Top 10 BBM Colleges in India

Top BBM Colleges in India

The arrival of 21st century saw massive changes. The world’s boundaries were opened and trade & business flourished. In India alone, every year 800 start-ups are entering the market while the number is expected to rise to 11500 by the end 5 years.

The rising number of businesses and the fact that the existing business organisations are constantly expanding their bases clearly indicate the fact that the demand for smart business administrators is bound to increase massively. BBA or Bachelors in Business Administration is a degree which is the first step that can convert you from a young inexperienced student into a sharp and smart business administrator.

BBA covers nearly all the major aspects and features which are essential in handling a business. From business law and ethics, economics to human resource management and marketing & operations, BBA trains students in all areas of business. Generally, the course takes four years to complete after which students can enrol for an MBA which is like a capstone for their BBA degree.

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