Bachelors of Physiotherapy

There are a lot of students who want to make their career in medical science. Graduation in physiotherapy is one such course that can lead you to become a professional physiotherapist, who has the brain of a scientist, heart of human & hand of an artist. This profession helps you to recognize the cause of pain and provide you with several physical treatments. So, here we will talk all about the course, eligibility, conditions and institutions, syllabus and how to get admissions and fees overviews.

Entrance Exams

There are no national-level entrance exams that are scheduled every year but IPU CET, BCECE, IEMJEE are some of the exams students sit under for their admissions.

IPU CET  : This exam is organized by Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha University. It consists of 100 MCQs & is held for both undergraduate and postgraduate admissions. Students who have passed their secondary exam from a recognized board in physics, chemistry and biology are eligible for this exam.

The last date to register for this exam is April 2022 and it is likely to be held between the end of April and the start of May 2022.

BCECE : This competitive exam falls under the government of Bihar for admission into professional courses in engineering, agriculture, and medical colleges. It is an online exam with 300 multiple choice questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and includes a negative marking of -1 for each wrong answer. Applicants who have Indian residency and fall within the domicile of Bihar are eligible for the test. A minimum of 45% mark is required in the 12th Class for the general category and 40% for the reserved category.

The last date to register for this exam is May 2022 and it is most likely to be held in June 2022.

IEMJEE : This university-level exam is conducted every year in both online and offline mode by the University of Engineering and Management. Aspirants who have a minimum of 50% marks in both matrics and secondary education are eligible for the test.

Registration ends in march 2022 for IEMJEE and it is likely to be held by July 2022.

So, these are some of the tests that are held across the country for admission in Bachelors of Physiotherapy. Before filling out the online application form, candidates should ensure they are qualifying the eligibility criteria because if one fails in meeting the requirements, they will be disqualified.

About The Course

BPT is an undergraduate professional medical degree course with a duration of 4.5 years including a residency of 6 months. It is a medical course that treats those patients who have a problem in dealing with movement and functioning of the body. For doing this course, one must have the potential to spot the area of pain and induce therapy, must have the ability to develop a good relationship with the patient and boost up their confidence, should have immense patience to listen to the patient and offer them advice, must possess positive state of mind and encourage positivity among them, and must be very punctual towards their job. They must be a very dedicated person.

Now, if you are interested in taking admission in one of the physiotherapy courses then there are numerous top-level colleges and universities across India:-

  • The Neotia University, Kolkata
  • Christian Medical College, Vellore
  • Madras medical college, Chennai
  • Sanskriti University, Mathura, and many more

Annual course fees vary from institution to institution but approximately it starts from 70,000 INR to 1,80,000 INR.

BPT Course Curriculum

Basic nursing
Orientation to physiotherapy
First aid and CPR
Constitution of India
Exercise therapy
Research methodology and biostatistics
Introduction to treatment
Clinical observation posting
General medicine
General surgery
Orthopedics and traumatology
Orthopedics and sports Physiotherapy
Supervised rotary clinical training
Allied therapies
Neurology and neurosurgery
Community medicine
Community–based rehabilitation
Supervised rotary clinical training
Ethics, administration, and supervision
Ethics, administration, and supervision
Research project

BPT Course Reference Books

There are a variety of books available in the market that provide knowledge of different areas of physiotherapy and cover all major topics in the course. These books are both available in online as well as offline stores. The best part is, students, can always access these books in PDF format for free. Following are the top books in demand that students go for:

Name of Books Author
Undergraduate Surgery
Textbook of Surgery
S. Das
Textbook of Medical Pharmacology
Padmaja Uday Kumar
Clinical Kinesiology
Brunn Stromee

These are some of the books and there is always an option of reading and taking a reference from theses and whitepapers that are published by renowned doctors. Those papers can be easily accessed on the internet.

Specialization In Physiotherapy

While pursuing graduation, medical students will be asked to choose a specialization they want to gain more expertise in. Here we explain some of those specializations-

  • Neurological Physiotherapy – Deals with the issue within the body’s nervous and neuromuscular system the symptoms. A patient requires neurology physiotherapy if they have muscle weakness, poor balance and coordination, uncontrolled muscle movement, and loss of sensation. With this therapy message, the area of your brain facing some issues is treated.
  • Orthopedic / Musculoskeletal physiotherapy – Complex pain conditions like arthritis, joint pain, muscle pain, diseases that affect ligament and tendons or any problems related to your muscle are cured with musculoskeletal physiotherapy. New or long-standing injuries can be cured very easily with the best treatment by an experienced physiotherapist.
  • Cardiopulmonary physiotherapy – Students’ specialization in Cardiorespiratory physiotherapy focuses on reducing the efforts of breathing, preventing or improving areas of lung collapse. This physiotherapy is used to treat children with acute respiratory illness or in the worst case, surgery can be done to improve the patient’s condition. Cystic fibrosis is one of the conditions which is treated with this physiotherapy.
  • Pediatric physiotherapy Defects delaying physical growth or conditions that restrain the movement and coordination (Genetic defects) can be cured with Pediatric physiotherapy. Doctors mainly suggest some exercises that focus on strengthening the body part and overall movement of those parts.
  • Geriatric physiotherapy – This therapy is for elderly people and the doctor specializing in it focuses on conditions like arthritis, cancer, hips and joint replacement, balance disorders, etc.

Internship Opportunities

The internship program starts as soon as candidates clear all subjects in the final exams. The internship is best performed in teaching hospitals. Along with learning a great amount of responsibility also come for the interns some rules that are:

  • They need to manage neurological clients under the supervision of their reporting doctor.
  • Perform ultrasound and evaluation.
  • Teach patients and their family members about how can they prevent the injury from happening.
  • Learn about meditation and which one to prescribe.
  • Assist their reporting doctor during surgery.
  • Give their valid inputs during treatment and learn from their mistakes.

Best Hospital For Physiotherapy In India

  • Metro Hospital And Heart Institute, Greater Noida.
  • Metro Hospital And Cancer Institute, Preet Vihar Delhi.
  • RLKC Metro Hospital And Heart Institute, Pandav Nagar, Delhi.

Once they are through the internship process, students are awarded a medical license. Immediately after this, they can start working as a full-time doctor in the same institution they did an internship in or they can apply for the other ones.

Benefits of Bachelor of Physiotherapy

  • Physiotherapy helps people – After completing the course in physiotherapy, one has an immense opportunity in their career. Physiotherapy makes a big difference in the life of your patient by resorting the movement. Stroke is really common these days and recovering from it is very hard for some patients because they tend to lose some degree of function, balance, and movement. The therapist will help the patient to recover the strength in the weakened body parts.
  • Graduate prospect – Physiotherapy graduates usually secure their future in employment areas like – sports, rehabilitation, or academic research. You can also go to academic sessions in terms of teaching in universities.
  • Physiotherapy is needed in society – Physiotherapists are valued and well-respected people in society. The demand for this profession increases as the number of injuries and demand for chronic and acute cases rises with the population. The greatest advantage with physiotherapy that one can achieve is that you will no longer have to rely on medications to get rid of the pain. Physiotherapy is all about mobility and with mobility any muscle movement can be restored. Not only this, but Physiotherapy also ensures that the pain never comes back.
  • Physiotherapy is a great option to pursue a passion in sports – A career in sports is really hard to stand for but by studying physiotherapy as a degree students can achieve their goal if wanted to work at the professional level in a sports club. Sports also put a professional at risk of injury. Muscle pull, fractures are really common for a professional sports player. In many cases, some players have to retire permanently because of the non-availability of physiotherapists.
  • Satisfying income– Physiotherapists may earn 500-1000 as a visit charge for an hour depending upon skills and experience.
  • Gain knowledge in science and health– Physiotherapists are one of the most educated ones as they know about the healthy functioning of the human body parts. This knowledge is very beneficial not only to the therapist but also to the client.
  • Physiotherapists can open their clinic– Private practitioners can run their private physiotherapy for practice. In that clinic, they treat physically challenged children, elite athletes, and old-age residents. Moreover, as a medical institution is increasing there is always an opportunity of becoming a lecturer and performing practice part-time.
  • Managing health issues without surgery Diabetes, a problem for middle-aged people can also be controlled with help of physical therapy. Under the diabetes management plan, the therapist will design particular exercises according to the patient’s age and health, to reduce sugar levels. Leg and feet pains can also be reduced with physical therapy.

Opportunity After Pursuing Graduation

After completing the graduation degree in physiotherapy, one has as an option, either to pursue higher education on BPT or for specialization in physiotherapy.

The higher educations after graduation in BPT are:

  • Hospital administration
  • Business management
  • Public health management
  • Master of science in anatomy
  • Masters of science in physiology
  • Post-graduation diploma in sports science
  • Masters of sports physiotherapy

Government Sector Opportunity After BPT

Candidates of Bachelors of Physiotherapy can apply to BPT government vacancies for both central as well as state government. Below are some of the government sectors they can apply a job for:

  • National health mission (MP)
  • Baba Farid University of health sciences
  • Chief medical and health office
  • Directorate of health services
  • Central reserve police force

Who Can Apply For BPT?

In this course, you have to deal with patients who are going through family tragedies and a lot of problems. It’s kind of tough to treat a patient without getting emotionally attached and to offer them the best and most unprejudiced suggestion according to their illness or discomfort so you need to be emotional and professional at the same time. Those with such will and determination can apply for this course.

BPT Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who wish to pursue their education in India in the Bachelors of Physiotherapy (BPT) course must fulfill the following circumstances and eligibility criteria: –

  • Should have passed class 12th with minimum aggregate marks of 50% or equivalent CGPA from an acknowledged institute.
  • Should have pursued the science stream with the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • Should be at least 17 years at the time of admission.

Some universities also conduct their entrance examinations that you need to clear to get admission into the respective university/institution. Candidates are offered admission based on rank or merit obtained by them in the entrance exam.

But the eligibility criteria may vary with different universities cause every university has its requirements and conditions that you need to fulfill. Candidates who are not able to meet these necessities won’t get admission to this course.

For those who want to pursue this course in abroad universities/institutions, you have to justify these conditions:-

  • Should have passed 10+2 with the science stream.
  • You should have passed in English.
  • You should pass English language tests such as TOEFL or IELTS.

There are a few other skill tests that are required for this course.

BPT course aspirants need to have scientific reason and sound clinical knowledge about all the methods they are going to perform on the patients. The candidates need to be highly persevering with the client and you have to show understanding towards their ailments and sorrows so that the client is comfortable sharing the conditions and disorders they are going through. The candidates need to explain the whole process of the therapy before carrying on. The other general requirements are: –

  • You have to be confident.
  • You must be fluent in the English language.
  • You should have complete knowledge of the equipment used in the process.
  • You should speak convincingly.
  • You need to have decent presentation skills.

Higher Studies after BPT

After the BPT course, if someone wants to study further they can go for these options:-

There are also many other professional programs that BPT students can opt for their further studies that include courses like MCA and MBA. Students who are fond of research-related areas can do the Ph.D. programs with innumerable specialties.

Jobs You Can Get After Graduating From BPT

In the last decade, BPT or Bachelor of Physiotherapy has been one of the most developing fields among medical science. In earlier times, physiotherapy was contemplated as an area that was only related to massage and physical exercise. Progressively, people began to recognize the aids and importance of physiotherapy in everyday life. At present, it has become one of the most popular and approachable courses that are considered by many students. Nowadays getting a medical seat is tough to some other level but on the other hand, it’s easier to join a physiotherapy course. So, the students who are not able to join MBBS or get a medical seat look forward to this course.

Due to the bad lifestyle, busy schedule and working style of today’s generation, people have started developing a lot of physical problems, and are in search of skilled physiotherapists who can help them get rid of these problems and provide them with the best treatment. As the demand for physiotherapy is growing day by day, it has resulted in huge job opportunities for BPT graduates.

Physiotherapy graduates have immense opportunities after graduation for their further studies and career in India as well as abroad. The career of a physiotherapist is both challenging and interesting at the same time.

Let us discuss some important jobs that will help you make a good amount of money after graduating from BPT: –

1. Physiotherapist

Physiotherapists are highly trained professionals who help patients suffering from physical complications due to aging, diseases, illness, injury, or disability. They help them get rid of these problems and also reduce the risk of further complications getting to your feet in the future.

Role of a Physiotherapist-

  • Physiotherapists access, diagnose, and treat the condition of the patient.
  • They can re-train patients or help them to handle wheelchairs, walking frames, or crutches.
  • Implement community fitness programs that encourage movement and exercise with the use of a variety of techniques.
  • Educate patients and their families about avoiding injuries and improving conditions.
  • They remain updated with the new technology and techniques that are used for treating patients.
  • Coordinate with other healthcare professionals so that they can provide the best to the patients.

2. Acupuncture Therapist

It is the traditional Chinese method in which an acupuncturist inserts thin steel needles into the patient’s skin at multiple acupoints. The needles stabilize the body’s energy and prepare the body to release natural chemicals to fight the symptom or illness.

Acupuncture Therapist responsibilities: –

  • Describe the treatment and diagnosis to the clients and respond to their worries and queries.
  • They carry out a preliminary session with each patient to know the detailed case history and to evaluate their health.
  • Analyze the treatments plans.
  • Formulate herbal treatments to cure patients.
  • Treat patients with earballs, cups, pellets, needles, seeds, and supplements.

3. Chiropractors

Chiropractors are experts in the healthcare industry who treat patients with prominence on entire health. They use massage, spinal adjustments, and physical manipulation to treat patients. They are experts in health problems related to the neuromusculoskeletal system as well as muscles, bones, nerves, ligaments, and tendons. They are responsible for increasing mobility, relieving pains, and overall well-being.

Chiropractor responsibilities:-

  • The research on patients’ medical history.
  • Take diagnostic tests such as x- rays and interpret them.
  • Carry out medical tests and examine blood pressure if necessary.
  • Use neuromusculoskeletal proficiency to treat an extensive diversity of symptoms
  • Mentioning diet and lifestyle changes as part of a treatment routine
  • Adjusting a patient’s knees, hips, spine, and other joints using hands.
  • Be updated with the latest chiropractic systems.

4. Sports Therapist

Sports therapists help athletes to prepare mentally and physically. They take care of sports wounds and recommend injury prevention and support reintegration by using a range of physical therapies and techniques.

Sports Therapist responsibilities:-

  • They advise about warm-up exercises and stretching.
  • They advise about nutrition, diet, and lifestyle issues
  • Make decisions about whether an athlete should play or not.
  • Provide emergency help in sports or exercise surroundings.

An inexperienced sports physiotherapist earns up to 4 lakhs to 9 lakhs per annum. Professional therapists earn around 8 lakhs to 15 lakhs per annum.

5. Osteopath

Osteopaths help in various issues from headaches to a bad back. They have great knowledge of the musculoskeletal system with the help of which they can treat several diseases.

Osteopaths Duties: –

  • They use manual therapy such as massage, health advice, and exercise to treat conditions like arthritis, digestive orders, sciatica, migraines, etc.
  • They evaluate symptoms, lifestyles along their medical history to find the appropriate and suitable treatment for them.
  • Make dietary and lifestyle recommendations to the patients.
  • They uphold patient records.
  • Undertake physical examinations and refer patients to other specialists if needed.

The demand for physiotherapy professionals is increasing rapidly. There are enormous career opportunities for a BPT graduate depending upon the ability set they learned during the course. They can work at health and fitness clinics, they can also work as self-employed teachers and physiotherapists. They can also find jobs in hospital administration, business management, public health management, etc.

Fee Structure

BPT Admission is commonly contented based on entrance examinations led at the national and state level like – VEE, IPU, BCECE, CET, etc. Nevertheless, many universities offer direct admission to the course either based on first cum first serve basis or academic scores. BPT course fee for admission can range anywhere from INR 1 Lakh to 5 Lakhs per annum.

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