MBBS Duration in India-Is or Will Anything Change?

What is MBBS Duration in India? :  MBBS is an undergraduate degree course for medical students and when you are thinking to consider this course for the study goals, then you must know about the basic details of this degree. Do you know about the course duration or not? We are going to share the details of MBBS Course Duration in India in this given article. Thus, stay connected with us till the end to know more about this question.  Let’s start discussion on the course duration of MBBS study in India and plan according to this aspect.

5 Years 6 Months is Course Duration of MBBS in India

Most of the students who are a beginner in medicine study don’t know about the answer to MBBS Course Duration in India and they are looking to know more details about this course. MBBS is a medical degree for students who want to study medicine and it is a 5.6 years program. This course duration includes an internship and the internship period is around 1 year. Students need to complete practical training or internship in the hospital. 

Duration of MBBS in India-What You Need to Know?

Don’t think that the Duration of MBBS in India is the same in other countries as well because there are different rules and different eligibilities for these career opportunities. Hence, if you want to pursue MBBS in India then you must study for 5 years 6 months in this program. The classroom training program duration is 4 years 6 months. 

NEET UG is a major or primary medical entrance test that students need to clear when they are thinking to prepare for the MBBS program because it is the only program in India for higher medicine study. When you are thinking to choose MBBS, then also know about the difference between private, government, and deemed medical colleges for the study goals.  

The Bottom Line

Therefore, this information is enough for the students to know about the MBBS Course Duration in India and we hope with this above article you can understand the fact of MBBS course duration for your study program. MBBS is such a promising career opportunity for the students that they can pick for higher medical education. Becoming a doctor is a dream of the students but this dream is very long in terms of period. However, if any student does not clear the semester exam or any other exam during the degree, then the MBBS Duration in India will also increase

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