MSW- Master of Social Work

Overview :

Social Work, in simple terms refers to various services designed to aid the poor and aged and to increase their welfare. Master of Social Work is an Post Graduate Academic Degree which is awarded for a course of program in the field of Social Work. It is commonly abbreviated as M.S.W. or M.A. (SW) which stands for Master of Social Work or Master of Arts in Social Work. Masters in Social Work or Master Degree Programme in Social Work is aimed at training individuals who are already working or desire to work in the Development and Welfare sectors. This provides students with problem solving skills, critical analysis and research skills on terms of social work or society and how different are we from the other social cultures in and around the world. The duration of Masters in Social Work is 2 years, usually comprising 4 semesters in which one has to attend workshops and arrange workshops in different arenas for the well-being of the people. Most of the universities and colleges encourage their students to take up internships in different organizations so that they get a full insight to the idea behind social work and they get the hands-on work experience.


  • The eligibility of Social Work Masters Degree Programs is Bachelor of Social Work degree from a recognised Institute.
  • Candidates who have a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities / Social Science / Science / Commerce or Management subjects are also eligible. Students with a background in social work, psychology, social science, sociology or any other related fields are given preference over others.
  • Candidates appearing for the final year degree exam are also eligible to appear for the First year. However, their final admission to MSW is subject to passing degree examination before the opening of the classes of the 1st semester.
  • The selection is on the basis of one’s performance in Entrance Test, Group Discussion, and Interview. The test measures one’s mental ability and general awareness. The aim of the interview is to establish a candidate’s genuine interest in Social Work.
  • Candidates belonging to the SC/ST require at least 40% marks at the qualifying examinations. This Percentage may vary depending upon the University.

Master of Social Work Distance Education or Correspondence can also be pursued by those desiring to indulge in Social Work.

History of Social Work:

The practice of providing the poor and the needy has its roots in all the major world religions but the modern philanthropy and social work has its roots originating from the 19th century. Earlier, the churches set up homes for aged, poorhouses, shelters for homeless, orphanages, hospitals and burial societies for the betterment of the poor and needy. As the civilisations evolved and developed, in the 19th century the early social work was observed in United States and United Kingdom, Jane Addams was one of the early social workers who laid the foundation of the U.S Settlement House Movement in rural and poor areas of the country. Octavia Hills and Elizabeth Fry are some of the renowned activists of early stages social work in which they worked for the betterment of the lonely, poor prisoners majorly including women and children in very inhuman circumstances. Gradually there was developments in the field and in the present scenario this is a profession for those people who want to be philanthropists or want to help the poor, needy and the helpless aged people for the upbringing of the society.

Top Colleges for M.S.W:

Advance Courses:

  • M.Phil in Social Work
  • Ph.D in Social Work
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