Study MBBS in Switzerland Admission Fees, Eligibility & Colleges

Study MBBS in Switzerland Admission

Abroad studies opportunities are always attractive for the students. When students pick the right country that also offers comprehensive placement opportunities after completing their studies, it will become a notable chance. MBBS is the study of medical science and medicine, and Switzerland is an extremely appropriate choice for students to pursue a medicine degree. MBBS in Switzerland is a promising career opportunity for students. Top medical colleges and an easy admission process are attractive features for Indian students to get Admission to MBBS in Switzerland

The country is home to more than 12 universities, and Indian students have diverse opportunities to pursue medicine in more than 22 universities. This article will explain Switzerland MBBS opportunities, eligibility, fee structure, and top colleges information. One more fact to know about Swiss Universities are known for the excellent education of business and management courses. The country receives the highest number of international applicants for medical and management courses every year. 

In recent years, due to improving education quality and another factor, Swiss Universities counts in the top 100 universities of the world. In Switzerland, you have both private and government universities options to pursue higher education. Education expenses should also be important to know for medical education in Switzerland. In reality, this country is pretty much more expensive than Asian countries regarding the cost of living. 

Checklist to Know About MBBS Study in Switzerland

Study MBBS in Switzerland for Indian Students Facts to Know
Total Medical Colleges in Switzerland
Government MBBS Colleges in Switzerland
MBBS Course Duration in Switzerland
5.5 Years
Entrance Exam
Required Language for MBBS Switzerland Course
Minimum Age Limit
17 Years
Cost of Living
1,300 – 1,700 EUR/month
Minimum MBBS Fee Structure in Switzerland
900 EUR

Educational System in Switzerland

Cutting-edge and top-rated education quality in Switzerland is the feature of the education system. The education quality of the country is highly renowned in the world. There are plenty of universities options for the students to pursue higher education in Switzerland, and the Swiss education standard is higher than the European education standard. 

About Switzerland

Situated in Western, Central and Southern Europe, Switzerland is a landlocked country also known as the Swiss Confederation. Country shares border with France to the west, Italy to the south, Austria and Liechtenstein to the east and Germany to the north. The country’s official languages are German, French, Italian, and Romansh. The largest city in Switzerland is Zurich. 

Facts to Know About Switzerland

1). In terms of geographical area, Switzerland is divided into three parts: the Swiss Plateau, the Alps, and the Jura. 

2). Total area of the Swiss Plateau, the Alps and the Jura are approximately 42,000 Km Square. The land area of the country is around 39,997 km2.

3). Population of the country is around 8.5 million 

4). Switzerland is the largest chocolate consumption-based country. Swiss people like chocolate too much

5). 2nd largest life expectancy country is Switzerland.

6). Switzerland is the only country in the world that have two flags

7). Animal welfares laws are known as the best animal protection rules of the country in the world. 

Study MBBS in Switzerland Eligibility

1). Admission is only accelerated through the SWISS University Website

2). Requirements are just like Swiss University Courses

3). NEE Qualified Score Card

4). Must Secure 60% in PCB, 10+2 

5). Admission based on the Merit List and NEET Score Card

6). Minimum Age Limit: 17 Years (at the time of Admission).

Documents Required MBBS Study in Switzerland Application

  • A filled and signed application form. 
  • Passport and Photographs 
  • Class 10th and 12 Marksheets 
  • Language proficiency certificates in English, Italian, French or German.
  • Curriculum Vitae 
  • Motivation Letters to Attract Your Application for Selection in MBBS  
  • Application Fee Evidence 
  • Residence Proof

Study Medicine in Switzerland Factors to Know

Top-Notch Healthcare Structure

The country is known for its high-quality education and advanced healthcare structure. Many renowned medical schools are in this country. However, rules and laws to get Admission to MBBS Switzerland are quite tough compared to European countries. However, if you have eligibility for particular specifications for pursuing medical higher education, then you can study in the best medical schools in the world. When you want to study medicine in Switzerland, you must know some factors about this country. 

Medicine Study Requirements in Switzerland

Students can only get MBBS Admission in Switzerland from the Swiss Universities Official Website. Indian students must complete a degree of 3 years from a state-recognized university. 

Language Proficiency for Study MBBS in Switzerland

One more doubt that came to the mind of Indian students for the Study MBBS in Switzerland is about language proficiency. Language proficiency is mainly depending on the university to which students are applying. However, German Language proficiency is required in most top Switzerland Universities for MBBS. As we know, after the admission restrictions of 1998 in Swiss medical schools, slots of Admission are limited for international students. 

Instruction Language for MBBS Switzerland

German is the instruction language for studying MBBS in Switzerland. German language learning is vital for the students who want to choose Switzerland to Study Medicine. 

Total Medical Schools in Switzerland

There are around 6 Swiss Faculties in Switzerland for the UG and PG Degree in Medicine. Universities of Basel, Bern, Fribourg, Lausanne, Geneva, and Zurich are the top medical schools in Switzerland. 

Difficulty Level to Study Medicine in Switzerland

Seats are limited in Swiss medical schools, and that’s why the difficulty level is also very high. You must have a good NEET score and good academic history to get Admission to MBBS, and you must also check the country laws and university eligibility criteria. 

Top Medical Colleges for MBBS in Switzerland

Here is a list of Medical Colleges in Switzerland, and you must explore the available options at once before getting Admission to any university. These are the best colleges in the world for the study of medicine. 

1). University of Zurich

When we are talking about the MBBS Colleges in Switzerland, we can’t forget to add the name of the University of Zurich. It is the most prestigious and renowned medical institute in Europe, and the university’s reputation in sector or medicine, immunology, biology, genetics, and neuroscience are very high. The brief form of the college is UZH. 

Facts to Know About UZH

  • It is a public university established in 1883
  • 3702 is the number of the academic staff of the university
  • The University of Zurich is a member of European Research Universities.
  • UZH also came on the list of the world’s top 50 universities.

2). University of Bern

MBBS Switzerland is the dream of the Indian students because they know that the faculty and infrastructure of Switzerland universities are very cutting-edge. The name of the University of Bern is also a popular name for national and international students to pursue MBBS Courses in Switzerland. The college is known as the Swiss Center for High-End Medicine Education and Training. 

Facts to Know About University of Bern

  • This university was established in 1834
  • 578 is the academic staff of the University of Bern
  • Study sectors of the university are natural sciences, the humanities, and veterinary medicine is evident in biomedicine, medical technology, neurocognition, host-pathogen interactions, and physical and mental health.
  • The University of Bern is affiliated with the Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities.
  • Now, this university ranks in the world’s top 150 universities of the world as per the QS World University Rankings. 

3). University of Basel Medical School

It is one of the top medical colleges in Switzerland and was founded in 1460. This university offers various courses in Human Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing science, Sport, Exercise and Health, and Master Biomedical Engineering. The university is known on the list of the world’s top 100 universities. 

Facts to Know About University of Basel Medical School

  • April 4, 1460, is the founded time of the university
  • Approximately 13,000 students are studying every year in this university
  • Every year, 27% of students get admission to this university.
  • One more statement about this university is “World’s Oldest Surviving University.” 

4). University of Geneva

One more university that came on the list of most popular medical colleges in Switzerland is the University of Geneva. A leading research institute and a member of the League of European Research Universities. This university has connections with the 10 Nobel Prize Winners and robust connections with the World Health Organization members. 

Facts to Know About University of Geneva

  • 1559 is the founded year of the university 
  • It is a public university, and around 17000+ students are part of the University of Geneva Courses
  • Affiliations of the university are with Coimbra Group, LERU, EUA and IFPU

MBBS in Switzerland Duration

MBBS Switzerland Duration is 5.5 Years. 4.5 Years are related to the course, and one year is about the training or internship. Students who want to complete an internship in India need to apply to the university website. MBBS Duration in Switzerland is the same as other medical schools and colleges worldwide. 

Study MBBS Switzerland Fee Structure

No doubt that Switzerland is one of the best universities in Europe for medicine study, but you should also know about the Switzerland MBBS Costing. What will be the course fee and cost of living in Switzerland? Here we will describe facts related to the Cost of MBBS in Switzerland.

Tuition Fee in Switzerland For MBBS

For international students, the fee structure is pretty much expensive in Switzerland compared to the local students. For Switzerland’s bachelor’s and master’s programs, students need to pay 400 to 3700 Euro in a year. On the other hand, the PhD students fee is 400 to 3700. To complete MBBS Fee Structure in Switzerland, you need to visit the official site of the university. 

MBBS Fees in Switzerland Private Colleges

If you choose the private colleges in Switzerland for MBBS study, then the tuition fee may also reach around 43K EUR. Undoubtedly, private universities in Switzerland for MBBS are pretty much expensive than the government or public universities. 

Cheapest MBBS Colleges in Switzerland

Here is the list of top or most affordable Swiss Universities for MBBS courses. 

  • University of Geneva – average tuition fees: 900 EUR/year
  • University of Bern – average tuition fees: 1,700 EUR/year
  • University of Lausanne – average tuition fees: 1,040 EUR/year
  • University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW – tuition fees: 1,260 EUR/year

Living Cost in Switzerland

1,300 – 1,700 EUR/month is the accommodation cost in Switzerland for the students when they choose the cities like Geneve and Zurich. 

The Bottom Line

Hence, this information is appropriate for the students who want to complete Study Medicine in Switzerland. It is one of the best European Countries for students to pursue the MBBS Program from International countries. Affordable fee structure and high-scale education backgrounds are the plus point for the students. If you are also thinking to study MBBS Course in Switzerland then you must prepare yourself for the NEET Examination and in your academics too because the competition

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