MBBS in China- Review about Fees, Duration, Eligibility & Admission

MBBS in China: China is a neighbor country of India and historical political relations of China with India are also impressive but pretty much based on the ups and down experience. Anyways, when we talk about the student ground exposure and opportunities in China for India, then we can’t ignore the fact that both medical and technology students are showing their immense enthusiasm for Studying in China. Officially known as the “People’s Republic of China” is the largest populated country in the world. In terms of population, China not only ranks in the first position in Asia but also in the overall world. The area of China is around 9.5 million and a total of 23 provinces are part of China.

Facts Check About China:

  • The capital of the country is Beijing and it is also the hub of many IT and Medical Industries.  Standard Chinese is the official language of China
  • Religion Percentage in China is such as 74.5% No religion / Folk, 18.3% Buddhism, 5.2% Christianity, 1.6% Islam and 0.4% Others.
  •  National People’s Congress is the Legislature in China  The country is situated in East Asia.
  •  The population of China is more than 1 billion According to the recent stats China has 5 Geographical periods.
  •  14 Countries touch the border of China.
  •  When we talk about the largest city and financial capital of China, then we can say that it is Shanghai. 

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MBBS in China-An Ideal Exposure for Indian Students:

Looking for some abroad higher medical education opportunities means you should take a look at the choice of MBBS in China. It is a notable alternative for Indian students because of many robust reasons. Priorities are different for every medical aspirant but when you think that you are not getting enough opportunities in your country based on your academics and budget for the higher studies then you must check out the abroad medical studies opportunities too.

In China, students can explore the enthusiastic opportunities for MBBS. No doubt, it is the fastest-growing country in every sector and the world is also taking advantage of the innovation, development, and growth of the country. Study Medicine in China is a worthy notion for the students who are thinking to pick competitive and affordable medical studies opportunities. 

MBBS Admission in China-Review the Details Now:

 Number of English Medium MBBS Colleges in China 45
Lowest Fee Structure for MBBS in China 200000 Per Annum
Eligibility to Apply MBBS in China 70% Marks in PCB NEET Exam Qualified
MBBS Course Duration in China  6 Years
NMC Approved MBBS Universities in China 25+
Intake for MBBS in China September
Living Cost in China for MBBS Course 15000 to 20000 Per Month
Recognition of Best MBBS Colleges in China From- NMC, WHO, MOE, FAIMER, ACGME, and UNESCO

What is MBBS in China (or What does MBBS Stand for)?

Just like in India, MBBS in China is also known as the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. It is the most prominent and demanding undergraduate degree in China and the overall world too. 

How Many English Taught MBBS Colleges in China?

  • Indian students are not interested to do the education of MBBS in the Chinese Language because it takes lots of time to understand and learn. Thus, they are looking for the Top MBBS Universities in China with English Medium learning.
  • Currently, as per the data of 2022, around 45 universities are offering MBBS in English Courses.
  • All 45 colleges are recognized by the World Health Organization.
  • 5 Years program is the classroom training for the students and the next 1 year is the internship in the medical hospital.

Effect of Covid-19 For China MBBS:

  • There are so many rules of studies and admission has been changed in the countries for students who are coming from foreign.
  • As per the information of China Covid-19 Update for MBBS Program International students are required to complete the formal eligibility to enter the country and for admission too.
  • Courses and classes are currently running on the virtual model and no-offline classes are available currently for MBBS China. 

How Many Years of MBBS in China?

Duration of course is also a point of concern for the students who are thinking to explore the opportunities of China MBBS. As per the data and information, the course duration of MBBS in China is around 5 to 6 years in all 45 medical English medium colleges.

How Many Seats Are Available in Medical Program in Each College?

 ➡ In Every College for Each Program, around 60 to 100 seats are vacant for the medical students. 

What Will Be the Tuition Fees for China MBBS in USD Per Year?

 ➡ The estimated cost of MBBS China Tuition Fee is USD 3,000 to USD 10,000 per year and it varies as per the college and city.

Why Indian Students Are Moving for Doctor Degree in China?

 ➡ fewer seats and a higher fee structure, these are the two major reasons that Indian students are looking for Study in China Opportunities. Competition is on the toughest grounds for MBBS Admission in India and that’s why parents are also thinking to make a child’s career abroad for medical education. Choice of Study Abroad is not a bad idea for the students because it also cost less or even equivalent to Indian college's fee structure. Every year many students lose the hope to become a doctor just because of higher competition in our country. Don’t take stress about your results and your marks this time because you can grow your medical career in other countries too.
 ➡ High-Quality education is the season reason for the students to selection Study MBBS in China. As we know about the fact that “how this country is growing with the high-growth rate”. Every year, China embarks on innovations and ideas in the world with high-quality education and training skills. 

 ➡  Finest medical colleges are available for the Indian students to study MBBS in China because the economy of this country is the 2nd massive economy in the world. Indian students can afford the International medical education fees when they study in China. 
➡ The Higher amount of donation also become one of the big reasons for Indian students to complete MBBS in foreign. However, when we talk about the China MBBS Fees then we can say that they cost very low in comparison to the Indian colleges budget.
➡ China is one of the closest countries to India and the border of the country also touches India. However, border and political issues are always the news of agencies but these things are part of the Indo-China relationship. 

Culture Similarity Attracts Students Too Much: 

Chinese people are the most loving and passionate people in the world. Many Indians are thinking that the culture of both countries has a massive gap but in reality, the culture of India and China have some same factors and even in terms of environmental nature too. The country is also a great hub for medical studies because this country invests a big amount of budget on education every year. Research and scholarship both are parts of MBBS in China possibilities for the students. Some Indian students also get direct scholarship opportunities in the country based on their academics. 

MBBS Colleges Recognized by WHO and NMC:

Here you need to know one more fact and that is MBBS Colleges in China recognized by the WHO and NMC. It is one of the premium opportunities for students to pursue a doctoral degree from this country. High-class and innovative infrastructure also attracts Indian students to pursue MBBS Courses in China. Students always want to determine career goals in a developed country and China is an ideal example for them. 

MBBS in China Eligibility to Know:

  •  Applicant must secure 70% marks in PCB to apply for MBBS China. However, the percentage may also vary as per the college.
  •  On the other hand, the NEET Score of Students matters a lot for China MBBS and a student must secure at least 200 marks in NEET Exam.
  •  The annual Cost for Studying MBBS in China is $3000 to $4000 Annually.
  •  The age of the Student at the time of admission must be 17 years. 
     Medium of Teaching in China for MBBS in English and Chinese

MBBS Admission in China-Process to Be Noted:

  •  Students can directly apply for Study MBBS in China at the Universities Website but when they think they don’t have enough idea about the process and all admission criteria, then they can also explore the services of MBBS Admission Counsellor Services, Provide your educational and NEET Documents to the counsellor and they will apply in the various universities for your application. 
  •  Once they get any response from any university, then start applying for a Study Visa in China
  •  Complete Your Visa Related Documents with the MBBS in China Counsellor and Apply for MBBS China Admission. 

What Documents Required to Get MBBS Admission in China:

  •  Birth Certificate of students required for the age-proof for the Admission MBBS in China
  •  Original Marksheet of 10th and 12th Class
  •  HIV Test Report of Student 
  • 10 Passport Size Photographs
  •  Attested Documents from the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi
  • Invitation or Admission Letter from the University 
  •  Score Card of NEET 

Advantages of MBBS in China:

  •  If you pursue China MBBS, then it will accept on global grounds. That means after the completion of your degree, you can work as a doctor anywhere in the world.
  • MBBS in China Fee Structure is also pretty much affordable for the students because they can manage the things for the course program and stay living on a low-cost budget. 
  • Placement opportunities are plenty with MBBS Study in China In comparison to other countries, China has comprehensive jobs for medical aspirants and doctors too.
  • The top 10 MBBS Colleges in China are popular everywhere in the world and these colleges rank in the top ranking of the world. 
  •  International placement exposures are amazing for students by pursuing China MBBS. Therefore, if you are looking for some International medical profession opportunities, then you must consider MBBS in China.

Top 5 MBBS Colleges in China:

Best Medical Colleges in China are the first preference of the students to complete the medical education. Here we are going to review the Best 5 Colleges for MBBS in China that you must know before applying for MBBS China Admission.

JILIN University:

  • Founded in 1946 and recognized by WHO and NMC, JILIN University for MBBS is an ideal choice for the students due to its excellent placement grounds.
  • You must secure 70% marks in PCB to apply to this university and your NEET Score must be above 250.
  • The Mode of medium to Study the MBBS Program in China for this university is English.

DALIAN Medical University:

  • DALIAN Medical University in China is also a remarkable choice for students to pursue a Medical Degree because of its extraordinary benefits.
  • This university was recognized by WHO and NMC and established in 1947.
  • 6 Years is the Duration of the MBBS Program in China for this university and 70% marks in 10+2 required.

China Medical University:

  • We are talking about the Best MBBS Universities in China and China Medical University also ranks on the top position in this list.
  • This college was founded in 1931 and recognized by the WHO and NMC.
  • The total fee of this college for 6 years is around 25 Lakh

 ZHEJIANG University: 

  • Secured 16th position in the Top Universities in the World for MBBS.
  • ZHEJIANG University is also the right choice for the students to accomplish their dreams to become a doctor.
  • 30 Lakhs is the fee is ZHEJIANG University for MBBS in China.

SUN YAT SEN University:

  • The college was established in 1924, and students must secure 80% marks in PCB to apply to SUN YAT SEN University for MBBS China.
  • English is the mode of study in this college and 29 Lakhs is the fee for 5 years in SUN YAT SEN University. 

MBBS in China for Indian Students Fee Structure:

Name of University ELIGIBILITY Cost of MBBS in
China Annually
Language of
Liaoning University
of TCM
NEET Qualified, 50%
in PCBE in Class
10-15 lacs  English
Jining Medical
NEET Qualified, 50%
in PCBE in Class
10-15 lacs  Chinese
Henan University NEET Qualified, 50%
in PCBE in Class
10-15 lacs  Chinese
Shenyang Medical College NEET Qualified, 50%
in PCBE in Class
10-15 lacs  Chinese
Shenyang Pharmaceutical University NEET Qualified, 50%
in PCBE in Class
10-15 lacs  Chinese
Shihezi University NEET Qualified, 50%
in PCBE in Class
15- 20 lacs  English
Qingdao University  NEET Qualified, 50%
in PCBE in Class
20-30 Lacs English
Jilin University  NEET Qualified, 50%
in PCBE in Class
20-30 Lacs English
Guangxi Medical University NEET Qualified, 50%
in PCBE in Class
20-30 Lacs English
Central South University NEET Qualified, 50%
in PCBE in Class
20-30 Lacs English


Q1). Are IELTS and TOEFL also the requirement for medical studies or MBBS in China?

          No, these exams are not required to clear for MBBS Program in China.

Q2). Is MBBS China Worth it work as a doctor in American and European Countries?

         MBBS From China is worth it in all countries to work as a doctor not only in America and European Countries.

Q3). Is Chinese Language Compulsory During MBBS in China?

          It is not compulsory for students

Q4). Is an Internship required in China or I can do it anywhere in the world?

          According to the rules of China, a student can pursue an internship in any country as per their choice.

Q5). What is the MBBS Course Duration in China?

          5 + 1 Years.

Q6). Are NEET Qualifying Marks required to study MBBS Course in China?

          Yes, NEET is required for the students.

Q7). What is the cost of MBBS in China?

Q8). Is MBBS in China in English?

Q9). Is it easy to do MBBS in China?

Q10) Is MBBS from China valid in India?


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