BACHLOR OF SCIENCE (B.Sc): Complete details


When it comes to considering academic degree after 10+2 Bachelor of science is one of the best option we can choose.It is a very popular choice. Aspirants who wish to pursue a career in Science and Technology in India. It is an undergraduate degree of 3-4 years offered across Institutions-and Universities in India and abroad. Those children who are interested in doing experiments, research, etc take science as their main subject.

Science is all about Experimentation, Research and Discovery. A B.Sc degree is a combination of theoretical and practical study of a given thing. The Bachelor of science is a stepping stone to many careers. The students not only get to learn concepts but also experiment with them spending time in labs doing experiments in the Research center, attending conferences and seminars on current research themes. The popularity of B.Sc courses and B.Sc Degree are beyond top B.Sc colleges, with the emergence of new topics like linguistic science, information technology, coding, data science, and occupational theory.

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B.Sc can be done in the following subjects :

  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry,
  • Physics,
  • Computer Science,
  • Botany,
  • Zoology
  • Animation,
  • Microbiology,
  • nursing,
  • Biotechnology,
  • biochemistry,
  • Agriculture etc.

Eligibility for Bachelor of Science

The student school has a minimum of 60% in class 12th Students must have studied core subjects depending on the stream he wants to study likes Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Students who want to study BIOLOGY should have keen observation, should be studying and hard working. For three years of study, our students follow a demanding, multidisciplinary scientific curriculum. The first year is dedicated to acquiring the intellectual tools and fundamental knowledge in education. The second and third-year students study

Botany zoology chemistry

➡ Physics ,chemistry ,mathematics

Our students benefit from an exceptional learning environment in which they have access to different career
options. You can get the most lucrative and exciting career after B.Sc.

Top 10 B.Sc colleges for B.Sc Degree and B.Sc courses

1-Loyola college, CHENNAI

2- Christ college, Bangalore

3- Miranda House Delhi

4 –Madras Christian college

5- Hindu college, Delhi

6-Shri Venkateshwara College, Delhi

7-Hansraj college ,Delhi

8-Stella Maris College, Chennai

Some information about these colleges where You can do a B.Sc

Loyola college

1. Loyola college It was founded in 1926, an autonomous college of the University of Madras. Maintaining its name as a topmost college for B.Sc n India. god sports facility available as the campus is very large. The library has100,000 Books and 30,000 e-books. The industrial research organization of the Toyota college research park offers more the 111 programs to over 10,000 students every year. THE COLLEGE IS ACCREDITED grade A by the NAAC. The college is called the “college of excellence” by the UGC. Cut-off percentage % should be 80-90. The number of seats is 117 and fees 46,000per year It encourages students to participate in sport and industrial-research programs. It is recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. (DSIR)Government of India.

Christ University ‘Banglore

2. Christ University ‘Banglore It has research programs and conferences going on in different top universities of the world. It has very good placement and international tie-ups with Universities in 5 countries.IT has made a name for itself in excellent teaching faculty and placements. They are the top recruiters. The university offers 179 courses in different streams and specializations. AICTE has approved this university. It’s RANKED 17 among universities in NIRF and 8th by India today. Cut-off marks are from 78-92% and the number of seats is 420. The tuition fee per year is 55,000 per year.

Miranda House, Delhi

3. Miranda House, Delhi It is known for its BEAUTIFUL HERITAGE GARDENS, awesome clubs extracurricular opportunities, and esteemed faculty. It was founded in the year 1948 it’s affiliated with Delhi University. It’s well known for its beautiful aesthetic infrastructure and personality development programs. There is a big library on campus. There is also a science library in the science department, with 2 curriculum-oriented labs. They have a sports club and other clubs for recreation. there are 6 cultural clubs The college has received NAAC accreditation with CGPA -3.61. Cut off percentage is 94- 97% with 433 no of seats. The tuition fee of 19,980.


4. MADRAS CHRISTIAN COLLEGE It is known for its well-equipped labs, modern amenities, well-maintained library, also digital library system and computer center. It has been given a+ grade by NAAC. It has an eye-catching campus with beautiful flora and fauna. Teachers teaching in this university have considerable experience in their field of specialization. The college offers 48 courses in 10 streams and has a total of 38 departments. It has been ranked 12 by Nerf and 4 by India Today. The cut of percentage is 65-99%. The number of seats is 860 and the fees per year are 42,319.

Hindu College Delhi

5. Hindu college Delhi It’s known for its wide range of courses offered by it. ITS CONNECTIVITY BY ROADS AND METRO LINE IS ALSO APPRECIATED. Founded in 1899 it’s affiliated with the University of Delhi. The Ministry of science and technology has given it a state university status.THE campus is very well maintained with a beautiful exotic garden area and sitting area for students to sit. For reading and references, the college has a good library. THE COLLEGE IS ACCREDITED with a+ grade by COURSES NAAC AND OFFER 37 IN 9 STREAMS. It holds the second position in India today.

Shri Venkateshwara college –Delhi

6. Shri Venkateshwara college –Delhi It is known for good placement statistics, extracurricular activities social outreach. FOUNDED IN1961 Shri Venkateswara college is affiliated with Delhi University. It supplies students with add-on courses and vocational courses to supplement the academic profile of students. The college has spacious classrooms, well-equipped conference halls to hold conferences at the international level. Also, programs on environment and public awareness with student volunteers to develop the interpersonal and organizational skills of participating candidates.

Ranked 10th in INDIA TODAY. The cutoff marks to get admission is 90-97%. The number of seats is 1366 and the tuition fee is 14,555 per year.

Hansraj college -Delhi

7. Hansraj college –Delhi Known for its placement statistics this university was founded in the year 1948, it is a constituent college affiliated to the Delhi University. The esteemed associational alumni of Hansraj college include SHAH RUKH KHAN, KIREN RIJIJU. The college is granted A+ status. by the NAAC. India today has given it No 7 rank. The cut-off percentage for admission is 95-97%. There are 542 seats. Per year fees are 23,415.

Stella Maris College Chennai

8. Stella Maris College CHENNAI Known as a minority institution and known for its notable alumni. this college was founded in 1956. An autonomous Catholic Institution affiliated to the Madras University. It’s a higher education institution for women with a majority of candidates belonging to the minority catholic community. The latest scientific research instruments and modern amenities are available with a great infrastructure the college looks one of its own ’’THE COLLEGE WITH POTENTIAL FOR EXCELLENCE “title has been granted by UGC TO Stella Maris college has been granted. It ranks 9th according to India Today. Cut off percentage to get admission to this university is 87-92%. THE NUMBER OF SEATS IS 442. The tuition fee for one year is 22,895.

Ramjas College Delhi

9. Ramjas college Delhi has impressive placement statistics and Pedagogical excellence. Ramjas College was founded in 1917.One of the founding colleges of Delhi University. It is well maintained with air conditioned library with an abundance of books. Digital library and WiFi facility available to students. It IS 7 TH RATED by India Today. Cut OF PERCENTAGE FOR ADMISSION IS 95- 98%. The number of seats is 896. The tuition fee is 14,610 per year.


10. GARGI COLLEGE Named after the educated lady of her times Gargi is a college for higher studies for women. It’s well known for its excellent placement and sports program for the recreation of students. It was founded in 1867 it is affiliated with Delhi University. It has an excellent academic record with 99% success and it inculcates a tradition of curiosity and learning among students. The whole campus is wifi connected. It has 14th position according to times of India.

QI. What is a B.Sc course?

B.SC program can be divided into two categories –B.SC honors and B.Sc general former is focused on one subject area and the latter gives basic knowledge of science subjects.

Q2 .what is a B.Sc salary?

Bachelor in science opens doors to other careers .they can earn 50,000 to 60,000 monthly.

Q3.What are the criteria for eligibility?

Candidates should pass 12 standards with physics, chemistry, biology, and English as their main subjects, with 50-60% marks.

Q4.Which B.Sc course is best?

1. B.Sc Agriculture,
2. B.Sc Horticulture
3. B.Vsc Veterinary science,
4. forestry,
5. Biotechnology,
6. B.Sc Biochemistry,
7. B.Sc microbiology
8. fishery,
9. nursing.
10. food quality assurance.

As food is the basic need of mankind and health sector is very important for well being of a person.

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