Lowest Budjet MBBS Private College- Complete Fees Details & Admission

Lowest Budjet MBBS Private College

Which are the private colleges with the lowest fees?

How much is the total package and how will you get admission here?

                 We are going to give this very important information in this article.

As soon as you reach the government college in counselling, in the same way, the thought comes in your mind that which can be the lowest budget private college and how to get admission in it.

In this we are going to give you all the information related to it. You will not have any confusion with this.

Where is the private college of the lowest fees?

What will be the fee for this?

And how can I get admission in it?

You and we all know that there is a great shortage of doctors in our country. In such a situation, the seats of Mbbs have increased in the last years, but out of 88000 seats available now, more than half of the seats are government, but the remaining half of the seats which are private, it is so expensive that it is expensive for a middle class student.

It seems almost impossible to pay the fees. You students work hard for many years, after preparing for many years, if you miss the marks of government college, then see the misfortune, the budget which starts starts with a minimum of 50 to 55 lakhs.

In such a situation, many times the thought comes in our mind that is there any such state where admission can be got at the fee of 2-5-7 lakh feet yer. And in answer to this question, many times you fall in the wrong trap, such hoaxes which reach you through phone and SMS. Admission does not happen but money is lost.

It is said that the country is moving towards development, many changes have also taken place in the last years. Changes have also taken place in the medical education system.

Earlier there used to be AIPMT, now NEET has come. It was also expected that there would be a malpractice work, a bill of NMC also came, this fee was for regular, it was also expected that the fees of private college would also be controlled. Students will be able to study for a lot of work fees.

But what really happened? Let me give you an example which will make you think. Suppose a student belongs to Rajasthan, he has 585 marks, so he cannot be nailed to a government college of Rajasthan. It is also possible to get paid seats in Rajasthan.

If he goes to study in another state, then the minimum budget which he has to spend is the least work fee. Let me tell you the package, if all the hostels are seen together, then at least that work will be 50 to 55 lakhs.

Another example is a student of any state who has about 200 marks and if he does counseling in Uttar Pradesh and he gets admission in private college, then this budget can be 60 to 65 lakhs. This gap is the only thing that shows how imbalanced our medical education system has become.

How good it would have been, some would have been so helpless. If you missed the government college and had good marks, then the fee of 10 to 15 lakhs would have been 550 marks, then you would have taken 20 to 25 lakhs. In the same way, the children who worked hard would have got the desired college according to them.

If you miss government college, then the minimum budget is 50 lakhs, yes, there is no budget in the middle, except for those students who do not have semi-government seats. You cannot even claim the seat of a semi government in any other state. In this case, you are not left with any other option.

Punjab: Punjab is a close state for mbbs. But cmc Ludhiana is a medical college, which is the second campus of cmc Mangalore. Here 4 seats are of AIQ, I am not talking about AIQ of MCC.

This is the state counseling of Punjab, through the same J medium you get it. Baba Farid University conducts counseling, so the 4 seats available are open for all. There is no benefit of any reservation. But if you are from any other state, your score is good then you can apply here.

You can see their fees :-


Tuition Fees(10 % Increment each)

Year 1


Year 2


Year 3


Year 4


Year 5




Cutoff :- The cutoff in 2020 was 608 in round 2.

Kerala :- Till 2020 in Kerala, seats were available here at the lowest fee. But in 2020 the fee was increased. There are 4 colleges whose fees are 7.65 lakhs. There are only 7 such colleges whose fees are from 10 lakh to 12 lakh. In such a situation, this budget is 40 to 60 lakhs per year.

One thing to keep in mind about Kerala is that counseling in Kerala starts before the NEET exam. That is, the registration starts already. In such a situation, the students who are not able to apply earlier, they do not get the chance later.

There was a second chance in 2021 but now that too has passed. Those students who have not been able to apply will not get any benefit.

Cutoff: Cutoff is high in Kerala start round, off line mop sub round that cutoff is slightly lower. But it is not possible for those who are less than 500 to be here on work fees.

Note – Colleges whose fees are low, no matter what the quality of that college, its cutoff is high.


Many things are special in Karnataka, it is known for its best academics. And there is a lot of medical seats here. If you do MBBS from here then you will get benefit in PG also. In such a situation, considering the future, Karnataka is a good option, if we talk about fees, then in 2020 the fee was 9.94 lakh per year.

This fee is likely to increase by 20% in 2021. In this case the fee can be 12 lakhs. In this way the budget of Karnataka will be 55 to 60 lakhs.

St John Medical College is in most demand in Karnataka. But its cutoff is very high. Second is ms Ramay Medical College, its cutoff is also high.
Overall in 2020 the cutoff was 591 in round 1 was 583 marks in round 2 the cutoff goes down in mop up round because mop up round is off line.

Chhattisgarh :

There are already 3 colleges here RIMS Raipur, SIMS Bhilai and Chandu La Chandkar.
Out of these, the process of converting Chandu Lal Chandkar to Goverment College is going on. A new college is opened in 2021 which has got permission from Shri Balaji Raipur. Talking about fees, the overall budget is expected to be around Rs 52 lakh. There will be no increment in fees in 2021 as these fees were already fixed. Yes there can be increment in other fees. This happened in 2020 also and will happen in 2021 also.
Fee details are as follows.

Package  SIMS Bhilai  RIMS Raipur Shree Balaji inst Raipur
Total Fees 50,05,702 49,52,202 51,18,202


the cutoff remains high because the fees are low. Talking about open seats, there is not much. In all the three colleges, 11 -11 seats are for boys and girls. That is, a total of 66 seats are available. There is a security deposit of 1 lakh and the registration is done in round 1 only.

If you miss round 1, you will not get a chance.
There is also an option KPC medical college from west bangal. In 2020, its fee was 49.50 lakhs, in 2021 it may increase by 5 lakhs. There is also a problem here, 50% fee has to be deposited at the time of admission itself, rest fee has to be deposited in two years. Its total package can be 60 lakhs.

Tripura :

Tripura is such a state that there is a private college TMC. Here the benefit of category reservation is available. Tripura is such a state that only SC, ST and OBC benefits are available. EWS benefit is not available. 20 seats are open in Tripura. The total package here is 54 lakhs.

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