What is MBBS Course Duration with and Without Internship?

MBBS is a prestigious career for students. Making a career in this degree is not honor only but also comes with such a huge promising placement opportunity. A question that came to the mind of students about this degree is “duration”. What is the current MBBS Couse Duration. Are you also hunting for the answer to the same question? If yes, then this is the right place for you to know more about the duration of this course. 

Course duration of any program is important to know for the students when they are thinking to pursue any degree or program. Hence, if you are also thinking to make sure the degree or course with the complete right knowledge then you must fetch the various points of the degree by reading this various article. This article is helpful for all those students who are looking to know more about the MBBS Course Duration in India with Internship and without internship.

Points to Be Noted About MBBS Course Duration in India

1). Before starting this topic, let’s check the information about MBBS Course Duration. 

2). Currently, in 2022 MBBS Course Duration in India is 5 Years 6 Months.

3). This MBBS Course Duration India, is applicable for government, private, deemed, and central universities.

4). Students who want to pursue this course need to clear NEET UG

Key Highlights of MBBS Course Duration India

MBBS Full Form in Medical Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
MBBS Course duration
5 years 6 months
MBBS Admission Entrance Test
MBBS Total Subjects
19 subjects
MBBS Top Abroad Countries
USA, UK, Russia, Canada
MBBS Colleges in India
AIIMS, PGIMER, CMC Vellore etc
MBBS Course Fees
Govt: INR 1628 - 20000
Private: INR 3,00,000 - 56,00,000

MBBS Course Duration Structure

Classroom MBBS Program Duration

We want to classify MBBS Course Duration India into two categories and this structure includes classroom program duration. What will be the classroom training duration for this course? 4 years 6 months is the classroom program training course for the students and after that, they will be shifted into the second phase of MBBS Duration.

Hospital MBBS Program Duration

After completing 4 years 6-month classroom training program, students need to complete an internship in a hospital of the college. MBBS Internship Duration in India is 1 year. The internship is compulsory for all students and without completing an internship, they can’t receive the honour of a doctoral degree. 

MBBS Eligibility Criteria

MBBS Cut Off

Who is Responsible for Revamping MBBS Course in India?

One more thing that is important to know here is about the MBBS Course Structure Design. Which agency designs the MBBS course structure in India? MCI or Medical Council of India is responsible to design course duration, syllabus, and many more things. It is an official government body.

1 Year MBBS Internship Stage to Know

MBBS Full Form

The article defines the various major points about this course and we can’t forget to add the information about Full Form of MBBS. MBBS Full Form is Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. That means this one-degree course is the combination of two different degree courses and branches of medical sciences. 

Entrance Exam for MBBS

An entrance test that is for the MBBS course is NEET. NEET full form is National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test. It is an All India Level Exam for the medical course’s admission. NEET is compulsory to get admission in medical UG courses such as MBBS, BDS, and Ayush Courses. 

National Testing Agency in India

An agency that conducts an examination of NEET UG every year that is the National Testing AgencyIt is the national agency that conducts this examination every year and not only NEET UG but also other exams conduct by this agency. The role of NTA for the various national level entrance test in our country is so much important because this agency is working with 100% transparency in the admission process and working as the main pillar for improving the healthcare sector.  

Semester Wise MBBS Syllabus

Semesters Subjects Covered Detailed MBBS Subjects
Semesters 1-2 (Pre-Clinical)
Microanatomy, Gross anatomy, Embryology and Genetics and Neuroanatomy
Molecular Biology, Hormones, Biological cell, Metabolic pathways, Cancer and cancer makers, Biomolecules, Enzymes, Food assimilation and nutrition.
Respiratory System, Nutrition, Kidney, Nerve–Muscle, General Physiology, Gastrointestinal System, Neurophysiology, Blood, Cardiovascular System, Environmental Physiology, Nutrition, Yoga.
Semesters 3-5 (Para-Clinical)
Community Medicine
Infestations, Ineffective dermatoses, Allergic disorders, Gonococcal and Nongonococcal infections, Allergic disorders, Melanin synthesis, Epidermopoiesis, Pathogenesis, urticaria, Psoriasis, HIV infection, Infective dermatoses, Drug eruptions, Dermatological Emergencies, Vesiculo-bullous diseases, erythema multiforme
Forensic Medicine
Toxicology, Forensic Medicine.
General Pathology, Systemic Pathology, Practical.
General Pharmacology, Cardiovascular system, Autacoids, Hormones, Miscellaneous, Gastrointestinal and respiratory system, Autonomic nervous system & The peripheral nervous system, Central nervous system, Chemotherapy
Bacteriology, Microbiology, Laboratory Diagnosis of Viral Infection, Common Laboratory Methods for Diagnosis of Fungal Infections, Collection of Transport of Samples, Common Tests for Bacterial identification, Microorganisms associated with gastrointestinal infections, Gastrointestinal infections caused by parasites, Bacterial and Viral Genetics, Virology, Mycology, parasitology, Vaccines, Sterilisation and disinfection, Immunodiagnosis, Host-Parasite relationship, Bacterial Staining and Cultivation Clinical postings in wards is what every MBBS student has to go through. Here students will get exposed to 12 week of clinical posting in the field of community medicine. OPD or Outpatient Department is a part of the hospital that consists of medical and physical facilities. The patients who have not been admitted are cared for here. Community Medicine deals with the health system of the overall population of a community. The service provided at Primary Healthcare centres are taught in this subject. Clinical Pharmacology, Critical care Medicine, Pain management and palliative care, Poisonings, Water, electrolyte and acid-base imbalance, Specific environmental and occupational hazards, Nutritional and metabolic disorders, Medical Psychiatry, Immune response and Infections, Cardiovascular system
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Obstetrics, Neonatology and Recent Advances, Gynaecology, Basic Sciences, Contraception.
Growth and development, Immunization, Fluid-Electrolyte, Pediatrics Emergencies, Cardiovascular system, Central Nervous System, Behavioral Problems, Nutrition, Hematology, Gastro-Intestinal Tract, Infectious diseases, Neonatology, Genetics, Respiratory system, Vital statistics, Fluid-Electrolyte, Therapeutics, Genito-Urinary System, Pediatrics Surgical Problems
Surgery and allied subjects
Clinical postings

Wrap UP

MBBS Degree Course Duration in India is the same for both private and government institutions. However, this duration may be different in Russia, USA, or other countries. You can check the duration of MBBS of various countries on the country section of MBBS. MBBS Course Duration has always become the point of concern for the students or beginners of this field. 

MBBS is the dream of the students but this dream also required too much attention from the side of students. As, if they are not prepared for the exam around 2 or 3 years before the examination, then they can’t achieve success in this examination until preparation is very strong. 


What is the duration of the MBBS Course?

5.6 Years is the duration of MBBS Duration in India.

Which agency designs MBBS Course Duration?

It will be the same as previous years and that is 5 years 6 months

What is MBBS Course Duration in India 2022?

It will be the same as previous years and that is 5 years 6 months

What is MBBS Course Duration without Internship?

Without internship, MBBS Course Duration is 4 years 6 months.

What is MBBS Internship Duration in India?

1 Year rotational internship. 

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