How Many Attempts for NEET?

NEET or National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test is the most exam in our country because students appear in this examination every year. While preparing for NTA NEET, one major question that came to students’ minds was NEET Attempt Limit. How many attempts for NEET? Are you also looking for a valid answer to this question? It is the right place for you to know more about the details of this query. This article explains major FAQs of students related to “no of attempts in NEET.” 

Therefore, read this article till the end and clear all your powerful queries about the attempt’s eligibility criteria and terms. Several attempts in NEET and age limit are the two significant boundaries for the students. Still, students have so many doubts or illusions in their minds about the NEET Attempt Limit and age limit because of extensive information resources available on the Internet. There were also some barriers in the earlier time of this examination regarding the number of attempts. However, the supreme court still does not give any verdict on the number of attempts limit in NEET. 

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NEET NTA Attempt Limit Key Highlights:

Exam Name  NEET 
NEET Expended Form  National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test 
Who Decided NEET Eligibility Criteria or Maximum Attempts for NEET?  National Testing Agency 
Maximum Attempts for NEET  Based on Age Limit, For UR: 25 Years for Reserve Categories: 30 Years 
NEET Attempt Limit for OBC  Till 30 Years students can give NTA NEET Exam 
NEET Attempt Limit 2022  Till No Limit Criteria Set
NEET Upper Age Limit for UR  25 Years 
NEET 2022 Exam Date  September 2022 (Tentative)

NEET Attempt Limit:

As per the current rules and court verdict, there are no attempt limits for national eligibility cum entrance test. That means as per your age limit, you can give this examination till your age limit as per your category. The thing is, no attempt limit boundaries are in this examination right now, and there is no proper justification on No of Attempts in NEET. 

How Many Attempts in NEET? 

Always remember one thing that NEET Attempt Limits based on the age limit of the students. 

Maximum NEET attempt limits work as per the uppermost age limit for the NEET examination. This information is essential for all those candidates who have already appeared in this examination. According to the data of 2018, the court also invalidated the rule of NEET number of attempts. 

Candidates must be aware of the maximum NEET attempt limits that can be made along with the uppermost age limit for NEET exams beforehand. This is mainly for those candidates who have already attempted NEET exams in the past. In 2018, the court invalidated the rule after it was petitioned. Hence, this year too, limitation on the number of attempts and the age limit is not expected to resurface because of resistance raised by aspirants.

NEET Attempts Limit Rule is Still Impending: 

However, after the interference of the Supreme Court, this rule was revoked in 2017 again with a clause in NEET 2018. During the past time, the NEET attempt limit was in number after that, this limit was removed, and the number of limitations was decided as per the upper age limit. However, this rule or decision is still impending, and we hope the final verdict will come soon. 

Age Limit for NEET 2022: 

NEET attempt limits are always limelight because of many historical disputes. In 2017, when CBSE introduced the rule of upper age limit with the maximum number of attempts for the NEET exam without any previous information and update, students also disputed this release of CBSE. NEET attempt limit was three decided by CBSE. At that time, authorities determined that the upper age limit for the reserved category was 30 years and for the unreserved category was 25 years. 

Upper age limit for NEET 2022:

The age limit is different for both reserve and unreserved categories. Hence, we advise students that before going to appear for this examination must check the Upper Age Limit for NEET 2022. Once they check the age limit, then they can quickly determine the age limit criteria for the national eligibility cum entrance test. The upper age limit is 30 years for OBC, SC, and ST category but for the general category upper age limit in NEET is 25 years. 

Lower Age Limit for NEET:

The lower age limit is also a point of concern for the students, and we must inform one thing regarding the lower age limit for the students, which is 17 years for the students. Yes, it is a lower age limit for the students, and if you are not 17 or more than 17, you are not eligible for the national eligibility cum entrance test. 

NEET Attempts Trends to Know:

  •  Till 2017, there were three attempts in NEET Examination.
  •  2018-No Attempts Limit for NEET
  •  2019-No Attempts Limit for NEET 
  •  2020-No Attempts Limit for NEET
  • 2021-No Attempts Limits for NEET
  • 2022- No Attempts Limits for NEET (Waiting for NTA Official declaration). 

Benefits of NEET Exam Twice in a Year:

  •  If the exam of NEET is conducted two times a year, then students will get the admission benefits based on the NEET rank in both examinations. 
  •  For the second paper of NEET, there is a time gap of 10 to 15 days, and with this, students will get enough time to prepare for this examination.
  •  When both exams are on different dates, the pressure will also be less on the students. 
  • NEET NTA students can choose the exam time according to their preference and organize a study timetable according to this exam. 
  •  Students get an extra chance to avoid any mistakes, and they can use the second attempt of NEET in the same year. 
  • The first attempt at the NEET exam helps students understand the question paper trends and real-time analysis. 


Therefore, it’s all about the information of NEET attempts and age limit 2022. Candidates who are preparing for NEET NTA 2022 must fill the application form. The minimum age limit for the NEET exam is 17 years, and the upper age limit for NEET NTA is 25 years for the unreserved category and 30 years for the reserved category. Currently, there are no limits to NEET attempts, and students can appear many times for this exam. Students must fill in the accurate information in NEET 2022 application form regarding the age limit and educational qualification. Wrong information in NEET 2022 may also become the reason for a form rejection. NEET 2022 official notification will also release in May or June 2022. Students can check the NEET 2022 Exam Dates. 


Q1). How many attempts for NEET 2022?

Candidates can appear in the NTA NEET exam as per the upper age limit of the examination.

Q2). Which agency is responsible for deciding NEET Eligibility Criteria?

NTA or National Testing Agency is responsible to decides the eligibility criteria, including age limit and the number of attempts for this examination. 

Q3). What is the upper age limit for NEET 2022?

Reserve Categories-30 Years and Unreserve Category-25 Years.

Q4). What is NEET Attempt Limit 2022?

There are still no rules and laws related to No of Attempts in NEET by NTA. The decision is pending in Supreme Court.

Q5). How to Know NEET 2022 Attempt Limit?

Once the Supreme Court announces the NEET 2022 attempt limit decision, it will also live on the national testing agency portal.

Q6). How many times can I give NEET?

If you are from an unreserved category, you can give the NEET examination for 25 years, and if you are from the reserved category, you can provide the NEET exam for 30 years.

Q7). How many times are NEET exams conducted in a year? 

Till 2019, NEET was conducted two times a year, but after 2019, this exam conducts once a year. 

Q8). How to attempt NEET Exam?

Students need to register for the NEET NTA 2022 Exam on the NTA Official Website and fill the application form. 

Q9). What is the NEET Attempt Latest News?

Still, the Supreme court does not give any judgment and verdict on NEET Attempt, and students need to get in touch with the official portal. 

Q10). What is NEET PG Attempt Limit?

Currently, there are no age limit barriers for the NEET PG Exam by NTA 

Q11). What is the no of attempts for NEET?

As per the NEET 2022 attempt limit, the students have no attempt to limit rules and regulations. 

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