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Patna Homoeopathic Medical College COURSES AND FEES 2017-18


Patna Medical College, Patna was established as Temple Medical School in 1874 with the admission of 30 student with fees of Rs. 2/- only per students for whole course. This trend continued till 1925. After than Temple Medical School was shifted to Darbhanga and it was replaced by Medical College known as Prince of Wales Medical College, Patna. Formal inauguration of this medical college was done on 25th February 1925. Various building were constructed by the donations from Princely states of Bihar. The first batch of 35 students were transferred from Calcutta Medical College, Calcutta to Prince of Wales Medical College, Patna. This medical college can rightly claim to be the torch bearer of medical education in Bihar. Post graduate course was started in 1932. Postgraduate teaching in Orthopaedics, Physiology, Gynaecology and Radiotherapy was first starts in this institution in whole undivided India. Vertical and Horizontal integrated teaching and weekly seminar are the regular feature in this institution.

This college is the mainstay for medical education and treatment to the masses, not only to this State, but the adjoining area of the neighboring States. Patna Medical College, Patna has glorious past and bright future. It was started in the year 1874 as Temple Medical School with total admission of 35 students per year. This trend continued upto 1925. After that, it was turned into the medical college named as Prince of Wales Medical College, Patna. The first batch of MBBS students were trained clinically at Calcutta Medical College, Calcutta. The Postgraduate teaching in Medicine, Surgery, Physiology, Obst. & Gynaecology was first started in this Institution in undivided India.

Patna Medical College does not require illustration from any corner. It itself is one of the greatest pillars in medical fraternity, established in 1925. Before that it was Temple Medical School. Formerly known as Prince of Wales Medical College, Patna, it now Patna Medical College, Patna continues to remain as one of the leading lights for medical education in India. In 1925, 35 students were admitted and the same number continued for years. At present the number of admission per year is 100. The postgraduate teaching was started in 1932. At present 247 doctors are admitted in postgraduate course every year. Postgraduate teaching in Physiology, Gynaecology, Orthopaedics and Radiotherapy was established first in India in this institution. Our library is fully equipped with computer, internet and photography section and is connected to National Medical Library. Medical Education Unit is functioning very well as per guidance of MCI. Integrated Vertical Teaching, Horizontal teaching, weekly seminar for teachers and students are regular features in this institution.This medical college is torchbearer of the medical education both for Bihar and outside Bihar, both for undergraduate and postgraduate. The Postgraduate teaching in Orthopaedics, Physiology, Obst. & Gynaecology and Radiotherapy was first started in this Institution in undivided India. Vertical Integrated and Horizontal Integrated teaching and weekly seminar in each department is regular feature in this Institution. This Institution has effective academic planning and activities for the teachers. Library is fully equipped with modern machine and electronic gadget. Almost every PG students has been provided accommodation inside the Institution

All Courses

#     Courses     Department     Conducted     Recognition granted by MCI/DCI (Specify)     No. of Recognised seat     No. of Permitted seat     Total Seats     Duration     Details
1     MBBS)     Patna Medical College, Patna     Yes     Recognised     150             5 Years
2     M.D. (General Medicine))     Medicine     Yes     Recognised     20             3 Years
3     M.D. (Paediatrics))     Paediatrics     Yes     Recognised     12             3 Years
4     M.D. (Skin & V.D.))     Skin & VD     Yes     Recognised     4             3 Years
5     M.D. (Radiodiagnosis))     Radiology     Yes     Recognised     5             3 Years
6     M.D. (Radiotherapy))     Radiotherapy     No     Unrecognised     2             3 Years
7     M.D. (Psychiatry))     Psychiatry     Yes     Recognised     3             3 Years
8     M.D. (Anaesthesiology))     Anaesthesia     Yes     Recognised     7             3 Years
9     M.D. (Physiology))     Physiology     Yes     Recognised     6             3 Years
10     M.D. (Biochemistry))     Biochemistry     Yes     Recognised     4             3 Years
11     M.D. (Pharmacology))     Pharmacology     Yes     Recognised     7             3 Years
12     M.D. (P.S.M.))     Community Medicine     Yes     Recognised     3             3 Years
13     M.D. (Forensic Medicine & Toxicology))     Forensic Medicine & Toxicology     Yes     Recognised     3             3 Years
14     M.D. (Pathology))     Pathology     Yes     Recognised     10             3 Years
15     M.D. (Microbiology))     Microbiology     Yes     Recognised     4             3 Years
16     M.D. (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation))     Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation     Yes     Recognised     2             3 Years

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