MBBS in Philippines-Fees, Top Colleges, Eligibility & Duration for Indian students

MBBS in Philippines: Looking for some abroad alternatives for your medical studies then you must check the review of MBBS in Philippines. A colossal percentage of Indian students are showing their immense interest in foreign countries' study scope. The Philippines is an optimal choice for medical study due to the higher technology infrastructure and lower fees.
MBBS in the Philippines attribute to the study of medicine and surgery or it is the amalgamation of bachelor of surgery and doctor of medicine. Some colleges are renowned and rank in the top position in the list of best "MBBS colleges in Philippines". Davao Medical School Foundation and Santo Tomas are the two most popular medical colleges in the country.

Why Philippines is Better Option Than American Countries for MBBS? 

If you have doubt in your mind regarding the Philippines MBBS Fees, then here we want to clear your doubt that both costs of living and fee structure are cost-effective for the students when they choose this country. The fee range of MBBS in Philippines Fees starts from 250K and ends on 600K per annum. It is the primary reason that students move for the option of the Philippines from India due to the affordable fee structure and less cost of living.

When you compare the complete MBBS Philippines packages from American Countries, then you will understand the fact that the cost gap attracts students to choose the Philippines over American Countries for Medical Study. 

Two Major Parts of Study in MBBS Philippines:

Generally, students are curious to know about the course structure or parts of study when they are moving to other countries options. There are two major parts of course in this country for the students such as Bachelor of Surgery that is known as BS in short and Doctor of medicine that is known as MD in brief. 

MBBS Duration in the Philippines:  

The course is around 6 years in which 1 year of internship also consist. In the last year, of course, every student gets the allotment of medical hospitals for the internship program. The number of students from India, the USA, Germany, and the UK is increasing every year for the higher studies of medical education due to the flawless features of the country and innovative infrastructure. Low cost is the primary reason students for selecting this country for medical education. 

Admission Contact Form:

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About the Philippines 

The Republic of the Philippines or in the brief Philippines is a prominent archipelagic country, situated in Southeast Asia. An iconic feature of this country is covered in the 7640 Island of the Western Pacific Ocean. Due to the strong geographical dynamic parameters, this country is always the first preference for travel and other objectives for the people in this world. The total covered area of the Philippines is approximately 300K KM Square. Around 109 million is popular in the Philippines at the current time. Islands are the primary attraction of this country. 

5 Historical Gospel About Philippines:

1). Capital of the Philippines is Manila which is formally known as the City of Manila and in terms of population is the second-largest city in the country.

2). Quezon City is the most colossal city in the country.

3). Christianity Population is the highest in the country and that is around 88%.

4). There are two official languages of the Philippines Including Filipino and English.

5). Roman Catholic Population is the second large religion in the country with a percentage of 75%.

A Glimpse on Philippines MBBS Eligibility Criteria and Requirements:

  1. A student must secure at least 50% marks in 10 +2 from PCB. If you have above 50% marks, then you are eligible to apply to Philippines MBBS Universities and Colleges. For Secured Categories marks percentage is 40%.
  2. NEET Exam is also compulsory to get admission in the Philippines for MBBS with passing marks.
  3. Course pattern is based on the amalgamation of two subjects including BS and MD.
  4. Duration of Study in the Philippines for MBBS is 5.5 Years
  5. Living cost is pretty much thrifty for the students in the Philippines for MBBS Study and it is between 10K to 15K per month.
  6. Medium of Study is Only One and that is English
  7. Hostel facility is accessible for the students in most of the MBBS Universities in the Philippines.
  8. Currently, 5000 Indian Students are studying for Medical Education in this country
  9. There is a total of 3 top medical colleges in the Philippines.
  10. When we talk about the MCI Approved Colleges in the Philippines for Medical education then we can say that it is around 45.
  11. Minimum Course Fees Per Year for MBBS in Philippines-2,50,000 INR
  12. Maximum Course Fees Per Year for MBBS in Philippines-6,00,000 INR
  13. University Recognition for Medical Studies in this country based on MCI, WHO, WFME, FAIMER
  14. The age of Applicant me is 17 Years for the MBBS Admission in the Philippines.

Top Colleges for MBBS in Philippines:

1). Emilio Aguinaldo College – School of Medicine:

Emilio Aguinaldo College or in brief also known as the EAC is the private medical institution for the study of medicine and other medical courses. This college ranks in the top position in the list of best medical colleges in the Philippines. Yaman Lahi Foundation is the management of the college. This university is in the capital of the Philippines. Approx. 6000 students are studying in this college every year.

2). University of Perpetual Help Rizal: 

The University of Perpetual Help System DALTA is the private college for medical education in the Philippines. Established in 1975, it is one of the renowned medical colleges in the country. The motto of the university is Character Building is Nation Building. The campus of the college is in the urban area of Manilla city.

3). Davao Medical School Foundation Medical School:

No matter you want to study medical or dental? When you are choosing Davao Medical School Foundation Medical School for medical education, then you can explore top-level study opportunities because it is one of the top MBBS Colleges in the Philippines. The institution was started in July 1976 with few courses and now become the top college in the country. This college is known for many historical reasons and “First-Ever Medicine College in Mindanao” is also one of them.

4). University of Santo Tomas:

Top College for MBBS Admission in the Philippines is The University of Santo Tomas. The college is mainly known as the UST. It is a private medical college in the country and was founded on April 28, 1611. It is the oldest study center in both Asia and the Philippines. Not only this, but it is the most massive university of catholic.

5). UV Gullas College of Medicine, Cebu City:

UV Gullas College of Medicine is the top medical college in the Philippines. College is also known as the University of Visayas or UV. It is a private college for medical education and other courses.

Checklist of MCI Approved MBBS Colleges in the Philippines:

  • University of Santo Tomas
  • Davao Medical School Foundation
  • Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine
  • University of Perpetual Help DALTA
  • AMA College of Medicine
  • Cagayan State University
  • Our Lady of Fatima University
  • Cebu Doctor’s Medical University
  • Emilio Aguinaldo College, Manila
  • Cagayan State University
  • Ago Medical and Educational Center, Bicol Christian College of Medicine
  • Bicol Christian College of Medicine
  • Medical School Foundation
  • Cagayan State University

What You Will Learn with MBBS in Philippines?

1). Able to enhance practical and theoretical skills with an integrated approach to medical studies.

2). Philippines Medical Education System and Infrastructure Matches to the US and European Culture.

3). Most of the Universities are recognized and affiliated by NMC, WHO, FAIMER, ECFMG, WFME in the Philippines for MBBS Courses.

4). Students will get the opportunities to create a bright future in the medical line in foreign countries with higher exposure.

Valid Reasons That Proves MBBS Philippines is Appropriate For You!

A). What do you actually look at when you think about study in abroad? Studying in the Philippines is not the dream for Indian students now because with less budget (even from our country MBBS costing) you can pursue the medical programs hassle-free. Cost is the primary reason that attracts students to make a career for MBBS in the Philippines. It is the first valid reason that you must know.

2). Many times, students face the problem of language gap or communication issues because they only know Hindi or English Language. MBBS Philippines is the right choice for the students because of communication ease. They don’t need to learn the native language to study in this country because almost a rich population speaks and understands the English Language. Hence, you can remove the language barrier during your study in this country.

3). Food Facility also comes in the primary and valid reasons that prove Philippines MBBS is an appropriate idea for the Indian students. You don’t need to juggle Indian food because around your campus or hostel, you can easily find many cheap Indian restaurants.

4). Integrated approach of study is the plus point for Indian students when they study for Philippines Medicine. With this students can understand both practical and theoretical skills in the medicine program.

Are IELTS and TOEFL Required for Study in the Philippines for MBBS? 

No, these exams are not required for MBBS Philippines for Indian students. As we see, many Indian students are good in academics but due to the less proficiency in the English Language, they can’t get admission to the Top MBBS Universities of the world. Still, in the case of MBBS in the Philippines, you don’t have to worry about the IELTS and TOEFL Exams.

Admission Guide for MBBS in the Philippines: 

1). First take care about the eligibility criteria for MBBS Philippines mentioned at the starting of the article (such as your marks percentage, age, and NEET exam passing marks).

2). Browse the Universities (where the seats are available for the Foreign Students) because sometimes students waste their time by applying to universities where seats are not vacant.

3). Once you select the colleges for MBBS Course in the Philippines, then visit the Official Sites of the medical universities

4). Fill the Application Form and required details for Study MBBS in the Philippines

5). Keep the Scanned documents on your device to submit during the application form filling process.

6). Also check the MBBS in the Philippines Cost of a particular college, where you are applying through the online mode.

7). Submit your application and cross-check the details twice to avoid any kind of errors in the application form.

6). Print the application form or status after the submission

7). Within a few days or hours, you will receive the confirmation message about the admission process and other terms of the university.

8). Once you get the confirmation letter for the admission then you need to contact immediately in the Philippines Embassy in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, or Chennai (whichever is nearby from your place).

9). Embassy of Philippines cross-check your documents and proceed with the Study Visa.

Documents Required for Study Visa in the Philippines 

1). Passport of Student

2). Complete Application Form, Confirmation Form of Admission

3). Student Visa

4). ID Proof

5). Passport Size Photographs

6). Student Health Certificate

7). NOA

8) CEA

9). Visa Fee

Top Philippines MBBS Colleges Fees for Indian Students:

Name of College Total College Tuition Fees in
AMA School of Medicine, Makati Campus, Metro Manila 18,50,000
UV Gullas College Of Medicine 19,38,120
Medical School Foundation 23,17,760
University of Perpetual Help 22,94,000
Angeles University Foundation 24,78,340
Our Lady of Fatima University 28,27,200

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FAQs for Philippines MBBS Course:

1). Can Indian students apply for MBBS in the Philippines without Permanent Visa?

Students are not required permanent visas but with the study visa, they can pursue the Study MBBS in the Philippines.

2). What is the Course Duration of MBBS in the Philippines?

Course duration parameters are the same as in India but it is around 6 years. Many students are looking for the answer to “How many years is MBBS in the Philippines” because they are thinking that duration is quite different in this country.

3). Is Degree of Philippines MBBS Valid in the USA?

Yes, and not only in the United States but also major parts of the world such as Europe, Canada, Asia, and the United Kingdom have the eligibility of MBBS Philippines Degree.

4). Can You Do Doctor Practitioner By Completing MBBS Degree From Philippines?

Yes, of course, because MBBS from the Philippines is also valid in India when you choose the universities which are recognized by MCI.

5). What are the requirements of IELTS and TOEFL Exams for Philippines MBBS University?

80% of medical colleges do not demand these exams qualification.

6). What is the mode of study in Philippines MBBS Colleges?

English is the mode of Study in MBBS in the Philippines.

7). How is Study MBBS in the Philippines Worth it for Indian Students?

Due to the global reorganization of Philippines MBBS Universities, the study is worth it for the Indian students. Faculty and Infrastructure are also the plus point for the students.

8). What are the Philippines MBBS Fees for Indian Students in Davao Medical College Philippines?

In the total course duration of 5.8 Years, Indian students MBBS Fee Structure is 22,50,000 in Davao Medical College Philippines.

9). How Many Students Applying Every Year in MBBS Course in the Philippines?

20,000 Students

10). Is NEET Passing Marks Required for Study in Philippines.

Yes, it’s required to study in the Philippines.


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