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JEE Advance Syllabus 2018

Here in JEE Advance 2018 Syllabus we have discussed the names of topics in all three subjects i.e. Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry so that candidates will came to know that on what all thing they need to be prepared and it will also help them to score good marks, prevent their time by excluding unnecessary topics. It is a tough paper so preparation should be also perfect. To score good marks one should not leave any important topics. Due to this we have given the details regarding JEE Advance Syllabus 2018. A Syllabus – Based preparation will help you to get better marks so just scroll down and have a look on the JEE Advance 2018 Syllabus .

JEE Advance Exam Date 2018 JEE Advance Preparation tips

As per the analysis the syllabus has not been changed from last few years so it is hoped that this year also it will remains as same. If there will be change also then also the main topics will remain unaffected. So from now only all the candidates need to prepare for both JEE Mains and Advance (i.e. Paper – I & Paper – II).

JEE Advance Syllabus 2018

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For the sake of the candidate we have provided the syllabus according to the subjects. Applicants may have a look and began their preparation from now only.

JEE Advance Syllabus for Mathematics:

Must try to solve all those problems Algebra of Complex Number, Addition, Multiplication, Conjugation, polar Representation, Properties of Modules and Principal Argument, Triangle Inequality, Cube roots of unity, geometric interpretations, relation between roots and coefficient, formation of quadratic equation, logarithm and its properties, permutation and combination, binomial theorem, sums of squares and cubes of first n natural number, matrices, determinant, probability, trigonometric function, addition and subtraction formula in trigonometric, cosine rule, inverse trigonometric, two dimension, equation of straight line, circle, parabola, hyperbola, ellipse, tangents and normal, into, onto and one – to – one functions, even and odd function, integral calculus, differential equations, partial differentiation, limits, probability, Rolle’s Theorem and Lagrange’s Theorem, Mean, median and mode.

JEE Advance Syllabus for Physics:

Candidates must prepare for Units and dimensions, least count, error, kinematics, Newton’s Law of motion, friction, tension in stings and springs, impulse, vector, relative velocity, work, energy and power, law of gravitation, thermodynamics, Surface energy and surface tension, terminal velocity, Oscillation and waves, Electronic Devices, Semi Conductors, thermal expansion of solid, liquid and gases, latent heat, 2D, Rotational Motion, Elasticity, Kinetic Theory of Gases, Simple Harmonics Motion, electrostatics, circular motion, magnetic induction, magnetism, capacitance, current, force, waves, atomic nature, radio activity.

JEE Advance Syllabus of Chemistry:

All the Questions will be asked from Dalton’s theorem, Solution, States of matter, Bohr’s Model, Bio Molecules, Entropy, Shape and structure of orbital and molecules, Atomic Structure, quantum numbers, problems based on mole concept, General Organic Chemistry, Ionic Equilibrium, Chemical Thermodynamics, Hydrocarbons, reactions named over scientists, polymers, Nomenclature, Heat, law of mass action, equilibrium constant, properties of elements, chemical kinetics, Equilibrium Involving both Chemical and Physical process, Periodic Classification, electro chemistry, Metallurgy, Isolation, balancing equations, Important reactions of phenol, benzene, amide, oxide, halogen, Surface Chemistry, Mole Concept, D & F block Elements, Chemical Bonding, Solution Equilibrium.


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JEE Advance Syllabus 2018

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