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About College(DNMC):

Along with other programmers the Non-Cooperation Movement advised upon the People of the sub-continent to boycott educational institutions recognized and administered by British Govt. and to start National Schools, Colleges and Institutes for contemporary scientific education by the local people themselves.

Accordingly two Medical Schools were established in the then Bengal Area for producing National Doctors of contemporary medicine. One such Medical School was at Calcutta, named Calcutta National Medical Association and the other at Dhaka, named Dhaka National Medical Organization.

The Dhaka National Medical Institute was reputable at Dhaka near present day Bahadur Shah Green on a land contributed by Zamider Raghunath Das. Many Nationalist contributed money for its building & establishment. The First Governing Body of the Institute was fashioned under the chairmanship of a renowned expert Sir Prafulla Chandra Roy KBE. The overriding body included Nationalist frontrunners like Sir Khaza Nazim Uddin, Dr. J.C. Ghosh, Roy Bahadur Kashab Chandra Banarjee, Zamider Jogesh Chandra Das.

The Institute consisted of dnmc:

  1. A four year medical course on modern systematic medicine after Enrollment
  2. A general Hospital for medical facilities to the local people.

In 1958, the 4 years medical progression (LMF) was padlocked by the then Regional government of East Bengal to be substituted by 5 year medical degree course after I.Sc.

The Dhaka National Medical Institute might not open the 5 year medical degree progression (MBBS) due to disobedience through the then Pakistan Govt. From the 1965 the Dhaka National Medical Institution became incomplete to hospital and outpatient services only for the indigenous people.

In 1971, during Freedom war of Bangladesh the Dhaka National Medical Organization Hospital was a safe shelter for the Autonomy Fighter of the Liberation War.

Just after the deliverance of Bangladesh in 1972 the hospital’s illness was on the verge of collapse due to financial crises and absenteeism of any Organizational Body as the previous Governing Body and the Trustee Board of the Institute were nearly preoccupied.

Father of the Country of Bangladesh Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman took creativity by himself to release the Dhaka National Institution Hospital and arranged a Taka of five lac nearly for running the hospital and an Ad hock Governing Body was molded for the Institute Hospital below the chairmanship of Mr. M. Sirajul Islam MPA for the horizontal management and growth of the hospital. Mr. M. Sirajul Islam took lively initiative to take the donation of taka twenty five lac from Bangladesh Support Society of India.

A rule was complete by the Govt. of Bangladesh for the Dhaka National Medical Institute Hospital DNMC that a Management Board will be molded henceforth for every four year of its appropriate administration and a yearly economic grant will be selected for the hospital rendering to the need measure by the Ministry of Wellbeing & Family Well-being, Govt. of Bangladesh.

From the very beginning the Governing Forms and the Management Sheets of the Dhaka National Medical Institution Hospital future and moved for re-establishing one Medical College with the DNMIH. At last in 1994 below dynamic leadership of the then chairman of the Management Board of the Mr. Sadeque Hossain Khoka MP, the extended predictable Dhaka National Medical College originated into existance. The college was formally installed and the foundation stone of the New Academic Structures of the college was laid by the then Prime Priest Begum Khaleda Zia on 15th October 1995. DNMCH is consecutively as per instructions and guidelines placed down by the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh National Medical and Dental Council and Ministry of Wellbeing & Family Happiness, Gov. People’s Democracy of Bangladesh.

A high power Governing Body is shaped by the University of Dhaka for overall administration of the college. Prof. M. Iqbal Arsalan, Faculty of Basic Medical Skills, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University is the Chairman of the contemporary governing body of the college.

In 1994 – 95 sessions the First Batch of Medical Student got themselves acknowledged in the College. This year in 2014 – 2015 sessions, the 21th batch of medical student will be self-confessed in the College. Now the college has appeared as one of the best medical college in Bangladesh.

 Goals & Objectives-DNMC:

The goal of the college is to produce experienced committed caring and answerable doctors who will be able to lead the health maintenance portion as leaders to full fill the increasing essential of the community.


The campus of the college is situated at 53/1, Johnson Road, Dhaka–1100; in the sentiment of old part of the Dhaka City close Bahadur Shah Park and opposite to Dhaka Adjudicators Court of the historical on a 2,308 Acre terrestrial.

Many educational institution like Jahannath University Dhaka Collegiate School Kabi Nazrul Islam Govt. Academy Mahanagar Mohila Institution St. Gregory School, Govt. Banglabazar Govt. Girl School, Pagane School are universally the college.

The college property has contracted two parts-DNMC:

Dhaka National Medical Institute Hospital and Doctors housing quarters.

Dhaka National Medical College structure & students hostel.

Hospital buildings-DNMC:

Seven storied old hospital structure was built in 1982 and a six storied new construction in 2009 with total 650 beds. The hospital has well-fortified operation theater, laboratory for examination, out-patient departments. Doctors and Nurses neighborhood quarters.

College building-DNMC:

At present 7 storied construction with 14000 sqft. Floor space in each floor. Total floor interplanetary 98000 sqft. With centrally air trained and 24 hours lift services. The college building has directorial sections, 8 departments, library, 5 lecture colonnades, one conference room, one seminar apartment, one teacher’s swipe male & female student’s common rooms. The departments in the academy are: Department of Anatomy, Department of Physiology, Section of Biochemistry, Department of Pharmacology & Beneficial, Department of Medicine & Toxicology, and Department of Microbiology with Teachers Room, Tutorial Room, Applied Laboratory and Museum. A separate fully air trained Anatomy Division Hall of 6,000 sqft. Is also present in the section of Anatomy.


The library is located in the 6th floor of the academic construction and has a collection of over 5000 certain Volume of text books, orientations and journals in numerous subjects and provides up to date information to the students & instructors. It has user-friendly access system. The library is delivered with separate appraisal area for the students as well as teachers. The students can also plagiarize Textbooks for interpretation at college and home. The Library is also fortified with internet access (WiFi Coverage).

Clinical Teaching & Training-DNMC:

The Dhaka National Medical Organization Hospital is the selected teaching hospital of the college. It has a 650 bedded multidisciplinary hospital complex neighboring to the academic building.
The other Govt. teaching infirmaries are also used for the teaching & training resolutions includes Chest Hospital, Cancer Hospital & Establishment of Psychiatry & Infectious Diseases Hospital. Transport is provided to the students for this resolution.

Following successful achievement of First professional MBBS examination, students are positioned in different sections/units of the hospital for clinical exercise and ward-duties as per roster optional in the BM&DC curriculum. Transport is provided to carry the students from the college to dissimilar principal healthcare midpoints and back as part of their methodical & community teachings. All disciplines carry assessed post-graduate training by BCPS.


Academic Faculty in both College & Hospital now contains of 151 full-time members; mixture of a distinguished body of instructors with proven teaching & research brilliance and younger professionals with diverse experience.

Academic Performance-DNMC:

The academic presentation of the students of Dhaka National Medical College in diverse Professional Examinations underneath the University of Dhaka is highly acceptable. So far beginning from May 2001 to July 2014 the full member of 1094 Medical Students of 15 Batches approved Final MBBS Examination from the Dhaka National Medical College.

Disciplinary Committee-DNMC:

This comprises of members from Overriding Body and teachers which looks afterward the disciplinary actions of teachers, students and staffs. Any sort of actions & incidents that are detrimental to the academic troposphere of the college this committee is authorized to deal with it.

Foreign Students-DNMC:

25% seats are accessible for Foreign Students in this respect we follow the rules and regulations laid down by the University of Dhaka BM&DC and the Executive General of Health Facilities. Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

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