What is Allen Fee Structure for NEET?

Allen is the most popular coaching institute in India for the NEET UG exam. Are you thinking to study this coaching? If yes, then firstly, you should know about the Allen fee structure for NEET. This article describes the complete information about the Allen fee structure coaching institute for the NEET UG exam. The name Allen is very popular among the candidates because of many reasons. After all, this institute is a very old and trusted coaching institute.

The role of coaching centres in the NEET exam preparation is very important. Therefore, considering the right coaching is enough important for the candidates, if they want to prepare very well for the NEET UG examination.

There are so many different courses offered by Allen Institute for NEET UG. Courses have different duration and different fee structures. As a parent, you may also want to know about the fee structure of this coaching to ensure your child’s admission.

We collect user information on Allen Fee Structure for NEET in this article from the official website of Allen coaching institute. I hope, this article is helpful for you. 

Key Highlights of Allen Fee Structure for NEET

Types of Courses Classroom Training Online Courses
Duration of Allen NEET UG Pre Medical Entrance Test Courses
One to Two Years
Number of Courses in Classroom Training Program
Name of Classroom Training Allen NEET Courses
Nurture, Enthusiast, TALLENTPRO XI, TALLENTPRO XII, Leader, Crash Courses
NAME of Online Courses
Nurture, Enthusiast, TALLENTPRO XI, TALLENTPRO XII, Leader, Crash Courses

Key Highlights of Allen Fee Structure for NEET

1). Classroom Training Program: (Online & Offline Both)

If a candidate wants to study in the classroom for the NEET-UG entrance test, then classroom training programs or courses are also offered by Allen Coaching Institute in India. It is the first type of course in the coaching center.

2). Online Courses:

On the other hand, students who can’t visit the coaching center and want to continue online learning for MBBS in India can choose the online courses of the institute. 

First of all, let’s start with the information on classroom training courses by Allen NEET Institute. 


  • There are five phases in this course of Allen NEET coaching institute 
  • All phases consist of different courses codes
  • Course codes in phases 1 to 5 are 3001 to 3005.
  • It is a pre-medical entrance test course for NEET UG
  • This course is for X or XI moving students
  • The duration of Allen NURTUE course is 2 years
  • It is an offline course and students need to visit the offline coaching centres of different cities in India to attend this course. 
  • The total amount fee of the course is 1,89,000
  • However, the lump sum amount is 1,79,000 
  • If you want to pay in installments then you can pay two installments for this course and each instalment amount is INR 94,500

2. Enthusiast

  • The duration of the course is 1 Year
  • This course is for Class XI and Class XII moving students
  • The total amount fee for Enthusiast Allen Institute Fee is 2,04,000
  • The lump sum amount that you need to pay in one installment for the Allen Enthusiast course is 1,94,000          
  • On the other hand, if any student wants to pay the course fee in installments, then the option of two installments is accessible for the candidates.
  • They need to pay 1,02,000 in each installment. 


  • TALLENTPRO XI is also a popular NEET UG entrance test course for the students who are studying in class 11th right now. 
  • The duration of the course is 2 years
  • The total fee for the course is 2,63,000
  • The Lumpsum amount is 2,48,000.
  • If you want to pay in installments then the first and second installment amount of the TALLENTPRO XI Course in Allen NEET Coaching Institute is 1,31,500 each. 


  • If you are in class 12th and already lose hope of NEET Preparation because you had not started for this exam, then you can also join another classroom training course at Allen coaching institute and the name of the course is TALLENTPRO XII.
  • The duration of TALLENTPRO XII Course by Allen is 1 year
  • It is an online and offline classroom training students
  • Students can also get online learning support from this course.
  • The total fee for the course is 2,83,000.
  • Lumpsum amount is 2,68,000
  • Two installment amount is 1,41,500

5. Leader

  • Students who already passed class 12th can join the course.
  • The duration of the course is 1 year
  • The course is for the NEET UG medical entrance test in India
  • The total amount fee of the course is 1,48,000
  • Lumpsum amount of course fee is 1,38,000
  • Installments are available two for this course 
  • The first installment amount is 85,000
  • The second installment amount is 63,000

6. Crash Course

The crash course is also the course of Allen Coaching Institute. If you are preparing for the NTA NEET exam and want to do a quick revision for this exam then you can also join the NEET crash course by Allen. 

The Bottom Line

Hence, it’s all about the things that you need to know about the Allen fee structure for NEET. Using NEET Rank Predictor is also a good idea for the students through which they can get an idea about the ranking and college name of this examination.

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