What is the MBBS Doctor Salary in India, Government & Private Both?

The Salary of an MBBS Doctor is the question of so many medical students and medical courses aspirants who want to work as a doctor in India but want to know about the career possibilities and the total expected packages. MBBS Salary in India has so many various contradictions in various sectors. Hence, it is essential to differentiate an MBBS doctor’s Salaryon different grounds.

The Average Salary of an MBBS Doctor at the beginning of the career is around 5 Lakh to 8 Lakh

More About MBBS Facts

  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery is the  MBBS Full Form
  • MBBS Course Duration in India is 5.5 Years 
  • It is not a postgraduate program but an undergraduate course in India.
  • MBBS fees may also vary as per the college, quota, category, and state, and the MBBS Fee range are 10,000 to 6,00,000. 
  • Government of India is also planning to increase more budget for the healthcare system in India.
  • That means in the next 3 to 4 years, we will see the higher demands of MBBS Jobs in India.
  • Students who completed MBBS in India from AIIMS also choose to complete a PG Course from the same college of 3 years and work as the Junio Resident with the stipend of INR 64,000.
  • If you want to do the job as an MBBS doctor in the government bodies, then the Starting Salary of an MBBS Doctor in India ranges from INR 10 Lac to INR 15 Lac. 

Private Vs. Government-Which is the Best Sector to Get Higher Salary of MBBS Doctor in India?

When we talk about the MBBS Salary in India contradiction, we can say that there is a big gap and difference between the private and government sectors. Salary of MBBS Doctor in Government Hospital in India ranges between INR 8 Lakh to INR 12 Lakh in the starting career stage. On the other hand, many top private recruiters for MBBS positions in India, including Medanta Hospital Fortis Hospital and Apollo Hospital, give highly budged packages to MBBS Graduates. Students can even earn more than a government sector when they work in significant organizations and the health care industry. 

MBBS Jobs in India

The salary of an MBBS Doctor in India is the major point of concern for so many graduates or final year students who want to start their careers with exemplary financial achievements. Every year, much leading government and private entities release MBBS doctor designation vacancy details with the pay scale details. Students can apply for these jobs to work as a doctor.

Career Choices After MBBS:

1). Doctor

If your passion is treating patients from various diseases or disorders, or you love to care for patients, you can work as a doctor after completing your MBBS.

2). Hospital Administrator

Some students also choose the non-clinical professionals after MBBS because they think MBBS Salary in India is not more than hospital administrator. You can also work as a hospital administrator in hospitals and health care organizations.

3). Medical Professor

Students can also work as medical professors in the college, and the average package of professors in a college is around 15 Lakh per annum.

The Bottom Line

Hence, it’s all about the information of the MBBS Doctor Salary in India. With this, you will get the answer of ‘what is the salary of MBBS Doctor in India”. The salary range starts from 5 Lakh but can also reach up to 20 lakh in the beginning stage of the student career. 

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