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Lady Hardinge Medical College or LHMC Delhi is a government medical college. The government of India is the governing and sponsoring organization of this college. The abbreviation of Lady Hardinge Medical College for women is LHMC Delhi. 


Located in the capital of India, Delhi, and founded in 1914 has now become the medical education and training hub. MD, MS, PG Diploma, and MBBS are the UG and PG are LHMC Courses. Lady Hardinge Medical College is working with the 9 departments and 25 courses. 


Lady Hardinge Medical College admission is based on entrance and merit. LHMC UG admission is done through the NEET UG exam. On the other hand, Lady Hardinge Medical College PG admission is done based on the NEET PG exam. 


Lady Hardinge Medical College is a private or government college! It is a government college run by central government funds. Lady Hardinge Medical College MBBS fees are also very affordable in comparison to private medical colleges. 


Thus, to get admission you must score above Lady Hardinge Medical College Cut off or merit list. Qualifying marks are not enough to get admission to this college. As a matter of fact, this college counts among the top 10 medical colleges of India.


Hence, MBBS admission in Lady Hardinge Medical College is quite tough for the candidates. We are going to mention Lady Hardinge Medical College Courses, Admission Process, Fee Structure, Cut Off, World Ranking, PG Stipend, History, and Facilities. 


The college is approved by MCI. Collaboration of this college has been done with the World Health Organization as well. This fact also creates a new benchmark in the history of the college. 

Key Highlights of Lady Hardinge Medical College, Delhi: 

Name of the College Lady Hardinge Medical College, Delhi
Popularly Known As  LHMC, Delhi
Established Year  1916
Courses  MBBS 
Official Website 
MBBS Intake Capacity  200
Hostel Facility  Yes
Affiliation  University of Delhi
LHMC Recruitment Link
Campus Area  68 Acres
Approved By  MCI 
Number of Departments  9
Number of Courses  25
LHMC Hospitals  Smt. Sucheta Kriplani Hospital and Kalawati Saran Child Hospital
Bed Capacity  870 and 350
Collaboration  World Health Organization, WHO 
NIRF Score 53.62/100
NIRF Ranking  28
Phone Number  011 23239271, 011 23239280


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Facts About LHMC Delhi:

#1. The college was established in 1916

#2. Affiliation of the college has been done through the faculty of medical science, university of Delhi. 

#3. The campus area of LHMC is around 68 acres.

#4. MBBS, MD, MS, and PG Diploma are some courses of this college. 

#5. The college is recognized by MCC

#6. At the beginning stage, only 14 to 16 medical students get admission in the college for the MBBS program 

#7. 2011 was the year when the number of seats increase up to 200 every year for MBBS admission

#8. MBBS intake capacity of LHMC is 200 students each year 

#9. Smt. Sucheta Kriplani Hospital and Kalawati Saran Child Hospital are the two associated hospitals with this college.

#10. Kalawati Saran Children’s Hospital is also associated with this medical college. This hospital was started on 17th March 1956. Presently bed capacity of this hospital is around 377 beds. 

#11. Lady Hardinge Medical College Hospital is also the best hospital in Delhi. This medical hospital was started in 1916. 

#12. Initially, the bed capacity of the medical college is only 80. However, the current bed strength of LHMC Hospital is 877.

Courses Offered by LHMC: 

1). MBBS in India is the first and foremost course by the medical college. MBBS degree is the most promising degree course for medical students. If you want to get admission to this college then you must check the LHMC MBBS cutoff. With this, you will get an idea about the admission chances.

2). MD, MS, and PG Diploma courses are also offered by LHMC, Delhi. A candidate is required to clear the NEET PG exam to get admission to these courses. PG Degree course is one more bounce for the career of candidates as a doctor.  

LHMC Courses, Branches & Intake: 

Course Type  Name of Course Branches Intake Capacity 
Under Graduate MBBS General 240
Post Graduate MD Anaesthesiology 17
Post Graduate MD Bio-Chemistry 4
Post Graduate MD Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy 5
Post Graduate MD Forensic Medicine/Forensic Medicine & Toxicology 3
Post Graduate MD General Medicine 12
Post Graduate MD Microbiology 7
Post Graduate MD Paediatrics 25
Post Graduate MD Pathology 8
Post Graduate MD Pharmacology 3
Post Graduate MD Psychiatry 5
Post Graduate MD Physiology 5
Post Graduate MD Radio Diagnosis/Radiology 9
Post Graduate MD Social & Preventive Medicine / Community Medicine 8
Post Graduate MS ENT 4
Post Graduate MS General Surgery 11
Post Graduate MS Orthopaedics 5
Post Graduate MD/MS Anatomy 6
Post Graduate MD/MS Obstetrics & Gynaecology 8
Post Graduate MD/MS Ophthalmology 4
PG Diploma Diploma Radio-Diagnosis 1
PG Diploma Diploma Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 1
PG Diploma Diploma Ophthalmology 1
PG Diploma Diploma Obstetrics & Gynaecology 8
PG Diploma Diploma Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy 1
PG Diploma Diploma Child Health 4
PG Diploma Diploma Anaesthesia 2
Super Speciality DM Neonatology 4
Super Speciality M.Ch Paediatric Surgery 4

About-Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi: 

Thus, Lady Hardinge was the wife of the then Viceroy. Courses offered by LHMC are MBBS and PG Diploma Courses. Lady Hardinge was the lady who took the initiative for starting a medical college for women. 

17th March 1914 was the time when the foundation stone was a lady by Lady Hardinge. Sadly, Lady Hardinge died in the same year. On the other hand, Queen Mary suggested keeping the name of the college on the name of Lady Hardinge. After all, she was the founder of this medical college for women. 

17th February 1915 was the time when the Lady Hardinge Medical College & Hospital opened. The first principle of LHMC Delhi was Dr. Kate Platt. 

A renowned medical college of Delhi for women is LHMC. History is so much more vast than this women’s medical college. The medical college was founded in the remembrance of Majesty Queen Mary. She visited India in 1911-12. 

Since 1950, LHMC was affiliated with the University of Delhi. Since 1970, both male and female candidates are getting admission to PG courses of this college. PG courses seat stats in this college are 142 PG candidates, 4 seats of MCH Pediatric Surgery, and 4 seats of DM Neonatology.

Departments of LHMC:

Anatomy Biochemistry
Community Medicine Forensic Medicine
Microbiology Pathology
Pharmacology Physiology
Radiation Oncology


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LHMC Medical College Cutoff 2021:

NEET UG Round Cut off Ranks – Gen Category (2019) Cut off Ranks – Gen Category (2020) Cut off Ranks – Gen Category (2021)
Round 1 333 400 579 
Round 2 489 571 414 NEW 
Mop-up Round SEATS FILLED 6471 NA
Stray Vacancy Round* N/A N/A NA

MBBS Qualifying Cutoff in Lady Hardinge Medical College, Delhi:

Category Qualifying Criteria Cut-off marks 2021 Cut-off marks 2020
UR 50th Percentile 720-138 720-147
OBC 40th Percentile 137-108 146-113
SC 40th Percentile 137-108 146-113
ST 40th Percentile 137-108 146-113
UR / EWS & PH 45th Percentile 137-122 146-129
OBC & PH 40th Percentile 121-108 128-113
SC & PH 40th Percentile 121-108 128-113
ST & PH 40th Percentile 121-108 128-113

MBBS UG Cutoff 2021

Round 1, 2 & MopUp

UR 164 531 414 4788 NIL NIL
BC 579 1096 18255 18700 NIL NIL
SC 4099 8726 NIL NIL NIL NIL
ST 14825 23664 29185 110426 NIL NIL
OPPH 46657 46657 NIL NIL NIL NIL
BCPH 82819 82819 NIL NIL NIL NIL

Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi ( Delhi University Quota ) 

Round 1, 2 & MopUp

UR 1657 4788 3309 3641 4984 5260
BC 7964 18700 NIL NIL 18804 19173
SC 25633 68461 NIL NIL 68461 68461
ST 42752 180080 NIL NIL 125580 125580
EWS 5585 10183 NIL NIL 10546 10546
OPPH 790447 834119 NIL NIL NIL NIL

Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi ( Delhi NCR Children/Widows of Personnel of the Armed Forces (CW) Quota )

Round 1, 2 & MopUp

UR 219523 681225 NIL NIL 19097 19097
BC 29412 35452 NIL NIL NIL NIL
SC 281148 281148 NIL NIL NIL NIL
EWS 187917 187917 NIL NIL NIL NIL

NEET PG Cutoff 2021

Round 1, 2 & MopUp

Courses R1(Opening – Closing)  R2(Opening – Closing)  MopUp(Opening – Closing) 
MD Anaesthesia  4494 – 4804 (UR)

6618 – 6618 (OBC)

20654 – 20654 (SC)

31774 – 31774 (ST)

5917 – 6595(UR)

8432 – 8432(OBC)

MD Biochemistry  30546 – 30546 (UR)

32223 – 32223 (OBC)

22287 – 22287(OBC)

43390 – 43390(EWS)

48917 – 48971(OBC)

65049 – 65049(EWS)

MD Dermatology  334 – 334 (UR)

1257 – 1257 (OBC)

MD Forensic Medicine 27221 – 27221 (OBC)

42745 – 42745 (EWS)

34535 -34535(UR)

49625 -49625(EWS)

MD General Medicine  92 – 165 (UR)

310 – 556 (OBC)

3604 – 3604 (SC)

6204 – 6204 (ST)

269 – 292(UR)
MD Microbiology 28457 28457 (OBC)

56170 – 56170 (ST)

34443 – 34443 (EWS)

34362 – 34362(OBC)

64092 – 64092(ST)

60500 – 60500(EWS)

44718 – 44718(OBC)

59756 – 59756(SC)

MD OBG  727 – 947 (UR)

2499 – 3014 (OBC)

7399 – 7399 (SC)

44809 – 44809 (OPPH)

1279 – 1400(UR)
MD Paediatrics  115 – 379 (UR)

757 – 982 (OBC)

3719 – 5883 (SC)

6509 – 6509 (ST)

697 – 697 (EWS)

264 – 383(UR)

709 – 709(OBC)

6315 – 6315(SC)

8531 – 8531(ST)

1045 – 1045(EWS)

5021 – 5021(OBC)
MD Pathology 13477 – 13996 (OBC)

30195 – 30195 (SC)

16108 – 16108 (EWS)

14877 – 14877(OBC)

23294 – 23294(EWS)

MD Pharmacology  6068 – 6068 (UR) 15756 – 15756(UR)
MD Physiology  34214 – 37274 (UR) 33537 – 56136(UR)
27462 – 36563(UR)
MD Community Medicine  11853 – 12671 (UR)

13750 – 14319 (OBC)

31381 – 31381 (SC)

14449 – 14449(UR)

16512 – 17435(OBC)

MD Psychiatry  1050 – 1050 (UR)

33335 – 33335 (ST)

2463 – 2463 (EWS)

MD Radiology  73 – 73 (UR)

280 – 289 (OBC)

2587 – 2587 (SC)

166 – 166(OBC)
MS ENT  1996 – 1996 (UR)

19582 – 19582 (SC)

3377 – 3377(UR)

20588 – 20588(SC)

19993 – 19993(SC)
MS General Surgery 843 – 1192 (UR)

1413 – 1953 (OBC)

7942 – 7942 (SC)

1695 – 1695 (EWS)

839 – 996(UR)
MS Ophthalmology 12322 – 12322 (SC)

25970 – 25970 (ST)

28081 – 28081(ST) 32520 – 32520(ST)
MS Orthopaedics 4153 – 4153 (EWS)

83541 – 83541 (BCPH)

5758 – 5758(EWS) 6827 – 6827(EWS)
MD Anatomy  26356 – 26356 (UR)

44299 – 44299 (OBC)

61428 – 61428 (SC)

58048 – 58048(UR)

58346 – 58346(OBC)

79945 – 79945(SC)

69428 – 69428(UR)

80806 – 80806(OBC)


Admission Procedure: 

1). Admission to MBBS for this college is based on the entrance test and merit list. First, you need to appear in the entrance test and that is NEET UG exam. 

2). All NEET Qualified candidates can apply for Lady Hardinge Medical College Admission. However, the merit list is different from the qualifying marks for admission.

3). If your marks are above the merit list, then appear in the NEET UG Counselling.

4). Fill out the LHMC MBBS admission form on MCC Website. 

Wait for the first and second rounds of counselling. Finally, if your name is listed in the merit list of LHMC MBBS admission then submit your documents and fees. 

MBBS Admission in Lady Hardinge Medical College:

Admission for the MBBS course in this college is based on the ranking and scorecard of the NEET examination. Thus, your marks in NEET and class 12th are important for you to get admission to this college. 

Hence, qualifying marks in the national eligibility cum entrance test are mandatory for the students. NEET exam is a single-window exam for the students to get admission

MBBS Counselling Procedure in Lady Hardinge Medical College:

Firstly, Counselling procedure for MBBS is a crucial point for the candidates that they need to know. Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Delhi is the official body that conducts MBBS admission counselling for this college.

Thus, Students who appeared in the NEET-UG examination and crack the exam as per the NEET Result are eligible to participate in the admission counselling. If you are not qualifying according to the marks and merit list, then you can’t submit your form.

NEET UG Counselling registration form for LGMC Delhi admission will also release soon by the MCC. Counselling process is very important. Therefore, fill out the counselling registration form carefully. Because any single error can become the reason for rejection for your MBBS admission in LHMC, Delhi! 


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Documents Required For Lady Hardinge Medical College MBBS Admission:

NEET Admit Card Scorecard or Rank Letter
ID proof (Aadhar/PAN Card/Driving License/Passport) Class 10 certificate and mark sheet (for date of birth)
Class 12 certificate and mark sheet Eight passport size photographs
PwD Certificate (if applicable) Provisional Allotment Letter
Caste Certificate (if applicable) NEET Application Form 

Admit Card: 

Want to know more about the details of the Lady Hardinge Medical College Courses admit card? You can view the course details and admit card of the college from the official website. We have already mentioned the official website of the college for the help of the students. You can visit and check the upcoming exam and course admit cards. Admit cards are important to appear in any exam or get a permanent identity of the college. As a student, you must have proof that you are studying in this college. On the other hand, Lady Hardinge Medical College also released the offline admit card for the students. 


The result of LHMC Delhi was also announced by the university’s official website You can check the result of various courses directly on the official website. Semester-wise results of the MBBS course were also uploaded on the portal of the university and the official dashboard of the campus. 

MBBS Syllabus in Lady Hardinge Medical College Delhi:

Phase Subjects Covered
Pre-clinical Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology
Para-clinical Community Medicine; Forensic Medicine, Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Clinical postings inwards, OPDs to begin here;
Clinical Community Medicine, Medicine and allied subjects (Psychiatry, Dermatology); Obst. Gynae.; Pediatrics; Surgery and allied subjects (Anesthesiology, E.N.T., Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics);


LHMC Ranking: 

Lady Hardinge Medical College Ranking on All India Level is an important question to know for the candidates. This government college ranks in the 9th position in overall India. 


Reputation and Ranking of LHMC, Delhi

Education Quality  Good 
Infrastructure of Medical College  Excellent
Facilities  Average 
Faculty or Staff  Excellent
Placement Opportunities  Good 


Facilities of LHMC Delhi

Blood Bank OPD
Library Sports
Auditorium Cafeteria
Hostel Laboratory
Hospital Computer labs
Medical Social & Welfare Services Centre for Community Medicine
Medical Annual Programs 

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Faculty & Staff:

Notable alumni are working in this medical college. Faculty and staff both are friendly with the students. Due to the excellent faculty members, this college is known as one of the best medical colleges in India.

LHMC, Delhi Infrastructure:

Lady Hardinge Medical College for Women is spread in the 60 acres area. The infrastructure of the college is very impressive because all modern facilities are installed in the college. 24 hours accidental emergency services are also part of LHMC hospital. College is ensuring advanced study for students and that’s why focusing on smart learning opportunities. 

LHMC Delhi Scholarship:

Students who have a monthly yearly income of 5,00,000 can entitle to the LHMC Scholarship. Scholarship in Lady Hardinge Medical College is INR 1500 per month during the MBBS course.  

LHMC, Delhi Fee Structure:

MBBS ₹1,400 (1st Year Fees) 10+2 with 50% + NEET
MDS ₹18,600 (1st Year Fees) B.D.S.
M.D ₹18,600 (1st Year Fees) Post Graduation
M.Ch ₹18,600 (1st Year Fees) Post Graduation
M.D ₹18,600 (1st Year Fees) Post Graduation
M.S ₹18,600 (1st Year Fees) Graduation
B.Sc {Hons.} ₹7,360 (1st Year Fees) 10+2 with 45%


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MBBS Internship Stages to Know in Lady Hardinge Medical College, Delhi:  

Subjects Compulsory time duration for Internship
Medicine including 15 days of Psychiatry Two months
Community Medicine Two months
Obstt./Gynae. including Family Welfare Planning Two months
Surgery including 15 days Anaesthesia Two months
Orthopaedics including PMR One month
Paediatrics One month
E.N.T 15 days
Casualty 15 days
Ophthalmology 15 days
Elective posting 15 days
Total  12 months


The Bottom Line:

Lady Hardinge Medical College of Delhi is a very nice choice for women candidates. A friendly environment and high-technology learning are the primary focus of this college. Every year, the cutoff and admission race in this college is very competitive.

You can also use the NEET Rank Predictor if you want to know about the idea of marks and rank of this exam. If you score above last year’s cutoff and closing rank of LHMC, Delhi, then fill the name of this college in your preference list.

We hope this information is helpful for you to understand the college courses, fee structure, admission details, and more.  

Contact Details:

Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg, Lady Hardinge Medical College, DIZ Area, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Phone Number: 011 2336 3728

Students Query Dashboard:

1). What is the LHMC Full Form?

LHMC Full Form is Lady Hardinge Medical College. 

2). How much LHMC PG Stipend?

PG stipend for MD and MS courses in Lady Hardinge Medical College is 90,000 per month

3). How much LHMC MBBS Stipend?

After MBBS, students can entitle monthly stipend of 17,000 during internship period. 

4). What is LHMC Cutoff 2021?

Lady Hardinge Medical College Cut off 2021 for first round is 579 and for the second round is 414. 

5). What is LHMC Fees for MBBS?

7,000 is the total MBBS fees in Lady Hardinge Medical College.

6). Which exam is required to get admission in Lady Hardinge Medical College PG Courses?

NEET PG is the admission entrance test for LHMC Delhi PG courses.

7). Is Lady Hardinge Medical College a government college?

Yes, it is a government college came undern central government

8). How many marks are required in NEET to get admission in Lady Hardinge Medical College?

LHMC Admission in MBBS Course required at least 75% marks in NEET.

9). Is Lady Hardinge Medical College only for women?

UG Course such as MBBS 200 seats are reserve only for women in Lady Hardinge Medical College. Boys can’t pursue MBBS in LHMC. 

10). Can boys do PG courses in LHMC Delhi?

Yes, boys can do PG courses in Lady Hardinge Medical College. 

11). What is MBBS intake capacity in LHMC?

Lady Hardinge Medical College MBBS Total Seats are 200. These seats are reserve for women.

12). Is hostel facility available in this college?

Yes, Lady Hardinge Medical College offers best hostel facility to students. 


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