After NEET What to do?

NEET is one of the most difficult exams in India. There is no doubt, that there are so many questions that came to the mind of students when they are preparing for NEET. One more major questions of the students are “After NEET What to do”? Are you also finding the answer to this question? This article is the right place for you to know more about this topic.

Career Options After NEET

Career options after NEET are one of the big concerns of the students. They are confused about choosing the right career opportunity after the NEET examination. There are so many different courses options available for the candidates after NEET that they can pursue. Here are the top courses after clearing NEET for the candidates.

1). MBBS

MBBS is the first and foremost degree curse that candidates can pursue after clearing the NEET UG examination. Becoming a doctor after completing MBBS is such a promising opportunity for the candidates. It is a high-earned career for the candidates. 

2). BDS

Candidates who have a keen interest in the field of Dentistry can pursue BDS Courses after appearing and qualifying in NEET examination. After MBBS, BDS is the second most promising career opportunity for the candidates. A BDS course graduate student can work in both hospitals and at their clinic to start practice as a doctor. 

3). BAMS

On the other hand, only a few students know about the fact that apart from MBBS and BDS, BAMS is also a career opportunity for the candidates after NEET. You can become an Ayurveda Doctor after clearing the NEET exam when you choose the BAMS Course and practice as an Ayurvedic Physician. 

4). BHMS

The approach of homeopathy is known as the BHMS degree approach. Therefore, if you want to become a homeopath doctor then you need to pursue a BHMS course that also comes under the NEET courses. A candidate can explore a great career opportunity as a homeopathy doctor after completing the BHMS course.

5). BSMS

One more course that came under the Ayush System is BSMS. A candidate who cleared the NEET entrance can join the course of BSMS to become a doctor of Siddha. The duration of the BSMS course is 5 years and 6 months. The classroom training and internship period are 5.6 years. 

6). Nutritionist

One more career opportunity for the students that they can choose after NEET is Nutritionist. Due to increasing lifestyle diseases and health problems importance of good food and proper nutrition has been increasing. 

7). Nursing

On the other hand, many colleges are accepting the NEET score for admission to BSC Nursing. With this, we can say that after clearing NEET, Nursing is also a promising career opportunity for the candidates. 

8). Pharmacy

A popular and high-earning job that you need to know about is a pharmacy. Therefore, if you are thinking to become a pharmacist then you have to clear the NEET UG exam.

The Bottom Line

There are the top 8 career opportunities for the candidates after NEET that they can do. Thus, with this, we can say that these are the high-paid and high-earning jobs for the candidates that they can pursue after clearing the NEET UG examination. 

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