MBBS in Bangladesh Review-Fees, Course Details, Duration & Admission Process

Situated in South Asia, Bangladesh is the fastest developing country in Asia. Officially country is known as the Republic of Bangladesh. In terms of population, it is the 8th most populous country in the world with an estimated population of 163 million. Bangladesh covers an area of 57,320 square meters kilometer. Land borders of Bangladesh touch with India to the west, east, and north, Myanmar to the southeast, and the Bay of Bengal to the south. Higher studies in Bangladesh are notable for Indian students because versatile opportunities are available for them. MBBS in Bangladesh is a mainstream degree for students because of its attractive advantages.

MBBS in Bangladesh-What You Need to Know?

Are you thinking to pursue medical studies in aboard? Studying abroad is a nice idea but this idea may become worst for the students when they choose the wrong country. Bangladesh is located nearby India and that’s why most of the Indian students show immense interest in MBBS Bangladesh. Due to the 70%, culture similarity MBBS in Bangladesh is always a primary choice for the Indian students after India.

Facts That Prove Bangladesh is an Ideal Country to Pursue MBBS for Indian Students:

  • Quality education is the first and foremost reason for Indian students to choose to study MBBS in Bangladesh. Education Quality is pretty much comprehensive and qualitative for the students when they pursue MBBS Degree from this country.
  • Advance learning possibilities with high-tech resources are the second major reason for the students to consider MBBS in Bangladesh. Therefore, if you are thinking to learn in an advanced environment and high-end learning possibilities then choose the medical studies possibilities in this country. 
  • Cost-Effective! It is the myth-breaker reason for the students because Bangladesh MBBS is an affordable choice for the Indian students than American and European Countries.
  • Plenty choices are available for the students in the range of Globally Recognized Universities in Bangladesh for MBBS and that’s why Doctor Degree is valid for all countries working goals from this country.
  • In the past year, the results of MCI and NMC are excellent for those students who completed their medical education from Bangladesh.
  • Training or internship conducted on the ground level to make students the best doctors in the world. 
  • Culture of Bangladesh is quite similar to the Indian culture and that’s why students do not face difficulties regarding cultural differences. 
  • Many intelligent students can’t start their medical studies due to the higher amount of donations in the private colleges but when we talk about the Bangladesh facts check then we can say that there is no provision of donations for MBBS Admission in Bangladesh or any other capitalization. 

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Eligibility for MBBS in Bangladesh

MBBS Course Duration in Bangladesh

In most of the countries, the MBBS course duration is 5.5 years but when we talk about the MBBS Bangladesh Course Duration then we can say that the degree or study duration is 5 years but an internship is also compulsory after the course and that is for around 1 year. That means the total duration of the MBBS Course Duration in Bangladesh is 6 Years. 

Bangladesh MBBS Fees

The next most prominent and major question asked by so many students who are thinking to pursue the highest medical degree from Bangladesh is the Cost of MBBS in Bangladesh. Here is the overview of MBBS Fees in Bangladesh of few top colleges.

Dhaka National Medical College MBBS Fees

It is the most prominent college for medical studies for both Indian students and domicile students. What about the fee structure? 29,00,000 is the total fee for Study in Bangladesh for MBBS in this college and this university was set-up in 1925.

Bangladesh Medical College

Total cost of MBBS in Bangladesh in this college is 27,00,000 but hostel fee is not included in this MBBS Fee Structure. This university was established in 1986. 

KHAWJA YUNUS Ali Medical College

Established in 2005, KHAWJA YUNUS Ali Medical College ranks in the top MBBS Colleges in Bangladesh. Total Fee of the course in this college is 24,70,000.

Southern Medical College

Looking for an affordable place for the MBBS Degree with the high-quality educations standards means you must check the prospects of Southern Medical College because fee is affordable in this university and the total program fee is around 21,00,000.

Barind Medical College

Fee Structure of Barind Medical College is also highly affordable n comparison to other universities because total fee or MBBS Cost in Bangladesh for this university is 23,00,000. The university was established in 2011. 

Medium of Study in Bangladesh for MBBS

Medium is also a major concern of the students because some students are thinking that regional language impact may also still in the medical studies too. When we talk about the real facts then we can say that English is the medium of study for MBBS in Bangladesh. 


How many total universities are offering MBBS in Bangladesh?

Around 112 universities are offering medical courses in Bangladesh.

How many MCI Approved Universities?


How many years of MBBS in Bangladesh?

5 Years (+1 Year Internship)

What are the major types of recognition for medical courses in Bangladesh?


What is the average stay of living or cost of stay in Bangladesh for Indian students?

24 Lakhs to 30 Lakhs

What is Intake Period of Bangladesh MBBS Every Year?


How many private MBBS Colleges are in Bangladesh?


How many government colleges for MBBS are in Bangladesh?


Is Bangladesh low-cost country for MBBS Study?

Yes, it ranks among the list of top affordable countries for MBBS in the world.

Is MBBS from Bangladesh good for career?

No doubt, MBBS Bangladesh is a right choice for the students because degree is valid to serve as a doctor in overall world.

Is MBBS Degree from Bangladesh Valid to work as a doctor in India or the United States?

Yes, no doubt that MBBS Bangladesh Degree is valid to work as a doctor in overall world.

How many students consider Bangladesh MBBS every year?

Around 800 to 900 students go every year for study in Bangladesh for MBBS.

Is NEET required to Study MBBS in Bangladesh?

Yes, NEET is compulsory to get Admission in MBBS for Bangladesh.

How to Apply Online for MBBS Degree in Bangladesh?

Once you select the college or check the eligibility of Bangladesh MBBS, then apply at the official college website with all required documents. You can also get the counselling session to clear your all doubts regarding MBBS in Bangladesh Review. 

What is eligibility get Bangladesh MBBS Admission?

You must hold 10 +2 qualification with at least 50% marks in PCB with passing marks of NEET Score Card.

What are the top medical colleges of Bangladesh?

Bangladesh Medical College, and Dhaka National Medical College are one of the most prominent colleges for MBBS Admission in Bangladesh. 

What is the minimum tuition MBBS Fees in Bangladesh?

6600 USD for a Year

What is the maximum tuition MBBS Fees in Bangladesh?

10,000 USD for a Year

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Top MBBS Colleges in Bangladesh

  1. Z.H. Sikder Women’s Medical College
  2. Enam Medical College and Hospital
  3. Shahabuddin Medical College
  4. MH Samorita Medical College
  5. Medical College for Women and Hospital
  6. Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College & Hospital
  7. Anwer Khan Modern Medical College
  8. Bangladesh University of Professionals
  9. Gono Bishwabiddalay, Bangladesh
  10. Shahjalal University of Science and Technology
  11. University of Dhaka
  12. University of Rajshahi
  13. University of Science & Technology Chittagong
  14. Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College
  15. Dhaka National Medical College
  16. Southern Medical College

Dhaka Division Based MBBS Degree Colleges

Rajshahi Division Based MBBS Study NMC/MCI Approved Medical Colleges

Rangpur Division MBBS Degree Based NMC/MCI Approved Medical Colleges

  • Prime Medical College
  • Rangpur Community Medical College

Khulna Division Based NMC/MCI Approved Medical Colleges

  • Ad-Din Sakina Medical College
  • Gazi Medical College

Sylhet Division Based NMC Approved Medical Colleges

  • Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College
  • North East Medical College
  • Sylhet Women’s Medical College

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