical Registration Board

How does NMC Composition Take Place?

The next thing you need to know is about the NMC Composition, how this body formed, and how the 33 members were selected in the national medical commission.

➡ The first member is the chairperson of NMC (they must be medical professionals only

➡ A total of 33 members are part of this commission

➡ 10 Ex Officio Members Are also part of NMC Composition, and these members selected from these bodies:

  • The President of the Under-Graduate Medical Education Board.
  • The Director-General of Health Services, Directorate General of Health Services, New Delhi
  • The President of the Medical Assessment and Rating Board.
  • The President of the Post-Graduate Medical Education Board.
  • The Director-General, Indian Council of Medical Research.
  • The President of the Ethics and Medical Registration Board.
  • Director of any of the All India Institutes of Medical Sciences.

➡ Two members selected from these organizations

  • Tata Memorial Hospital Directors of Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research
  • North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health and Medical Sciences
  • Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research
  • All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health.

➡ One member came from the Ministry of health and family welfare.

➡ 22 Members in NMC India are part-time. Bases and these members have specialization in management, economics law, medical ethics, health research, consumer or patient rights advocacy, science, and technology.

➡ In this body, at least 60% of members must be medical practitioners.

NMC Login Overview:

Once you reach the NMC Website, you can explore there are so many login options available for the users. These options are based on participation in the commission.

NMC Doctor Login

NMC Login for Doctors works for all those doctors who are part of this commission.

NMC College Login:

NMC College Login is primarily for India & 39 different private and government colleges.

NMC Students Login:

NMC Students Login is working for students studying under the NMC Colleges and Institutions.

NMC Login for Complaints:

One more login choice or option is available for the users that are specially working for the
students& 39 complaints.

How to do NMC Login?

  • The First visit to the NMC Official Site
  • Select the login panel for which you want to continue for the login at NMC
  • Enter the User ID and Password in the NMC Login Page
  • View the Dashboard

Number of Faculties in NMC:

Faculties play a pillar role in the NMC, and the total number of facilities in NMC is around 96649.

A number of PG Students in NMC:

The next thing is about the total numbers of PG students connected with the NMC and the
total PG students in this authorized body are 75236.

A number of Senior Residence in the National Medical Commission:

26969 are the total number of senior residents in the National Medical Commission.

How to Contact NMC?

National Medical Commission Pocket- 14, Sector – 8, Dwarka Phase -1
New Delhi – 110077, INDIA

General queries and help
New Toll-free Number: 1800111154 ( from 9.30 AM to 6.00 PM )
Phone no’s : +91-11-25367033, 25367035, 25367036, 25367037
Fax – General : +91-11-25367024, 25367028

Role of NMC in Medical Study Structure in India:

An Authorized Body for MBBS and BDS Entrance Exam:

As we know, MBBS and BDS are both the most popular courses in India. To avoid hassles and make every single task easy for the students regarding the admission and entrance for the medical examination, NMC is working with effortless approaches. It is an authorized body that regulates the total admission and study process for the medical courses in India.

Transparent Admission Process for Medical Studies:

Gone were when students needed donations and commissions in lakhs for child admission in medical colleges. Now, this body is working for the 100% transparent process from entry to medical colleges. A transparent process encourages a neat and clean system of government.

Education For Poor:

There are so many poor students in India who are good in academics and study but cannot pay higher fees of Government Medical Colleges for the MBBS and BDS Study. Nation Medical Commission India is working for the rights of poor and financially weak students.

No More Offline Process:

NMC is also working on the complete digital system for the medical entrance and admission. The online process is the best thing for the students because they don't need to visit the different agencies and offices places.

Working for Medical Doctors Rights in India:

Rights are essential for both students and doctors too. NMC is the body that also works for the rights of medical doctors and colleges in India.

Overview About Medical Council of India:

MCI was the statutory body of India and worked for the medical industry till 25th September 2020. This body was the replacement of NMC. The abbreviation of the Medical Council of India is MCI and the formation of this organization has been taken place in 1933. This organization was dissolved on 25the September 2020 and now the legal status of the organization is Abolished. The headquarters of this organization was in New Delhi.

FAQs About NMC?

Q1). What is the full form of NMC?

National Medical Commission

Q2). What is NMC Bill 2019?

NMC Bill 2019 is the formation of a new medical body in the replacement of medical councils of India.

Q3). When Was NMC Formed?

25th September 2019

Q4). How many members are in NMC Body?


Q5). How many chairpersons work in National Medical Commission?

Only 1

Q6). Which was the old organization that was replaced through NMC?


Q7). Where is NMC Headquarters?

New Delhi

Q8). Is NMC Working for the rights of private colleges?

Yes, this organization is working for both the rights of private and government colleges

Q9). How to complete NMC Login?

Visit the NMC Official Site to make the sure easy login process

Q10). Is Student Login available on the NMC Portal?

Yes, Students and Doctors Login, both are available at the NMC Portal


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