Top 10 Countries Accepting Indian Medical Degree

Top 10 Countries Accepting Indian Medical Degree : A medical degree in India is one of the highest demanding degrees in the medical profession and especially MBBS. Admission race is also tough for the students but one of the major contradictions that came to the mind of students is about the “degree validity in various countries”. Indian MBBS degree valid in which countries? Are you also finding the answer to this question? If yes, then this article is the best place for you to know more on this topic. 

We want to tell you one thing Indian medical degrees are also valid in other countries. This article focuses on the top 10 countries which are accepting Indian Medical Degrees from India. 

There are so many different things and aspects in the medical degree of various countries in India. Most of the time, language becomes one of the major hurdles for the students and they will not able to serve in their dream country as a doctor due to language issues. That means there are so many differences in curriculum around the world for MBBS Degree

Different-different entrance tests are also creating a big difference in the medical degree of various countries. Indian doctors are usually finding the best countries to serve as a doctor. Once, they get the working permit and visa they can apply to a particular country to work as a doctor. What are the best countries for Indian Doctors to work in? 

10). Saudi Arabia

The first major country that you need to know “Indian MBBS Degree Valid in Which Countries” is Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a neighbour country of India and that’s why Visa and Work Permit are also easily available for the Doctors in this country. The median annual salary in this country is $35,000 for doctors. 

9). Qatar

An Indian doctor can avail $40,000 annual salary with a yearly bonus in this country. The scope of MBBS in Qatar is very good for Indian doctors. According to the recent news and updates Indian Medical Degrees are highly reputed in Qatar.

8). Germany

Ranking on the number 8 position, Germany is one of the finest choices in the list of “countries accepting Indian medical degrees”. The median annual salary in this country is $59,000. In all European countries, Germany is the best choice for Indian medical degrees. 

7). Kuwait

Offering a $61,000 annual Salary, Kuwait is one of the premium destinations for Indian students where an Indian MBBS degree is valid. Kuwait is also a major country that is accepting both UG and PG medical degrees from India. if you want to get a license for practice then you need to give MOH exam. 

6). Ireland

We are working on the checklist of countries accepting Indian Medical Degree on both UG and PG scales and in this list, we can’t forget the name of Ireland because it is one of the finest countries to get a high salary. After all, the medium annual salary in this country is $90,000. 

5). Singapore

We all know about the fact that National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test is the only entrance test to become a doctor in India and outside the country as well. Let’s talk about the 5th position holder in the list of courtiers accepting Indian medical degrees and it is Singapore. The annual salary in this country for doctors is $70,000. It is also a high-salary country for doctors. 

4). Australia

On the other hand, Australia is a promising country for higher medical education and working as a doctor as well. Australia ranks on the 4th position in the list of “Indian MBBS degree valid in which countries” because of the high salary package and medium salary package in this country is $91,000. Indian doctors can choose this country because English is the official language of this country and that’s why language does not become a barrier for the doctors to serve as a doctor in this country. 

3). United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

Now, let’s talk about the third position holder in this list and the United Arab Emirates is a country or Dubai ranks on the third position in the list of high-paid countries for doctors. The medium annual salary in Dubai or UAE is $116,33. Visa rules are also not very complicated in this country. 

2). United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the topmost country where an Indian MBBS Degree is valid. Indian medical degree is not valid in all countries and UK ranks on the #2 position in this list. Indian doctors also feel safe and friendly in this country. The average annual salary of doctors in UK is #120,000. 

1). The United States

Every Indian medical graduate student wishes to serve in the United States as a doctor because of a higher career perspective. MBBS Full Form In the United States is Doctor of Medicine. 

MBBS degree from the United States is equivalent to MD Degree in India. The annual salary in this country of a doctor is $160,000.

The Bottom Line

In the end, we can say that an Indian medical degree is valid in most countries but these are the top 10 options for MBBS graduates to serve as a doctor. You need to complete the visa and work permit formalities to work as a doctor in these countries. Therefore, if you are thinking to choose abroad for an MBBS degree, then these top 10 countries are the right choice for you. 

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  1. My son is going to pursue MD in Chennai. Once he completes MD here can he directly join in US or any countries abroad without exams

  2. Almost every information you provide is wrong. You cannot work with Indian MBBS or MD or DNB in abroad. This is my personal experience.


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