MBBS in USA Overview, Eligibility, Entrance Test, Duration, Fee & Top Colleges

The United States is one of the best spots for Indian students to complete higher studies. A Medicine degree in the USA is such a promising opportunity for the students. However, getting admission to the top MBBS USA Colleges is a difficult aspect for the students to a smaller number of seats and higher number of students. MBBS in USA is the dream of so many students in the world due to the cutting-edge education infrastructure of the country. 

Are you thinking to explore the information about MBBS USA? If yes, then this place is a perfect choice for you to gather all information on one web page. Here we are going to describe various aspects at once in one single blog and you can understand USA MBBS possibilities.

MBBS in USA at a Glance

Last Month to Apply June
MBBS USA Basic Eligibility
50% in PCB for General at 10+2 Science
40% for SC/ ST or reserve categories
Required, it is mandatory with qualifying marks.
Required, to get admission to top medical schools in USA
Yes, required for MBBS Admission in USA
MBBS in USA Cost (Minimum)
Rs.3.60 Lakhs/Year
MBBS Cost in USA (Maximum)
Rs.47 Lakhs/Year
Cost of Living in USA
15 to 16 K per month
Course Duration (in Year)
4.5 + 1 year Internship
Medium of Education
English Language
Best MBBS College in USA
Harvard University
Universities Recognition
NMC and WHO approved

Why MBBS in the USA is Best for Indian Students?

1). Few facts are responsible for this reason. MBBS USA is an ideal idea for Indian students because the worth of USA medicine courses is the highest in the world. That means you will get an adorable career path after the completion of your MBBS Degree from USA.

2). Getting the opportunity to Study MBBS in USA is a dream come true for Indian students because they can learn across the ocean. 

3). A logical factor that describes USA MBBS is an optimal selection for Indian students is enhancing practical knowledge in the medicine Programme. As we know, in India, theoretical knowledge is always the first thing in any Programme but in the United States, practical knowledge comes first in the universities for medicine courses.

4). MBBS in USA also focuses on the higher level of expertise, skills, and knowledge gain process during the course. 

5). When you are thinking to Study MBBS Abroad then the United States is the most promising choice for you in the overall world.

6). Indian students also like the medical education system in USA because it is not the same as Russian, Europe, and Asia. Once medical students complete the PG medicine course in USA, then there is no need for any other exam practice in India. 

7). USA Medical Degree is known as the MD or Doctor of Medicine. MBBS is not the abbreviation of medicine degree in the United States.

8). Medium of instruction for MBBS Course in USA in English and that’s why flexible for Indian students in comparison to other countries. 

9). MBBS Degree in USA is affiliated with various organizations such as NMC, WHO, ECFMG, and MCC. That means MBBS USA, is quite a proven choice for the students in medical schooling. 

More About MBBS USA Information

Professional doctor in medicine is one of the more dedicated and respectable professions in the medical line. Becoming a doctor is the dream of every medical student. MBBS is the single path to becoming a doctor by completing medical science course. Every year, millions of students aim to cross the entrance of MBBS to become a doctor but as we know about the reality of several students passed the entrance exam. Studying abroad means you must prepare more about this objective because the path will not simple as a study in India. USA is a great opportunity for the students to complete higher studies because development and research both are impressive in this country. 

Why Choose USA for Study Medicine?

The USA is one of the big countries in the world in terms of medicine, research, and technology. The world’s leading colleges and top universities are in this country. Not only top medical colleges are in this country but many leading arts and management universities are in the United States. The main advantage for Indian students that they need to know for pursuing MBBS in USA is “Global Approved”. That means, a degree from this country is globally recognized and you can work as a doctor in any part of the world. The country is also known for hosting the largest numbers of international students for higher studies overall. 

Study MBBS in USA Advantages

1). Quality of education is important for medical line students. They can’t compromise with the quality of education. When we talk about the MBBS USA quality then we can say that this country offers excellent education quality to students and they can become expert doctors after choosing MBBS Study in USA.

2). Going to a university that has a higher reputation and good brand value is the dream of Indian students. They are always trying to reach these top universities for higher studies. Hence, this time the United States is one of the safest and finest choices for you to pursue your higher medical studies. 

3). Adding the tag of “Doctor from the USA” is such a prestigious tag for the Indian students and USA Doctors have higher demand in the world. Students can work in the top colleges and hospitals with this country background.

4). Language problem is the big reason for the Indian students to move for the MBBS Study in USA because in other countries they face the problem of the native language. On the other hand, when we talk about the United States, we can say that complete medical study in USA is based on the English medium only.

5). Additional and extra charges during the study of medicine are a big issue for medical students. When you are studying in this country then you don’t need to pay any additional capitation fees or course charges. 

6). Is practice required in India after completing MBBS from USA? Not at all! Once you complete the MBBS USA, then you don’t have the requirement of practice in India. 

7). Every year, many Indian students directly get the MBBS in USA Scholarship on the merit list. This country is known for the best scholarship system for poor students who are good in academics and can’t afford MBBS Fees in USA.

8). Students, ca also do part-time jobs in USA apart from the MBBS course in the country. Universities also allow for part-time jobs for the students during the course through which they can also pay time to time semester fees for MBBS in USA.

MBBS in USA Fees

Here is the list of top Medical Colleges Fees in USA overview of top universities

MBBS University Ranking List of USA (QS World University Ranking)

College Name QS World University Rankings: 2022 Program Duration in University
University of California, San Diego
University of Pennsylvania
Duke University
Columbia University
University of California, San Francisco
Yale University
University of California, Los Angeles
Johns Hopkins University
Harvard University
Stanford University

MBBS Course Structure in USA

Completing MBBS Degree in USA is also a difficult task for the students because the course structure is so much authentic and hard to clear. Hence, we are going to describe the complete information about the MBBS USA course structure that you must know if you want to get admission to the top MBBS Colleges of the United States. 

Understand Bachelor of Science Meaning

1). Medical degree is the second part in the USA and first students required to complete the first degree that is about “Bachelor of Science or BS in Biology, Chemistry or any other medical science files to apply for the admission of Doctor of Medicine (MD) in the USA. BS Degree is the first step for the students to get MBBS Admission in USA. 

2). Basically, BS is the pre-medical course and once students have done both BS and MD courses then they also need to approach a residency program according to their field of specialization in a particular medical science branch. 

Pre-Medical Course

Now, let’s start the discussion on MBBS Syllabus in the USA because it all starts with the pre-medical course. The foundation course is the basic course to pursue the MBBS program for the students. They learn about basics and fundamental facts about medical sciences in the pre-medical course. 

More Information on this

Generally, domestic or native students of the USA who want to become doctors start the pre-medical course after class 10th, and the duration of the pre-medical course is 4 years for the domestic students. On the other hand, Indian students apply for the MBBS course after 10+2 and that’s why pre-medical course duration is automatically reduced for them by up to 16 months. 

Students who have a Bachelor of Science degree in medicine or completed 1 or 2 years of MBBS in India also get exemption from the pre-medical course. Pre-medical courses for MBBS in USA subjects are English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Anatomy, Medical Terminology, and Sociology. 

MS Program

Once students, get the pre-medical degree course, then they will eligible to apply to the MD Program because, in the USA, MD is known as the MBBS. That means MD Course from the United States is equivalent to MBBS in USA. There are two stages of this program and each stage duration is 2 years. 

Theoretical Stage of MD Course in USA

The first stage of MBBS in US degree is theoretical. This course part is focusing on the advanced skills to improve the theoretical knowledge of students in the medical sciences. Theoretical MD stage subjects in USA are Anatomy, Clinical Science, Pathology, Physiology, Histology, Medical Ethics, Biochemistry, Neuroanatomy, and Microbiology.

USMLE information

Once you study for the first stage subject then you need to appear for the United States Medical Licensing Examination or USMLE to become eligible for the second stage of MD Course Degree in the United States.

Practical Stage-What You Need to Know?

It is the simple and advanced approach to understanding methods of clinical rotation or externship. In this program, students learn about hospital operating systems and patients’ treatment by doctors. Once students complete the practical stage then they are also required to apply for USMLE 2. 

Residency Program

Students who qualify for USMLE 2 are eligible to pursue a residency program for MBBS in the USA duration of the residency program is in between 3 to 5 years, based on the medicine brand that you select for study. Internship in hospitals is a must for the students to become experts and master of the residency program in MD course. USMLE 3 is the last exam that is also known as the Licenses Exam in the MBBS Course in USA. Once students clear this exam, they can practice as a doctor in the USA or any other country in the world. 

Checklist of Top MBBS Colleges in USA and Locations

Fast Facts Check About MBBS Course in USA

Here are the things which are the most searchable questions of the students regarding MBBS Abroad. They know about the fact that the USA is the topmost choice for them but they also need to clear some doubts regarding the Medicine Study in the United States.

MBBS Doctor Salary in USA

Exploring the information about the Salary of an MBBS Doctor in USA is also the point of concern for the students because they want to know about the career or total package opportunities in this country. Average MBBS Salary in USA is $3,00,00 to $29,00,000.

MBBS in USA for Indian Students

From MBBS in USA Fees in Indian Rupees to Cost of Living, these are the major questions of the Indian students because they want to know about the complete MBBS Costing in USA. MBBS Fees in USA for Indian Students are different from the domestic students and some charges are also a little bit high. You need to visit the particular university portal to know about the complete MBBS in USA for the Indian Students fee Structure. 

USA MBBS Admission Process to Know

Here you can explore the content related to “How to do MBBS in the USA”. A score of the pre-medical course and MCAT both are important for Indian students to apply for MBBS Course Degree in USA. Fall and spring semester-based applications are also accepted by the MBBS Universities in USA. American Medical College Application Service is the right mode for international students to apply for MBBS USA Colleges. However, some MBBS Universities in the United States also accept direct applications at their portal.

Eligibility to Know for MBBS in USA

  • 10+2 from a recognized board or university
  • Completion of BS Degree in Chemistry, Medicine or Biology or any other medical field.
  • A score of MCAT and NEET
  • English Language Proficiency Proof

MBBS at USA Documents Required for Admission

  • Transcripts of previous academic study
  • Evaluation of foreign transcripts by an accredited agency
  • Resume
  • Criminal background check of the applicant.
  • Proof of IELTS and TOEFL Exam Score
  • For TOEFL- 90 to 100
  • English translation of non-English transcripts
  • LOR for USA
  • SOP for USA
  • English Proficiency Requirement for International Students
  • For IELTS-6.5 to 7.0

MBBS Course Duration in USA

Checking the information bout Duration of MBBS Course in USA is also an important question that came in the mind of international students. First of all, in the United States MBBS called as MD or Doctor of Medicine. Students required to complete the 4 years bachelor degree to get admission in MD Course. MD Course in the United States completes within 3 to 4 years.

The Bottom Line

Hence, this information is enough for the Indian students to get an idea about the MBBS Program in the USA. In the above blog, we list complete MBBS in USA review to understand about the eligibility factors, documents required and admission process. USA MBBS Degree is such a promising opportunity for the Indian students to become a doctor.

What is MBBS Called in USA?

MBBS is called in USA as MD

How to do MBBS in USA?

MBBS in USA rules are different from India and students need to complete various stages to become a doctor such as pre-medical course, theoretical and practical stage with residency program as well.

How Many Years of MBBS in USA?

5.5 Years

How to Get Admission for MBBS in USA?

Students need to clear NEET Examination to apply for the MD

Is NEET Required for MBBS in Russia?

Yes, students are required to qualify NEET examination to pursue MBBS from Russia.

What is MBBS Course Duration in USA?

5.5 Years

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