MBBS in Egypt: Top Colleges, Budjet, Admission 2022


Egypt is a country linking northeast Africa with the middle east. Old monuments sit along the fertile Nile River Valley. Including Giza’s colossal Pyramid and Great Sphinx as well as Kartak Temple and valley of the king,s tombs.The capital of

                      Egypt is Cairo. Egypt has the oldest institutions in the world. Oldest hospitals with the highest patient in all African and the Middle East. It has a high world ranking

Universities, low cost of living. Egypt. If you want to be a good Doctor you should study in Egypt. The climate, study environment, and cost of living are similar to that of India. Mohammad Ali Mosque and the Egyptian museum are good to be visited. The currency of Egypt is the Egyptian pound. It takes 9 hours and 15 minutes to reach Egypt from India.

                     The language spoken by the local people is Arabic. But many people can speak French and English. Located in the North-Eastern corner of Africa are the Nile River and its delta. The Egyptian government has identified higher education as a priority and is encouraging to set up more universities for research and higher studies.

                   EGYPT has the largest English language library collection. Along with advanced education establishments, it also provides hands-on experimentation. Experienced faculty from all over the world visit the medical colleges in Egypt .the medical colleges are based on concept-based teaching, in-depth classes based on examination patterns. Mock exams on topics, subject-based study classes.

               Egypt is a conservative Islamic country and this is reflected in it,s tradition, social customs. Students come to Egypt to study MBBS for its well-respected universities, low living costs. There are 20 public universities(2 million students) and 23 private universities(60,000 students)  with almost six universities in the QS world university ranking. The Egyptian government has taken higher education as a priority and is encouraging several programs to make EGYPTIAN universities more popular among Arabs and foreign countries.

MBBS in Egypt

MBBS in Egypt is technically 7 years program that includes 2 years of intense practical training. After 2 years of intensive clinical training, a qualifying exam is taken which determines that if the student is prepared to be a professional Doctor. The new system allows the candidate to choose the subject, they want to opt for and were given the provision to work in the government hospital to get experience.

As per the old style, the students were permitted to meet the patient in the 4th year of the course. students from Malaysia, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, the U.K, Dubai, Nigeria making their way towards Egypt well-known Universities. The universities and Medical Institutions are renowned in Egypt. The university imparts quality education at all level, offer student multi-faculty choices.

The fees are affordable to the foreign students and services are worthy of praise. Scholarships are also provided to international students. Nepal, Africa, India send their students to Egypt for exchange programs with scholarships. Live in standards are low for international students.20% to 30% of people lie below the poverty line in Egypt.

Egypt is among the 20 most attractive countries for international students to study MBBS. IT IS 1.9% OF APPROXIMATELY 3.34 MILLION STUDENTS are foreigners.For 5years course in MBBS in Egypt fees is Rs 21,00,000 to 28,00,000 (30,000USD-40,000 USD) per year.

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Fee structure of a top MBBS University in Egypt

1. University Name       Ain  Shams University Egypt

establishment year 1950
Tuition Fee 6000 USD
Hostel fees 600 USD
Location  Cairo

                     If you study MBBS in MEDICAL UNIVERSITIES in Egypt you will directly get admission to PG COURSES in Germany. Egypt has a population of 100,075,480. Temperature varies from 9.5 to 32 Celcius. The official language of Egypt is Arabic.90% of people are Muslims and 5% are Christians. The currency is the pound. Egypt is a traditional country, it is the third-largest country in population.

Egypt has the oldest institutions and oldest hospitals with the highest number of patients. Having low-cost living.1000students opt for MBBS study in Egypt every year for low cost, quality education, experienced teachers, and modern health facilities. Egypt has the largest English language books collection.

The MBBS Degree from Egypt Medical Colleges is accepted across the world. They are ranked among the 500 Universities of the World. Good career in  Saudi Arabia after completing MBBS COURSE. A work permit allows students to maintain study and work balance for balancing life.

TOP UNIVERSITIES IN Egypt to study medicine are

1. Cairo University

2. Mansoura University

3. Ain Shams University

4. Alexandria University

5. Assiut University

6. Zegazig University

7. Fayoum University

8. Kafreesheikh University

9. Aswan University

10 . British university

Other universities are :

The Suez University, Sohag University. Arab Academy for Science, Technology Maritime transport, Minia University, Benha University, Helwan University, Tanta University, Al Azhar university Beni Suef University, Kafrelsheik University, Suez Canal University, Zagazic University.



Cairo University

Cairo University is ranked among the 561-570th in the world ranking and 12th in the Arab region. The University is a prominent research university conducting classes in the English language. It offers programs in the American style, liberal act.6,453 students are already enrolled, from near about

50 countries. The total number of students in the university sare 212,585, the total number of academic staff is 6,987,971 people are doing research. It is one of the Egyptian old universities. It was founded in 1908 when it was known as an Egyptian university The university’s main campus is in Giza around 20km southwest of CAIRO. It,s a comprehensive institution of higher learning located in GIZA. Cairo University is aiming to create students for the challenges of changing the workplace, through interactive learning and information technology. The CHIRO University is successful in delivering education, research, and culture throughout the year. It is considered as a mother university among other younger universities since it is the oldest among them.ITt provides research facilities to students of Arab and foreign origin. It’s one of the top public universities in Giza.


MANSOURA UNIVERSITY is ranked 477  in Best Global Universities. They are run according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence, it’s the 9th most important global university in Africa. and 2nd in Egypt. It is also one of the oldest universities in Egypt. It was founded in 1972in Mansouri city in Egypt. It is in the middle of the great Nile Delta. IT has contributed a lot to Egyptian culture and scientific life.IT was founded in 1962, a presidential decree announced the establishment of the university under the name “East Delta University” It,s name was changed to Mansoura University in 1973. It is  RANKED  801-900 in the republic of Arab world universities. Its Egyptian ranking is second. Post-graduation studies and research work are the main courses offered in the university. The faculty of Mansoura is very good and works efficiently in teaching students the basics curriculum with advanced technology and laboratory experimentation. IT HAS 7000 FACULTY MEMBERS WHO TEACH OVER 165,000 undergraduate students and 18,000 post-graduate students. across a wide range of degree programs including science, medicine, dentistry, agriculture, and veterinary. Most degrees are taught in English.

Ain Sham University

Ain Sham University was founded in 1950 making it the third oldest university in Egypt. It,s a public university in CAIRO. It is an educational, research, and service institution that adopts innovation and qualifies academically and skillfully. It meets the demand of young students and researchers. It comprises a number of distinguished faculties from in and outside the country universities providing the best education. The students are given permission for community services so that they can conquer the job market inside and outside Egypt. It has 8 campuses next to each other in Cairo city. Abbasi is the main campus with an education development center. The central library’s childhoods center student hostel is int the university campus. also the faculty of computer science, dentistry, pharmaceutical science. The women’s campus is separate.

Alexandria University

It,s a public university. It contains the lighthouse of Alexandria which is a huge building on the island of Pharos. Research is viewed at Alexandria university as an essential partner with classroom and laboratory instructions. Every year Alexandria university organizes a great number of conferences, seminars, workshops, and events. Alexandria offers scholarships to Nile Basin countries students and many countries, Great Egyptian scientists, who got noble prize in chemistry in 1999 for inventing imaging system dr Ahmed Zewail has studied from here. It has achieved a comprehensive qualitative leap in various fields of knowledge within a frame of human values, to take a leading position in Arab, Africa, Mediterranian, and global environments. ALEXANDRIA UNIVERSITY is ranked 801-1000 qs world university ranking.2nd in Egypt based on Shanghai ranking. This university was accredited by the National Authority for Quality Assurance.

It was built in 1938, it had two satellite faculties. In 1942 the faculty of medicine for higher learning and to meet the people,s need. the fees of Alexandria university are 4,72,500 INR. The tuition fee is 6000 USD. It has witnessed growth and expansion in the fields of medicine gradual studies and research, education, dentistry, public health, medical research, etc. IT is located in Alexandria in Egypt. has 7402 administration staff. MBBS course duration is 5 years. medium of instruction is English. Indian food is available on the campus.


ASWAN UNIVERSITY Located in Aswan in Egypt. Established in 1976 ‘ branch Of Assiut University. The study started in October of the academic year 1973/1974 in the faculty of education and the first bachelor was given in1978 then started the enrolment in masters degree and Ph.D. Aswan University was constructed in 2012 as a governmental university. I now include 15 faculties, out of which medicine is one. The university’s main campus is located in SAHAY City. Aswan university has 6 headquarters and 6 university dorms in Aswan city. Officially recognized by the Ministry of higher education of EGYPT . It has reached the uni RANK degree level. Well-educated and experienced staff and students from all over the world. THE CITY OF Aswan is wonderful.

It,s country rank is 37, and its world rank is7867. It,s a co-education, Higher studies institution in Egypt. It provides courses and programs in several areas to study. Administrative services and non-academical staff is some of the best among other staff. THE STUDENTS HAVE THE BEST LIBRARY FACILITY AND SPORTS FACILITIES, provided by the government The institution is good for the study of MBBS and a wide range of subjects.

ITis host to high-quality facilities. The city ASWAN is warmest, situated near the NILE RIVER’dedicated research facility for the study of plants, animals along with information center and communication center are provided. Scientific labs to conduct various experiments and industrial centers for workshops are created in the city. Annual sports and other activities are performed every year. It,s aim is to provide the best education and research service opportunity to the students.

IT provides an education based on rigorous scientific researches tome competent educational graduates qualified for the changing circumstances. FROM THE GLOBAL PERCEPTION THIS UNIVERSITY wants to distinguish itself as a cultural, scientific research-oriented public serving a high-quality education provider.


South Valley UNIVERSITY was established in 1958 ASWAN branch was affiliated with it. IT IS IN Egypt and provides teaching and research facilities. It,s location is Qena. ITis a modern higher education institute .it has 16 faculties split between it,s 3 campuses. CAMPUS IN svu was established in 1995.

Qena is a town situated on the river Nile. South valley university ranks 18 in the country. in the world, it ranks 5437. It is a coeducation Zambian higher education institute. South valley institute provides several academic and non-academic facilities and services to students. It is a private organization AND ITS RESEARCH OUTPUT IS HIGH COMPARED TO ANY OTHER UNIVERSITY. The student-faculty ratio is 65and there are 104 international students.

THE TOTAL FACULTY IN THE UNIVERSITY IS 816. THE UNIVERSITY AIMS TOWARDSstratigic planning, present, past, and future communicating with stalk holders, maximizing the university ability. Preparing individuals for high administration level, increase the degree of creativity, among the leaders of the university. Managing scientific research and community development.


Q1.Do universities in Egypt teach in English?

 Ans. Yes, the medium of instruction in Egyptian universities is English.

Q2. How many foreign students are in Egypt?

Ans. The number of foreign students in Egypt is 1.9% of 3.34 million students.

Q3. How can I apply to study in Egypt?

Ans. The students can apply through the website of the study in Egypt platform http://admission.study in egypt.gov.


Ans. yes, there are well-respected universities, good facilities, international students can work anywhere in the world after getting their degree from Egyptian universities, low living cost attracts international students.

Q5. Is it expensive to study in Egypt?

Ans. The cost of living in Egypt is low compared to other countries. A student spends7,000 $ TO 14000 $ for a degree program.

Q6. Is it safe to study in EGYPT?

Ans. Most of the places in Egypt are safe except for some. There is some high-risk area. Students can avoid going to those places.

Q7. Are MBBS studies in Egypt good?

Ans. Mbbs degree in Egypt is accepted around the globe. Medical universities are ranked among the top 500 universities.

Q8.How much does it cost to study medicine in Egypt?

Ans Tuition fee in EGYPT is 6000USD AND HOSTEL FEE IS 6OO USD.

Q9.Is working allowed for the students in Egypt?

Ans A work permit is given to the students to keep a balance between study and work and learn value for money.



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