JSS Noida Cutoff: Opening & Closing rank, AKTU, UPSEE

JSS Noida Cutoff

JSS Noida Cutoff Year Wise JSS Noida Cutoff Year Wise

JSS Noida Cutoff: Opening & Closing rank, AKTU, UPSEE:  Few questions coming in aspirants mind looking for JSSATEN,

  1. What will be the Cutoff of JSS Noida?
  2. What is the opening and closing rank of JSS?
  3. How many marks are required to get admission in JSS?

In this article, We will try to answer above mentioned questions & you will get the idea about JSS Noida Cutoff year wise.

As you know, the majority of software companies visiting colleges for placements, that’s why maximum students are looking for seats in CSE or IT. That’s the main reason behind the high cut-off of the CS & IT branch in comparison to Mech & Civil.

As you know JSSATE Noida is No. 1 ranking private engineering college in UPSEE. Due to 100% record placement every year, each and every engineering aspirant are dreaming to get admission to JSSATE Noida. This article (JSS Noida Cutoff) will help the students in getting the college.

An applicant needs to clear the UPSEE Cutoff score to take seats in Various courses like B.Tech, M.Tech, B.Pharma & MBA). JSS Noida Cutoff 2020 will be released authoritatively once the UPSEE Counseling is finished. at this time, we can give you the previous year like 2019, 2018, 2016, 2017 cutoff for your convenience.

Admission to different Engineering Programs offered by JSSATE Noida is made through UPSEE led by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University(AKTU), Lucknow.


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JSS Noida Cutoff 2019 (B.TECH)

Round 1

CategoryCE(0R –CR)CS(0R –CR)EE(0R –CR)EC(0R –CR)Mech(0R –CR)IT(0R –CR)
All India4026 – 9351746 – 17193424 – 51332298 – 52802653 – 60841775 – 3679
UR9563 – 137311756 – 31345163 – 84405297 – 75706703 – 102623691 – 4693
UR Girl9352 – 193082281 – 41205793 – 80255626 – 688111185 – 177454211 – 5287
OBC14046 – 199483203 – 56668883 – 137037598 – 1118210308 – 156465739 – 6997
OBC Girl22111 – 425345145 – 817610798 – 183698926 – 1472021011 – 439028349 – 10297
SC14562 – 318204795 – 2144828086 – 4602113265 – 4245514489 – 4302221833 – 26444

Round 2

CategoryCE(0R –CR)CS(0R –CR)EE(0R –CR)EC(0R –CR)MEch(0R –CR)IT(0R –CR)
All India4966 – 9351746 – 18733841 – 70214012 – 59172653 – 75773679 – 4201
UR9563 – 159971959 – 36917160 – 118755922 – 86177587 – 133554235 – 5289
UR Girl9352 – 193082281 – 43229517 – 101646016 – 804913339 – 269404361 – 5430
OBC16287 – 257664085 – 566612044 – 153518880 – 1312813377 – 230265739 – 6997
OBC Girl22111 – 638175145 – 858210798 – 195418926 – 1525731626 – 678208689 – 11372
SC21326 – 388454795 – 2227934079 – 5742121676 – 6161214489 – 5612021970 – 36766

Round 3

CategoryCE(0R –CR)CS(0R –CR)EE(0R –CR)EC(0R –CR)MEch(0R –CR)IT(0R –CR)
All India4799 – 9351746 – 18622896 – 70213479 – 59172653 – 75772402 – 4201
UR7571 – 159971959 – 36914704 – 118753502 – 86066055 – 133552779 – 5289
UR Girl9352 – 193082281 – 43229517 – 101644530 – 804913339 – 269404361 – 5430
OBC9406 – 257662373 – 56669113 – 153518098 – 131288714 – 230265739 – 6997
OBC Girl22111 – 638175145 – 858210798 – 195418926 – 1525712902 – 678208689 – 11372
SC18629 – 388454795 – 2227934079 – 5742113265 – 5968914489 – 5612019821 – 36766

JSS Noida Cutoff 2018

Round 1

M.C.A (Lateral)UR2246
M.C.A (Lateral)SC410466
M.C.A (Lateral)UR Girl5252
M.C.A (Lateral)OBC Girl8080
M.C.A (Lateral)OBC117120
M.C.A (Lateral)SC Girl122122
B.Tech (Lateral) CSEUR611810
B.Tech (Lateral) CSEUR Girl9051642
B.Tech (Lateral) CSESC Girl19151915
B.Tech (Lateral) CSEOBC22275505
B.Tech (Lateral) CSEOBC Girl34113745
M.C.AUR Girl101243
M.C.AOBC Girl5231011
B.Tech (Lateral) MEUR1191286
B.Tech (Lateral) MESC14635695
B.Tech (Lateral) MEUR AF18051805
B.Tech (Lateral) MEOBC18784285
B.Tech (Lateral) MEUR Girl42784278
B.Tech (Lateral) CEUR218744
B.Tech (Lateral) CESC23052835
B.Tech (Lateral) CEOBC7942854
B.Tech (Lateral) CEUR AF942942
B.Tech (Lateral) CEUR Girl24993363
B.Tech (Lateral) CEOBC Girl48434843
B.Tech (Lateral) EEUR3031223
B.Tech (Lateral) EESC34053878
B.Tech (Lateral) EEUR Girl3091784
B.Tech (Lateral) EEOBC18683906
B.Tech (Lateral) EEOBC Girl31203120
B.Tech (Lateral) ECEUR7795491
B.Tech (Lateral) ECEUR Girl5881830
B.Tech (Lateral) EceOBC Girl59615961
B.Tech CSEUR17563134
B.Tech CSESC479521448
B.Tech CSESC8351583515
B.Tech CSEAI7461719
B.Tech CSETFW15252638
B.Tech CSEUR Girl22814120
B.Tech CSEOBC32035666
B.Tech CSEOBC Girl51458176
B.Tech CSEUR AF52006514
B.Tech CSEUR FF60046004
B.Tech CSEOBC AF65299110
B.Tech CSESC Girl991425439
B.Tech CSEURPH1355727127
B.Tech CSESC AF3081333900
B.Tech CSEST Girl4259742597
B.Tech (Lateral) EEEUR8823620
B.Tech (Lateral) EEEUR Girl22802280
B.Tech (Lateral) EEEOBC Girl42494249
B.Tech MEUR670310262
B.Tech MESC1448943022
B.Tech MESC3983166678
B.Tech METFW17455399
B.Tech MEAI26536084
B.Tech MEOBC1030815646
B.Tech MEUR Girl1118517745
B.Tech MEUR AF1284114595
B.Tech MEOBC Girl2101143902
B.Tech MEOBC AF3831347841
B.Tech MESC Girl4141368699
B.Tech MEURPH7320073200
B.Tech ITUR36914693
B.Tech ITSC2183326444
B.Tech ITAI17753679
B.Tech ITTFW26823413
B.Tech ITUR Girl42115287
B.Tech ITOBC57396997
B.Tech ITUR AF69308205
B.Tech ITOBC Girl834910297
B.Tech ITOBC AF1328313283
B.Tech ITSC Girl2676934268
B.Tech ITUR FF5070650706
B.Tech (Lateral) ITUR21534600
B.Tech (Lateral) ITUR Girl36155518
B.Tech ECEUR52977570
B.Tech ECESC1326542455
B.Tech ECEAI22985280
B.Tech ECETFW33894921
B.Tech ECEUR Girl56266881
B.Tech ECEOBC759811182
B.Tech ECEUR FF823971629
B.Tech ECEUR AF824310141
B.Tech ECEOBC Girl892614720
B.Tech ECEOBC AF1317413174
B.Tech ECESC Girl2931460547
B.Tech EEUR59269459
B.Tech EESC1571941553
B.Tech EETFW29585305
B.Tech EEAI39655536
B.Tech EEUR Girl64589980
B.Tech EEUR AF999513516
B.Tech EEOBC1002314373
B.Tech EEOBC Girl1088118413
B.Tech EEOBC AF2052424130
B.Tech EESC Girl4729863864
B.Tech EEURPH5055450554
B.Tech EEEUR51638440
B.Tech EEESC2808646021
B.Tech EEEAI34245133
B.Tech EEETFW44425125
B.Tech EEEUR Girl57938025
B.Tech EEEOBC888313703
B.Tech EEEOBC Girl1079818369
B.Tech EEEUR AF1474114741
B.Tech EEEOBC AF1848218482
B.Tech EEESC Girl4486757129
B.Tech CEUR956313731
B.Tech CESC1456231820
B.Tech CESC8932389323
B.Tech CEAI40269351
B.Tech CETFW45276019
B.Tech CEUR Girl935219308
B.Tech CEOBC1404619948
B.Tech CEUR AF1955025485
B.Tech CEOBC Girl2211142534
B.Tech CEOBC AF3475434754
B.Tech CESC Girl3545985353
B.Tech ICEUR1116918650
B.Tech ICESC5199174034
B.Tech ICEAI55839904
B.Tech ICETFW758014143
B.Tech ICEUR Girl1025121749
B.Tech ICEOBC1875527778
B.Tech ICEOBC Girl2234233316
B.Tech ICEUR AF2708827088
B.Tech ICESC Girl5747896228

JSS Noida Cutoff 2016

Round 1

Courses                 CategoryRank Range
B.Tech (Lateral) ECEGeneral154975
B.Tech (Lateral) ECEGeneral Girl17885917
M.C.A (Lateral)General74102
M.C.A (Lateral)Schedule Caste400420
M.C.A (Lateral)General Girl3434
M.C.A (Lateral)OBC Girl117117
M.C.A (Lateral)Other Backward Class149180
M.C.A (Lateral)General Armed Forces549549
MBA MarketingGeneral470854
MBA MarketingSchedule Caste35824961
MBA MarketingAI62153
MBA MarketingGeneral Girl292523
MBA MarketingOther Backward Class10823338
MBA MarketingOBC Girl17372863
MBA MarketingSC Girl39213998
MBA MarketingGeneral Armed Forces50245024
MBA FinanceGeneral470854
MBA FinanceSchedule Caste35824961
MBA FinanceAI62153
MBA FinanceGeneral Girl292523
MBA FinanceOther Backward Class10823338
MBA FinanceOBC Girl17372863
MBA FinanceSC Girl39213998
MBA FinanceGeneral Armed Forces50245024
MBA HRGeneral470854
MBA HRSchedule Caste35824961
MBA HRGeneral Girl292523
MBA HROther Backward Class10823338
MBA HROBC Girl17372863
MBA HRSC Girl39213998
MBA HRGeneral Armed Forces50245024
B.Tech (Lateral) EEGeneral841147
B.Tech (Lateral) EESchedule Caste31364279
B.Tech (Lateral) EEGeneral Girl11691415
B.Tech (Lateral) EEOther Backward Class12152936
B.Tech (Lateral) EEGeneral Armed Forces15541554
B.Tech (Lateral) EEOBC Armed Forces32043204
B.Tech (Lateral) CEGeneral981477
B.Tech (Lateral) CESchedule Caste17603685
B.Tech (Lateral) CEGeneral Girl14513010
B.Tech (Lateral) CEOther Backward Class15112568
B.Tech (Lateral) ITGeneral15514013
B.Tech (Lateral) ITOBC Girl161161
B.Tech (Lateral) ITGeneral Girl22424009
M.C.AGeneral Girl234401
M.C.AOther Backward Class7561434
M.C.AOBC Girl10501584
M.C.AGeneral Armed Forces12181218
M.C.AOBC Armed Forces18041804
B.Tech (Lateral) MEGeneral2471032
B.Tech (Lateral) MESchedule Caste14473589
B.Tech (Lateral) MESchedule Tribe57885788
B.Tech (Lateral) MEOther Backward Class13652430
B.Tech (Lateral) MEGeneral Armed Forces16221622
B.Tech (Lateral) MEGeneral Girl28436041
B.Tech (Lateral) CSEGeneral2551501
B.Tech (Lateral) CSESchedule Caste15076339
B.Tech (Lateral) CSEGeneral Armed Forces15221522
B.Tech (Lateral) CSEOther Backward Class18873229
B.Tech (Lateral) CSEGeneral Girl21552291
B.Tech (Lateral) CSEOBC Girl36533653
B.Tech (Lateral) CSESC Girl51385138
B.Tech (Lateral) EEEGeneral3811864
B.Tech (Lateral) EEEGeneral Girl19711971
B.Tech (Lateral) EEEOther Backward Class22594834
B.Tech (Lateral) EEEOBC Girl35913591
B.Tech CSEGeneral19743205
B.Tech CSESchedule Caste1023219550
B.Tech CSESchedule Tribe4036040360
B.Tech CSEAI8321955
B.Tech CSETFW10602643
B.Tech CSEGeneral Girl23353389
B.Tech CSEOther Backward Class32364883
B.Tech CSEGeneral Armed Forces48026081
B.Tech CSEGeneral FF61376137
B.Tech CSEOBC Girl69388363
B.Tech CSEOBC Armed Forces79797979
B.Tech CSEGeneral PH1694716947
B.Tech CSESC Girl2053329780
B.Tech CSESC Armed Forces4774847748
B.Tech EEGeneral58898027
B.Tech EESchedule Caste1153537842
B.Tech EESchedule Tribe2648526485
B.Tech EEAI19485881
B.Tech EETFW31624939
B.Tech EEGeneral Girl63919287
B.Tech EEOther Backward Class817011310
B.Tech EEGeneral Armed Forces97469942
B.Tech EEOBC Girl1048013551
B.Tech EEOBC Armed Forces1267912679
B.Tech EEGeneral FF2991429914
B.Tech EESC Girl3594853257
B.Tech EEGeneral PH5263697163
B.Tech EEST Armed Forces122245122245
B.Tech ECEGeneral56197781
B.Tech ECESchedule Caste2217946238
B.Tech ECESchedule Tribe5205252469
B.Tech ECEAI22405073
B.Tech ECETFW29155423
B.Tech ECEGeneral Girl52187355
B.Tech ECEGeneral Armed Forces57398794
B.Tech ECEOther Backward Class778612194
B.Tech ECEOBC Girl962713982
B.Tech ECEGeneral FF1604439245
B.Tech ECEOBC Armed Forces1706417535
B.Tech ECESC Girl2965151209
B.Tech ECESC Armed Forces5137651376
B.Tech ECEGeneral PH107228115178
B.Tech MEGeneral41836828
B.Tech MESchedule Caste1600533234
B.Tech MESchedule Tribe3244150119
B.Tech MEAI27954113
B.Tech METFW29274552
B.Tech MEGeneral Girl576811551
B.Tech MEGeneral Armed Forces65058674
B.Tech MEOther Backward Class69548988
B.Tech MEOBC Armed Forces89789137
B.Tech MEOBC Girl1294128685
B.Tech MEGeneral FF2460124601
B.Tech MESC Girl48231113636
B.Tech MESC Armed Forces5361568790
B.Tech MEGeneral PH5454292861
B.Tech ITGeneral38124968
B.Tech ITSchedule Caste2064735358
B.Tech ITSchedule Tribe8028097438
B.Tech ITTFW31443789
B.Tech ITAI32203809
B.Tech ITGeneral Girl39005062
B.Tech ITOther Backward Class50857110
B.Tech ITGeneral Armed Forces82559023
B.Tech ITOBC Girl900711295
B.Tech ITGeneral FF1192511925
B.Tech ITOBC Armed Forces1366616034
B.Tech ITGeneral PH3904539045
B.Tech ITSC Girl4063854547
B.Tech ITSC Armed Forces8399783997
B.Tech (Lateral) ICEGeneral34453445
B.Tech EEEGeneral54988567
B.Tech EEESchedule Caste2857938962
B.Tech EEEAI37275425
B.Tech EEETFW52495770
B.Tech EEEGeneral Girl62898708
B.Tech EEEOther Backward Class915411800
B.Tech EEEGeneral Armed Forces1007910079
B.Tech EEEOBC Girl1498515288
B.Tech EEESC Girl4616852348
B.Tech EEEGeneral PH117136117136
B.Tech CEGeneral59938540
B.Tech CESchedule Caste1564532393
B.Tech CESchedule Tribe4653646536
B.Tech CETFW37845579
B.Tech CEAI39865988
B.Tech CEOther Backward Class859610741
B.Tech CEGeneral Girl882811519
B.Tech CEGeneral Armed Forces1097414259
B.Tech CEOBC Girl1356425212
B.Tech CEOBC Armed Forces1476814768
B.Tech CESC Girl4015969948
B.Tech CEGeneral FF4990349903
B.Tech CEGeneral PH103012103012
B.Tech ICEGeneral1044913080
B.Tech ICESchedule Caste3791780553
B.Tech ICETFW49436279
B.Tech ICEAI885210066
B.Tech ICEGeneral Girl1142712732
B.Tech ICEOther Backward Class1325316942
B.Tech ICEOBC Girl1791222713
B.Tech ICEGeneral Armed Forces2368823688
B.Tech ICEOBC Armed Forces3590635906

JSS Noida Contact Details

AddressC-20/1, Sector-62, NOIDA (U.P)-201301
Contact Number0120-2400104

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Q: What is the cutoff of Cse Branch in JSS Noida?


Q: What is the closing & opening rank for getting admission in JSS  Academy of Technical Education, Noida?


Q: What is the Review of JSS Noida?



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